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My name is Jon Callahan (Twitter: @JonBCallahan.). and I’m a truck nut. I launched this site so I could write about trucks. Since launching, it’s evolved into all vehicles with the help of many writers.

I currently have a decked out Toyota Tundra and Highlander. Not long ago I also had an Audi A7. Next vehice? Probably an EV but not sure yet. I keep test driving.

Jon Callahan
Toyota Highlander
Audi A7

I check out dealerships regularly and test drive for fun:

Car dealerships

Our writers:

Cheryline Lawson

Cheryline Lawson is a college graduate with a degree in Journalism. She is a mother of 2 adult boys and lives in Florida. She is an experienced writer, knowledgeable in multiple disciplines with a keen interest in researching and writing about various types of vehicles. Driven by her passion for writing, Ms. Lawson takes pride in her talent by providing the best work at all times. She is a self-published author with 8 books on Amazon platform. In addition to that, she has been recognized as one of the best and most consistent writers at, committed to her craft and showing it in her dedication and reliability.