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12 Cars Similar to the Jeep Gladiator

A side view of a red Jeep Gladiator parked near a building.

Top Three Cars Similar to the Jeep Gladiator

  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Chevy Colorado
  • GMC Canyon

Jeep Gladiator

To me, it’s great that we can open up the top as well as the doors, so that we can enjoy the fresh air. The windscreen can also be lowered to optimize my off-road driving dynamics.

The powerful 3.6L V6 engine that powers this tough five-seater four-wheel-drive truck produces 285 hp plus 260 lb-ft of torque as standard features. When correctly outfitted, the maximum towing capacity is 7,650 pounds. Gladiator 2022 accelerates from 0 to 97 mph in under 7.9 seconds.

At $33,545, the Gladiator has a beginning mpg of 16 city/23 highway. There are also performance elements on board to assist the Jeep Gladiator of 2022 with living up to the name.

Dana® 44 front and back heavy-duty, solid axles are standard, and these add strength, longevity, and rigidity to the truck. While driving off-road, the gasoline tank and transfer case are protected by the vehicle’s high-strength steel skid plates.

Even more impressive is the 11.1-inch ground clearance of the new 2022 Rubicon models, which means that you can take your new truck anywhere you desire.

Cars Similar to the Jeep Gladiator

It’s not easy to contend with the Jeep Gladiator! However, I did some serious research to help you look at some of its fiercest rivals and make a more informed decision on which truck best suits your needs. Let’s roll! 

1. 2022 Honda Ridgeline

A front view of a gray 2022 Honda Ridgeline on car show.

Owners who don’t require the abilities of a regular pickup truck will be more than satisfied with the Ridgeline. It travels purposefully, thanks to a reliable V-6 engine and standard all-wheel drive, and its independent rear suspension ensures nimble handling. 

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Ridgeline has a similar acceleration engine and road handling.

When you take into account the numerous standard driver assistance features and the quiet and comfortable cabin of the 2022 Ridgeline, you get a truck that’s both appealing and practical. Despite its diminutive stature, it can reach 130 mph in 7.2 seconds.

An all-wheel-drive system is standard, and the only powertrain option is an all-wheel-drive 3.5-liter V-6 with 280 horsepower. The nine-speed automatic transmission and standard AWD are included.

With all-wheel drive and a 5,000lb towing capacity, all Ridgelines come standard with them. Almost 1600 pounds of cargo may be hauled by this vehicle at one time.

2. 2022 Chevrolet Colorado

A front view of a green 2022 Chevrolet Colorado on car show.

The ZR2’s off-road prowess stems from its well-balanced handling characteristics, which include a driver’s seat that has been raised and broadened. With a maximum towing capacity of 7700 pounds, the Colorado midsize is a more manageable vehicle.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Colorado has a V-6 engine, similar towing power, and truly great handling.

The 308-hp, 3.6-liter V-6 standard engine is responsive and quick, while the diesel option is economical and powerful, putting out 369 pound-feet of torque.

The oil-burning Chevy engine can’t compete with the diesel Jeep Gladiator, but the bow tie is more fun to drive and equals the Jeep’s durability with the ZR2 model’s enormous capability. It has a top speed of 135 mph and a 6.1-second time to 60 mph.

For those who want a more traditional truck experience, though, the 2022 Colorado’s comfortable seating position and robust infotainment system should outweigh the absence of driver-assistance technology and the cabin’s cheap appearance.

The fuel economy is 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the interstate in this five-seater with an 8-speed automatic transmission and a starting MSRP of $34,995.

3. 2022 GMC Canyon

A front view of a gray 2022 GMC Canyon parked near a building.

For a truck, the GMC Canyon has comfortable driving characteristics and a torque-rich diesel and robust V-6. It can reach a top speed of 135mph and accelerate to 60mph in 6.3 seconds.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Canyon has a V-6 engine. They have a similar towing capacity and are pretty close to mpg. 

If you’re looking for a truck with some of the features of a full-size pickup but in a smaller compact, the 2022 GMC Canyon is the vehicle for you.

To accomplish its task, the vehicle is built with a solid body-on-frame construction, powerful V-6 and torquey diesel engines, and a maximum towing capacity of 7700 pounds. 

The AT4 variant, which comes with 31-inch tires and two-bed suspension, is ideal for those who want to go off-roading. Two-bed lengths are offered for the extended or crew-cab model. 

Fuel economy is 19 mpg city and 25 mpg highway in the gas-powered four-cylinder Canyon. Diesel engines can get up to 20mpg city/30 highway, whilst the V-6 engine can do 18mpg city/25 highway.

4. 2022 Nissan Frontier 

A side view of a brown 2022 Nissan Frontier parked outside the Nissan store.

The new Pro-4X has a more modern interior, reduced wind and road noise on the highway, and a more polished on-road performance than ever before. A 310-hp V-6 paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission and either rear- or four-wheel drive is the power source for this vehicle.

With the Pro-4X trim, you get a beefier suspension and an electronic locking rear differential as well as other robust features. It has a top speed of 112 mph and takes 7.3 seconds to reach 60 mph.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Frontier has similar acceleration, polished performance, and similar mpg.

With a payload capacity of 1610 pounds, the Frontier is a little more capable of towing than the previous model, which was rated at 6720 pounds.

The Frontier’s rear-wheel-drive model is rated at 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the interstate. The city/highway fuel economy drops to 17 mpg and 22 mpg, respectively, when equipped with four-wheel drive. 

5. 2022 Ford F-150

A side view of a white 2022 Ford F-150 in parking area.

The Ford F-150 has a base price of $29,975. Ford F-series pickups have been the best-selling truck in America for the past 14 years, continuing a streak that began 43 years ago.

The PowerBoost 430-hp hybrid adds 30 more horsepower and 70 pound-feet of torque to the normal twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 engine, increasing fuel economy by 20%. The top speed is 11.8 miles per hour, and the 0-60 mph time is 4.4 seconds.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 F-150 has some similar starting prices, similar engine, and excellent off-road abilities.

It has a maximum towing capacity of 12,700 lbs. in this configuration. If you buy an optional Work Surface, you can utilize the front seat as a desk. Variable-assist steering, which is standard on the King Ranch and higher but available on lower-end versions, gives a tight but direct driving feel.

The Tremor is more of an F-150 with a somewhat Raptor-like profile that is geared at off-roading. Automatic transmissions with up to 14,000 pounds of towing capacity are standard equipment on the $30,985 entry-level models.

6. 2022 Chevrolet Silverado

A side view of a maroon 2022 Chevrolet Silverado in parking area.

The Silverado 1500 was redesigned for the 2022 model year by Chevy following a major revamp in 2019. LT and higher trim levels have a huge 13.4-inch infotainment touchscreen with new interior and exterior styling.

These features are standard on all other models. Chevy’s half-interior trucks, such as the Equinox, stand out from the rest of the company’s offerings.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Silverado is a beast off-road, with similar horsepower in some trims and an overall great ride. An old standby is the 6.2-liter V-8 engine with 420 hp with up to six cylinders disabled for better fuel consumption.

On top of that, there’s the turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can tow up to 9300 pounds, as well as the 277-horsepower turbo diesel engine that can get 31mpg on the highway on its route to work (when fitted to RWD trims).

Chevy equips the ZR2 with modified bumpers for off-road driving, which helps with the angle of approach and departure. Crew cabs with a 2.5-inch lift are the only options for this model.

The maximum towing capacity is 13,300 pounds with a starting price of $28,195. In six seconds, you can go from zero to 60 miles per hour.

7. 2022 Toyota Tacoma

A side view of a blue 2022 Toyota Tacoma on road.

To prove its off-road prowess, the Toyota Tacoma is tough and extremely adaptable, with a long list of standard driver assistance features. I’d rather have the more powerful V-6 alternative than the sluggish four-cylinder engine.

16-inch wheels and black overfenders are standard on all models. There are numerous driver aids plus an infotainment platform with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot that requires a monthly subscription.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the Tacoma shares similar seating capacity, engine, great towing capability, and adaptability.

With rear-wheel drive, the Tacoma will pull upwards of 6800 pounds; with four-wheel drive, it can tow up to 6500 pounds. You can’t get Tacoma’s full payload capacity of 1685 pounds with a four-cylinder engine, so you’ll have to get a V-6 model for that capability.

With a 270-horsepower four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic as an option, it’s the only one that still provides a manual transmission. For a starting price of $26,700, this four- to five-seater offers 20 city/23 highway miles. In 7.0 seconds, it goes from 0 to 60 mph at 131 miles per hour.

8. Toyota Tundra

A side view of a white Toyota Tundra on car show.

The Toyota Tundra is in an odd position in the full-size truck sector because it is the most recent model. The third-generation Tundra now features a twin-turbo hybrid V-6 featuring 437 hp as well as a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Only the non-hybrid SR models of the very same engine are offered with a 389-hp variant. In just 6.6 seconds, it goes from 0-60mph to 165mph. Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Tundra offers great control and similar engines.

The former leaf springs in the rear suspension have been replaced by coil springs for a more controlled design. Tundra TRD Pro models come equipped with a lift, skid plates, and large all-terrain tires wrapped around black rims.

The Tundra expanded trim as well as crew cab versions come with a choice of two distinct bed lengths: 6.5 feet or 8.1 feet. Additionally, if required, the group’s biggest 14-inch touchscreen is accessible.

A 348-horsepower engine is available for a starting price of $37,645 for the base model; a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V-6 featuring 389 hp, 3.5L twin-turbo V-6 with 437 hp, plus 3.5L twin-turbo V-6 are also available.

The peak towing capability of 12,000 pounds is assisted by a 10-speed automatic transmission.

9. RAM 1500

A front view of a RAM 1500 parked near a car store.

For 2021, the Ram 1500 has earned another top 10 full-size pickup title by overcoming its primary Detroit rivals in our most recent comparison test of three trucks.

There are a few more reasons why I adore this vehicle than there currently are: The EcoDiesel V-6 engine, available as an option, has the most power and torque of any light-duty diesel truck while still being fuel-efficient.

The cabin is also far superior to that of the competition, and the truck simply drives better as a result. Like the 2022 Gladiator, the RAM 1500 shares a pretty close hp, V-6 engine and gives an excellent ride.

The base trim, which starts at $36,195, comes equipped with a 260-horsepower engine. An eTorque V-6 engine with 395 horsepower is also available, as are three turbodiesel V-6 engines, one V-8 engine, and a 3.0L diesel V-6 with 305 horsepower.

The 5.7L V-8 with an eTorque engine is also available with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle’s maximum towing capability is 12,500 pounds. When accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour, it takes 4.4 seconds and hits a top speed of 118mph. 

10. Ford Ranger

A front view of an orange Ford Ranger in an asphalt road.

The new 2022 Ford Ranger is perfect for those who want a truck that’s more fuel-efficient and easier to drive. You can tow 3,500 pounds with a turbocharged engine, and there are many driver-assist features available.

If you’re looking for a pickup truck that won’t eat up your wallet, the 2022 Ford Ranger is the vehicle for you. Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2922 Ranger shares a similar horsepower, starting price in the low 30’s, and a nice ride.

The Ranger is powered by a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder as well as a 10-speed automatic transmission; rear-wheel drive is standard, although all-wheel drive is available on all models.

All Ranger trucks have a 10-speed automatic transmission, which delivers smooth and rapid changes. The car reaches 60 mph in 6.8 seconds and reaches 110 mph at top speed.

Models with rear-wheel drive have a ground clearance of 8.4 inches, while those with four-wheel drive have a ground clearance of 8.9 inches.

The four-seat Ranger can be equipped with a Terrain Management System, which modifies the engine’s response and the transmission’s gearing to improve the truck’s performance in various types of terrain.

At 5,500 rpm, it generates 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. Automatic transmission with an RWD drivetrain provides a fuel efficiency of 21 city/26 highway mpg. The MSRP begins at $32,390. 

11. Hyundai Santa Cruz

A front view of a silver Hyundai Santa Cruz on car show.

High-quality and high-tech cabin with a versatile cargo area and a smooth, relaxed ride. Santa Cruz is offered in four different trim levels, each with a different set of options.

The SEL Premium, with its powerful engine and more upscale features like standard all-wheel drive, is the one I’d recommend. You can go from 0-60 mph in six seconds flat, and the top speed is 116 mph.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Santa Cruz shares pretty close mpg, horsepower, and great handling.

Lower trims can have the system installed for $1500. Standard features include an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, and LED headlights. SEL Premium

Both gasoline and diesel engines are available in Santa Cruz’s powertrain lineup. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 191 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque is standard.

The new 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder has 281 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. The Santa Cruz is a better match for its increased power and more aggressive reflexes.

Both engines can be mated to eight-speed automatic transmissions, although only the turbocharged model can do so. Both four-cylinder engines can be ordered with all-wheel drive as an option.

In comparison to its sector competitors, the Santa Cruz is shorter and lower, which makes navigating the city streets a breeze. It has a towing capacity of 5000 lbs. The vehicle gets 19-21 mpg in the city and 26-27 mpg on the highway.

12. Ford Maverick

A front view of a red Ford Maverick on road.

Drivers looking for the practicality of an open truck bed but don’t want to deal with the massive size of a full-size pickup truck will find the Maverick to be the ideal vehicle. It begins at a beginning price of $19,490 and goes up from there.

An electric motor helps boost the power output to 191 horsepower from the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that is standard on all grades. Only the front wheels are driven in this configuration, and the transmission is a continuously variable automatic.

Like the 2022 Gladiator, the 2022 Ford Maverick offers FWD options and similar highway mpg. Both also have great handling.

Non-hybrid powertrains are also available, with a 250-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission as an option; all-wheel drive is not standard on this model.

The 4.5-footbed is standard on all models, which come in a four-door crew cab body type. Acceleration to 60mph takes the Maverick just 5.9 seconds. When properly outfitted, it can pull up to 4000 pounds.

The non-hybrid Maverick is rated at 22-23 mpg in the city and 29-30 mpg on the highway for both FWD and AWD, according to the EPA. While it can reach 90 mph, it takes 6.3 seconds to reach 60 mph, making it one of the fastest cars in its class.