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12 Cars Similar to the BMW M235i

Front view of red BMW M235i on a wide wall background.

When you find a car you love, it can be hard to settle down with anything else. That’s why there are groups and clubs dedicated to not only brands but particular models. There are so many modifications that can be made to automobiles today.

Finding the perfect fit isn’t as important as finding specs that you can work with. Even so, it’s always helpful to find a car that has the base of what you’re looking for. Whether it be performance, space, handling, speed, and so on, it takes perspective during the hunt for a new ride.

So, if the BMW M235i is what you had in mind, you’re in the right place. We’re going to share some cars that come close in comparison to the once hot-ticket BMW. After we give each model listed a look, you’ll be able to have a birds-eye view of each option and how it compares to the original M235i.

Top 3 Similar to the BMW M235i

Display of White BMW M235i at a car show with a city lights background.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room. Although most of these vehicles technically have four seats, they aren’t particularly meant to house a family. The cars on this list are meant to feel the wind beneath your wings, and the freedom of the road.

While you’re driving through, it’s likely to imagine being on the autobahn in Germany. Perhaps that’s what the German automaker meant when the M235i was brought to fruition.

Therefore, it would make the most sense that the top three picks here are ones that give you that vibe. They would also have the specs to back it up. So, without further adieu, let’s start with our first pick, the Chevrolet Camaro.

The price is palatable, there’s room to not crush passengers, and it seems to go above and beyond. That’s in areas you didn’t think you needed to in comparison with the BMW M235i and the others. For example, the outrageously high hp and quickest 0 to 60.

Next is the classic Ford Mustang. Not only does it stand out against the other brands, but it also mirrors Camaro. How? By finding ways to have excellent specs without compromising the price.

It’s truly appreciated, as a car lover. Ford goes on to show you that there is no reason to hyperinflate a vehicle with stuff it doesn’t need.

There are some on the list that aren’t as fast, have less room, and don’t offer any nostalgia. They charge through the roof and can’t match what the Mustang does.

It wouldn’t be fair to have a top three pick for the M235i and not add the BMW M235 Gran Coupe. The Gran Coupe is the easiest way to match most of what the M235i has to offer in the form of a new vehicle.

They also look a lot alike. If you have your heart and soul set on the M235i, this might be the best bet. That is since they are no longer in production but the Gran Coupe is.

Looking at the BMW M235i

This BMW has a slick design with one of the smoothest rides out there. This high-performance vehicle is ready to hit the road, not sit in your garage. Technically, it doesn’t want to sit in traffic either, but can you blame it? An M235i begs to be seen. It comes with one of the most advanced engines built by BMW so far.

What else is special about this four-seater, limited edition? It takes only 4.8 seconds to get to 60 mph, which puts it on a fast track to get to the top speed of 155 mph. It comes with a horsepower of 320 at 5,800 rpm. Requiring premium gasoline, you can expect a fuel economy of 19 city and 27 highway miles per gallon. You can expect to pay between $28,000 to $36,000.

If that description gets your engine revved up, hang on tight! We’re about to explore 12 more just like it.

1. Lexus RC 350

Close up photo of white lexus rc 350 displayed at the car show.

The design of the RC is glossier. From the roof to the hood, the car seems to cascade from one feature to the next. To be fair, it’s not nearly as nice if you’re in the backseat.

Even though there are four seats, only two can get the most out of the ride. The M235i has more window space, albeit not much. At this point, though, we’d rather have only a little more than be stuck with a narrow view.

The Lexus doesn’t quite get to 60 as quickly either, taking an entire second longer. Not super noticeable, but a point of comparison for sure. There’s 311 hp to get up to a top speed of 143 mph.

The Lexus does edge out the BMW just a tad with a combined file economy of 23 mpg. You can plan to take one home starting at $45,750.

2. BMW M240i xDrive

Back view of a shiny BMW M240i xDrive parked overlooking the mountains.

This BMW has an edgier look than the M235i but with a window like the Lexus RC 350. It also kicks things up a notch by going big with the horsepower at 382. That power helps the xDrive get to 60 in 4.4 seconds and hits the maximum speed at 155 mph. Even better, this BMW gets 23 city miles and 32 on the highway.

There’s not really much legroom for the backseat passengers. But if you’re looking to maximize the space for a road trip, those two sets fold down and open up to the trunk. Want to take one home? You’ll be paying in the neighborhood of $38,000 to $44,000.

3. Audi S4

with tuned engine and big wheels.

Finally, a window that two passengers in the back can see out of. The Audi S4 is a bit more spacious with the interior, but what kind of impact does that have on what it can do on the road? Well, it has more hp than the M235i, 349 to be exact.\

The extra size still keeps on par with the others at 155 mph and comes in place so far with the quickest 0 to 60, 4.2 seconds. For now.

The miles per gallon is one of the better with 21 city and 30 highway. Intrigued? Prices start at $52,000.

4. Audi S3

Brand new Audi S3 in a mint orange colorway displayed at an automobile exhibit.

This is a sportier version of the S4, when it comes to looks anyway. In performance, it’s still on par with the other vehicles on the list. It takes 4.6 seconds to hit 60 mph and tops out at 155 mph.

Another fast-moving vehicle with 306 hp, the S3 is still in good standing with fuel economy. You can get about 27 combined city and highway miles per gallon.

With room for four individuals total, you can take this one home starting at $49,660.

5. BMW M235 Gran Coupe

Right side view of a BMW M235 Gran Coupe parked by the woods.

This may sound very similar to the BMW at hand but there are slight differences. Don’t be fooled though. The Gran Coupe doesn’t have so many features of its own that it’s a completely separate ride.

They are pretty close, but let’s highlight the specs. To start, there is a .2 second quicker speed to 60 but still goes a max of 155 mph.

The Gran Coupe has 301 horsepower, which is less than the M235i. However, the Gran Coupe does edge out the competition with fuel economy; 23 in the city and 32 on the highway. The price is higher, $45,000, but that’s because these are still in production.

6. Audi RS 3

Red Audi RS3 at a car show.

Audi RS 3’s would only work on a day trip if one or two people were going that were traveling very lightly. The trunk space leaves a lot to be desired, but you likely aren’t buying this car for the comforts of home. Even though you can fit four people in the RS, you probably won’t often.

It takes 5 seconds to hit 60, but it has the most horsepower so far, 401. That extra hp doesn’t make up for the fuel, which is the same as the M235i, a combined 23. You can race down the road burning gas starting at $58,900.

7. Mercedes Benz AMG C 43

Front view ofa blue car Mercedes-AMG GT 43 parked outdoor on street background.

Pulling harder at the wallet, the AMG C 43 has 385 hp. All that extra money and still can’t get a good back window. Yes, we’re back to tiny lookouts again for the two back passengers.

It’s otherwise smooth sailing from the trunk to the hood. The tech inside is pretty open, too. As the driver, there are lots of packages you can add to up the quality of needs for your overall experience.

AMG C 43 can get to 60 in 4 seconds and, like many others on the list, go as fast as 155 mph. This Benz also has the same mpg as the Audi RS3 and BMW M235i. You can take this off the lot for everyone to admire if you have $60,500 to spare.

8. BMW M2

Front side view of a gleaming sky blue colored BMW M2 parked on the mountain road.

Another M series BMW, the M2 has 405 hp with a turbocharged engine. Being from the same series, it makes sense that the features are mostly the same from the outside. But the top is a bit more flat, sort of reminiscent of a British sports car, as opposed to a German one.

Who knows, that could be to throw us all off and actually break the 155 mph stalemate. Yes, the M2 gets up to 168 mph! That makes this pick the fastest so far.

It is even pretty speedy, getting to 60 in 4 seconds. All that flashiness might be to hide the fuel economy, 18 in the city and 24 highway. If you want to squeeze four passengers into this car, you can do so for $59,000.

9. BMW Z4

On a warm day, a red BMW Z4 is parked in the roadway in front of Autumn Park.

Our first two-seater looks every bit the James Bond car. The M40i version of the Z4 can hit 60 from 0 in 3.9 seconds. So, not only does it look like it was made for the movies, it drives like it as well. However, we are back to the 155 mph limit, despite the 382 hp. Surprisingly, or not when you realize the size, the mpg is a respectable 25 when combined.

If this roadster sounds like your style, don’t put off getting one. The demand has lessened over the past few years, so BMW is making less of these beauties. You can take one for your own, starting at $65,300.

10. Porche Cayman 718

Front view of a yellow Porche Cayman 718 on display.

More similar looking the to Z4 than Porche would like to admit, the Cayman 718 is also a two-seater that hugs curves. It takes longer for the Cayman to get to 60, 4.9 seconds, but it has a much higher speed of 170 mph.

Now, we’ve had some higher hp, but this blows everyone out of the water with 493. Cayman still has the same mpg as the M235i, even though the BMW has room for two more people inside. $63,400 is how much it would take to call it yours. However, if you want to try various modifications, it could cost you up to $149,100.

11. Ford Mustang GT

Black Ford Mustang GT is parked by the infinite long road in the middle of a death valley.

This is a fun one. It’s not as expensive as the others but has one of the highest horsepower, 470, and still has four seats. Oh, let’s not forget to mention that the GT can go up to 202 miles an hour and up to 60 in 4.5 seconds. It also beats the M235i along with several others with an mpg of 21 in the city and 32 on the highway.

Hitting the specs out of the ballpark is sure to drive up the price right? Well, starting at $36,285 puts the Mustang as one of the most budget-friendly sports cars you can buy. Even better, it comes with the power to back up that belief.

12. Chevrolet Camaro SS

Gleaming blue Chevrolet Camaro SS parked at autumn.

Alright, last but fast, the Chevy Camaro has the most impressive 0 to 60 timing, 3.5 seconds. Did you even see it whiz by? Probably not, it was just a blur. In beating-the-record fashion, the Camaro also doesn’t stick to the 155 mph situation.

This sports car goes 165 mph. So, naturally, the record-breaking hasn’t ceased. Just when you thought Cayman had a hold on the horsepower, Camaro accepted the challenge. This Chevrolet has up to 650 hp. Yeah, what a win.

It’s not bad with fuel economy either, a combined 26 mpg. On this ride, you can bring up to three guests. Depending on which edition is chosen, you could get a Camaro starting at $25,000 up to $48,500.


1. Is the BMW M235i a good car?

Generally speaking, there are many positives about this particular M series unit. It fills the boxes of typical drivers as well as enthusiasts. What makes it a particularly good car for an individual relies more heavily on what a person is looking for.

This BMW has great technology, top-notch features to keep you safe, and a compelling engine. If you don’t need a ton of seats and are looking to have a speedy ride, this might be a great fit. Before making a choice, be sure to talk to a professional. Be sure to check reviews for a more well-rounded perspective.

2. Is the BMW M235i still in production?

There were only three model years of this particular style that came out from 2014 through 2016. As of now, there are no expectations of it being re-released. Following the M235i was the M240i.

That model year started in 2016 and extended into 2021 but is not currently in production either. The popular M series that is in production will be the M2 Competition, which first hit the market in 2018.

3. What is the ride in a BMW M235i?

It has an immediate feeling of luxury upon sliding into the seat. The ride itself, as you’re going around town, is smooth. It’s akin to gliding across the road. That’s a major win, but it can also be kind of dangerous.

That’s because before you know it, you’re hitting 90 mph. That’s not exactly what you want to do, but it sure does feel good while you’re doing it. The handling is also superb. Turning corners is like slicing through butter.