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12 Cars Similar to Range Rover Sport

Orange Range Rover Sport close to waterways.

Since the 70s, the Range Rover has solidified itself in society as able to take on rugged landscapes while remaining a standout, high-end vehicle.

It wasn’t until 2005 that the Sport edition showed up and captured a new generation of adventurers. Range Rover Sport is a mid-size, luxury SUV that offers interested buyers the choice between seven trims.

All Sports have an eight-speed automatic transmission with four-wheel drive. There are even optional add-ons for the engine if you really want to go custom.  

This SUV has 398 horsepower, which helps it get up to 130 mph and from 0 to 60 in 6.2 seconds. The gas mileage for a vehicle in this class isn’t great, but it’s definitely better than some at 19 city and 24 highway.

With room for up to seven, if you opt for the third row, there’s plenty of space to take everyone over the river and through the woods. There’s even enough towing capacity to pull a jet ski or RV up to 7,716 lbs. 

If this sounds like your kind of ride, you can expect to spend between $70,900 and $85,700 to take it home. If you want a few more similar options, we’ve got a whole list to share.

So, by the time you get to the end, there are going to be a few that will make you want to schedule a test drive! To start with, our top picks are the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class. and BMW X4. But there’s a lot more to pull up behind those.

From rides as fast as a peregrine falcon to a staggering price tag that nears $200k, there’s a wide range of models similar to the Sport for everything that’s important to you.

Let’s get started!

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

White Jeep Grand Cherokee on car show.

Perhaps the best pick to compare with the Range Rover Sport is the Cherokee. With a brand that has the same kind of mental image, Jeep has cultivated a vehicle that is meant to be taken out into the wild and keep you thrilled as well as safe.

The visage of the Grand Cherokee isn’t too far from the Sport but there are some defining specs that set it apart. To begin with, the Jeep Grand Cherokee goes up to 180 mph with a horsepower of around 300. 

This gas-powered SUV gets about the same MPG as the Sport, 19 city and 26 highway. You can load up to five for a road trip. While you can haul less, 6,200 lbs, the Jeep also costs less, coming in at $38,325.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class

Gray Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class on lush land.

If you’re looking for something similar but with better fuel economy, this Mercedes might be the perfect fit. The miles per gallon here are 24 in the city and 32 out on the highway.

It’s also the best priced behind the Cherokee, coming in at around $39,000. This more budget-friendly SUV seats five, has a horsepower of 221, and can tow up to 7,200 lbs. The natural light flows through generous windows. 

3. BMW X4

Red BMW X4 on car show.

If speed is the name of your game, this is the first of two vehicles on the list that goes 200 or more miles per hour. The X4 is actually capable of knocking the speedometer as high as 250 mph.

You get the idea when you take a look at the aerodynamic design. It does not have the most window space, but if you plan to be hitting the MPH high note, packing five passengers might not be as much of a priority.

City mileage comes in at 21 and the highway at 28. Towing capacity is 3,500 lbs with 248 horsepower. This BMW goes for $51,800 to $62,400.

4. Land Rover Discovery

Brown Land Rover Discovery on car show.

There are only three on the list that seat seven, aside from the Range Rover Sport that has the option to seat up to that many. This is the first and most budget-friendly for that much space with prices starting at $55,000.

Since it’s all-terrain, the Discovery has the ability to make your family feel like they’re on a ride while driving through all kinds of landscapes. You can even go fast across the land since the speed is up to 125 mph.

The MPG is okay at 19 city and 22 highway.  The 296 hp isn’t on the higher end but the towing capacity is up there at 8,200 lbs.

5. Jaguar F-Pace

Red Jaguar F-Pace in an enclosed area.

One of the better MPG options, a combined 25, is also the first of two Jaguars on the list. This is another one that sort of looks like a bigger version of the car, as opposed to more of a boxy top for extra overhead space.

Even so, five people can comfortably fit inside and enjoy an array of entertainment options. The price and towing capacity is pretty moderate for the brand and type, with prices starting at $50,900 and 5,291 lbs to tow.

The F-Pace is on the slower side at 113 mph. The horsepower ranges from 246 to 542, depending on options at purchase.

6. Jaguar E-Pace

Blue Jaguar E-Pace on car show.

This Jaguar is one of two on the list that runs at speeds of over 200. The E-Pace comes in at 206 mph with 246 hp behind it. The F-Pace has a very similar appearance to the E-Pace, but this subcompact SUV has a turbocharged engine that sets it apart.

It also comes in at about $10k less, starting at $41,800. Don’t expect to haul a huge load though. The towing capacity is 1,653 lbs. The MPG could be better but could also be worse at a combined 24. With room for five, it’s a pretty legit option.

7. BMW X6

Blue BMW X6 on road.

If you’re driving on a race track anyway. Through the city, you’ll get about 21 mpg and 25 on the highway. This BMW has one of the more powerful engines, listed at 523 hp. Got a toy you’d like to haul? You can pull up to 6,000 lbs.

Bring you and four friends to fill up the X6’s interior and plan to spend between $67,350 and $86,250.

8. BMW X5

Black BMW X5 on road.

A relative of the X6, X5 is quite similar in specs but the design gives them distinctive personalities. The X6 looks more like a car whereas the X5 is taller and more square, giving it more of an SUV appearance.

Despite the height difference, the space inside is the same with five seats. There is a little more of a speed, as the X5 gets up to 155 mph and you can expect a combined MPG of 24.

To power up the pull of 6,603 lbs towing capacity is 523 hp. The cost of the BMW X5 starts at $60,600.

9. Audi SQ5

Black Audi SQ5 close to river.

The cheaper of the Audis we picked, the SQ5 starts at $55,800 and carries five in a spacious interior. It may leave more room in your bank than the other Audi models, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of an option.

The SQ5 can haul up to 4,400 lbs, has 349 hp, and can go as fast as 155 mph. All of that with a combined MPG of 22.

10. Audi SQ7

Black Audi SQ7 parked near the residential area.

The SQ7 is one of the two here that can go up to 250 mph. Audi’s super-swift SUV goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, the best on the list with one of the highest power, 500 hp.

With great horsepower comes a great capacity to carry, and this one has space for larger loads, 7,700 lbs towing capacity, and enough seats for seven.

However, this is the second most expensive, with prices starting at $88,500. The MPG is also on the lower end at 15 city and 21 highway.

11. Infiniti QX80

Maroon Audi SQ7 parking in an open space area.

Infinity went for it with the QX80. They give bigger windows and plush seats so that all seven passengers can stretch in comfort. It looks and feels great. It also has one of the highest horsepowers on the list at 400.

The QX80 also has the highest towing capacity at 8,500 lbs, which is enough to pull a Class B motorhome or a larger fifth-wheel. 

That makes it sound like a great option for hauling the family long distances, if it weren’t for the lowest MPG on the list, 14 city, and 20 highway. For all the positives it does, the price sounds about right, in comparison, starting at $70,600.

12. Bentley Bentayga

White Bentley Bentayga parking beside the road.

Coming up last on the list, but certainly not least, is the Bentayga. First, we appreciate it for being the one-and-done SUV by the brand. We also love that it is a hybrid. The range this Bentley gets is 18 miles, battery-only, for an overall total of 390 miles.

It also has the most horsepower than any other on the list at 542. However, it’s hard to validate the $187,000 price tag. That starting point is a full $100k over the next most expensive vehicle. While it has space for five, it still looks like a Bentley, just bigger.