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Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto – Differences? Similarities?

Collage photo of Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto.

The main purpose of technology is to provide the user with greater comfort, as well as a pleasant experience when carrying out all kinds of daily activities. That is why intelligent driving systems such as Android Auto or CarPlay enjoy a huge reputation among the community due to the accessibility they guarantee.

What is the benefit of having one?

If this type of service is characterized by something, it is by offering fast, flexible and intuitive control of the mobile phone in the car. When driving and having the need to be in charge, it is important to concentrate solely and exclusively on what’s happening on the road. Hence, they are of great help to answer messages, change music or set a destination through voice commands and even with the buttons on the steering wheel.

The truth is that both the program developed by Google and that of Apple promise the same objective, that is, to allow the user to handle it safely as well as effectively. However, there are some aspects that differentiate both systems and that dictate the balance when deciding which is better.

Are there more possibilities with Android Auto?

A photo of hand holding a adroid phone , downloading a android auto application.

The Android operating system is famous for the wide range of customization options it offers, and in this sense, Android Auto is also an application that can be modified. It is also important to be aware of other circumstances such as compatibility.

Currently, Google’s service can be found more frequently on four-wheel drive vehicles, while also supporting the use of a larger number of applications. Simply put, it’s much more compatible than CarPlay in every way. Mainly, because there are launchers like AAAD (Android Auto Apps Downloader) with programs inside that the software doesn’t initially authorize, but that can be installed, thanks to this app.

Likewise, having a system developed by the great G implies resorting to its different services and Google Maps appears among them. This is one of the best navigation software of the moment due to its versatility and assembly with Android Auto.

Is CarPlay more efficient?

Launching Apple CarPlay on an iPhone X connected to a new vehicle.

The trick of CarPlay is the simplicity of its interface, which offers the user the most common options through a simple and elegant design. This was one of the benefits. However, Android Auto intends to renew itself completely through a facelift reminiscent of CarPlay. On the other hand, the organization of the icons is more manageable with a quick control panel that avoids accessing internal subsections.

Although it is true that, when executing actions by voice commands, the Apple system is more efficient. Above all, when receiving and capturing the driver’s message to respond to another incoming message. Furthermore, CarPlay is mostly free of malfunctions, while Android Auto is riddled with problems.

The truth is that previously the line that separated both services was much more pronounced, although over the years Google has perfectly understood what it should do to improve Android Auto. Hence, for a long time, many prefer this option over the one designed by Apple. Even if you have an older car, you can integrate these platforms through other devices.

How do both platforms optimize the needs of the driver?

Main Apple CarPlay screen in a contemporary car dashboard.

Both platforms optimize the needs of the driver to access the applications on their phone in a more convenient way.  Below are the 10 main functions that these platforms allow users to perform:

1. Phone

Both Android Auto and Apple Carplay allow the user to link their phone to the vehicle’s infotainment system so the user can make calls and send text messages without having to pick up their cell phone. This occurs all through voice commands.

2. Music

This is perhaps one of the most used functions on both platforms. Drivers can play music from their Smartphone or other platforms and listen to it in the car.

3. Maps

Android Auto offers Google Maps, while Apple Carplay offers Apple Maps as the default application to be able to plot routes that take the user to a specific destination.

4. Podcasts

If listening to podcasts while driving is what the user likes to do, all that is needed is internet connection or downloading of favorite podcasts to play them on both platforms while driving to any destination.

5. News

Being well informed of what is happening around the world is vital. That is why, with Androi Auto and Apple Carplay the user will be able to keep up to date with what is happening in different fields, whether in politics, finance, culture or entertainment, among many others.

6. Audiobooks

Through an application, the user can enjoy great stories played through their Smartphone and listen to in their vehicle.

7. Calendar

Forget about missing meetings or personal commitments. With the calendar of both platforms, the user will be able to organize their time and assign timely reminders.

8. Settings

Each platform offers the possibility to customize the different applications they offer as best suits the user.

9. Exit Button

Both Android Auto and Apple Carplay have an exit button that allows users to turn off built-in features and continue to operate the rest of their vehicle’s infotainment system.

10. A virtual assistant

Android Auto features Google Assistant, while Apple Carplay features Siri. Both assistants will make the user’s life easier in the car by helping to perform functions such as playing music, calling a contact, sending a message, reading the news, providing weather information, among many other options.


Both platforms and systems are very similar in how they operate. However, it is not possible to use Android Auto on an iPhone and vice versa, so that’s where most of the similarities end.