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12 Cars Similar to the Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta

The 2021 Volkswagen Jetta is a simple compact car that’s designed to seat up to four people. Its high-class interior offers you a rider experience you won’t forget.

When you buy the 2021 Jetta, you can expect to enjoy better cargo room and drives with a slow but smooth efficiency on most roadways. The fact that it has only 147 available horsepower doesn’t exactly make it good enough for the autobon, but it does mean that those who drive carefully and with precision may thoroughly enjoy it.

The 2021 model offers a top-rate fuel economy of up to 30 mpg for regular driving and 40 mpg for the highway. It has a six-speed transmission and can The interior is made up of a high-tech demeanor that offers a unique blend of austerity and elegance. The exterior remains cool, sleek, and professional for both business and personal trips.

The interior is squeaky clean with a vibrant screen that has bold, sharp colors. The latest version comes with the desired safety features, such as blind-spot monitoring and the self-adjusting cruise control can make this car safe even for senior drivers.

The 2021 Volkswagen Jetta comes with a high turbo engine of 1.4, which means that it can go from 0-60 in just 5.6 seconds. And that’s not bad for something that drives a little slower than most cars in its class. This 4-seater has just as much room in the back as it does in the front, so this could put an end to any squabbles about riding shotgun.

Three Top Cars That Are Similar to the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta

The Honda Civic

Honda Civic RS

For a starting price of $21,250, the latest Honda Civic 4-door offers a very striking resemblance to the latest version of the Volkswagen Jetta. Like the Jetta, it is comprised of two identical headlights that jut out in an angular fashion, plus the general exterior is simple in design. Plus, the top is slightly rounded with small windows amid a strong, steely exterior.

The slightest difference is that the taillights have a crab-like shape to them, which gives this car a bit of character.

It runs on a fuel efficiency of up to 37 mpg, which has its Jetta competitor beat by just a few points. And it is a sedan that offers four seats and a roomy cabin. The exterior looks a bit like something out of an 80s science fiction movie but it is nonetheless a product of the 21st century.

And with its available horsepower of 158 on a 4-cylinder engine, you may be looking at a good deal, especially when the 2021 Civic sedan can go from 0-60 in only 8.2 seconds. However, this does mean that it lags behind the Jetta by a factor of 2 seconds.

But if you enjoy safety over speed, then this model may be perfect for you. It shares the same safety features such as adaptive cruise control and auto-adjust high beams for improved night vision on those dark, lonely roads. Plus, the infotainment system is similar except for the fact that you can access satellite radio. And the transmission has six different speeds for the automatic, just like the Jetta.

Toyota Corolla

12th generation Toyota Corolla

This 4-door sedan offers a lot of features that are very similar to the Volkswagen Jetta in that it offers a smooth, clean ride. This latest model of the 2021 Toyota Corolla offers comfortable seating both in front and back, along with a plush interior and a strong exterior that is bold and daring.

What makes this sedan stick out more than others is that it can rightly boast an amazing gas mileage of around 52-53 mpg both on and off of the highway. Perhaps this can be credited to the fact that it is a hybrid model, and this is something that will go easy on your pocketbook.

This hybrid does share a few features with the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta in that it has a well-lit interior with 21st-century features. It has a touchscreen with a WiFi hookup and an excellent sound system. And some driver safety features are the same, such as automatic cruise control that can self-adjust and automatic emergency brakes.

It can go from 0-60 mph in only a matter of 8.8 seconds. Again, that is roughly 2 seconds longer than the Volkswagen Jetta, but it still appears to be a good deal for a price range of $20,025 to $20,475.

The Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra offers a normal exterior with a hint of professionalism. It is sleek and polished and blends very well with a fancy interior. A roomy cabin and vibrant console almost make this feel like home. The console and touchscreen are visible only to the driver in the way that they are positioned at that angle.

The sound system has the same sound quality as the Jetta but is different in that it has a voice activation system that allows passengers to give commands that control the climate of the car. You can bask in the added elements of a top-rate turbo engine combined with a sporty look that makes you one with your peers.

Other Cars That Are Similar to the Volkswagen Jetta

Kia Forte

Kia Forte 5

It has an excellent fuel economy of 50 mpg, making it the best hybrid in its class. It can jump from 0 to 60 mph in just a manner of 8 seconds. Not too bad for a cost range of around $20,645 to $29,095.

A quick glance at the latest model of the Kia Forte reveals a few physical traits that it shares with the latest Jetta. For one thing, you can take a peek at its front end and notice how the headlights appear to be tilted upward towards the top. You may also notice that there are two front-end bumper grids and another pair of headlights at the bottom. The exterior has smooth curves on the sides with even lines.

The interior is somewhat similar in its comfort levels for all passengers. It has four seats and is just as comfortable in the back as it is upfront. A touchscreen with an interactive GPS lets you know how to get to your destination in real-time.

The fuel economy for this sedan runs from 31 mpg to 41 mpg for highway driving. Clearly, this one is not a hybrid, but it can boast a good power train of around 147 hp and has the ability to jump from 0-60 in a matter of 9.5 seconds. And although it may be 3 seconds slower than the Jetta, it still does pretty well.

And with an average price of around $17,890-$23,290. And the other difference is that it comes with a remote starter of up to 500 feet, so you can warm it up on those long, cold winter days.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze

Like the Volkswagen Jetta, the latest model of the Chevrolet Cruze offers a smooth, quiet ride and a plush interior to match. Although the newest one is for this year, it won’t be joining any of its peers in producing a hybrid. Nonetheless, it still has a decent horsepower of around 137 and is reputed for good fuel efficiency of roughly 31-48 mpg, and that’s not bad for something that’s gas-powered.

What makes this one similar to the Jetta is that it has a serious look to the outside with a little twist. It has a sporty aura, but the headlights are shaped in a way that’s a lot like the Jetta. Plus, it has a roomy interior all around and the ability to seat at least four people. You can go anywhere from 0-60 in as little as 8.1 seconds. You can buy it anywhere from $25,620 to $26,120.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus

The latest version of the Ford Focus has an engine that runs on 4 cylinders and has an EcoBoost which really powers your vehicle. And much like the Jetta, it has a smooth, slender exterior with a futuristic touch. The quintessential black grid that resides on the front bumper gives it a true 21st-century touch. And it has enough room to seat up to four people.

The Ford Focus has an engine that is hybrid-powered by EcoBoost technology. As a result, it has a fuel efficiency of 55 mpg and an available horsepower of 143. It may move at an average speed, but it has the capacity to jump from 0-60 in only 5.6 seconds, and that beats the Jetta by a few seconds.

And with these raw statistics, it has overall drivability that’s every bit as smooth as the latest Volkswagen Jetta. Needless to say, it falls into the price range of approximately $17,950 to $41,120 for an RS version.

The Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat (B8) facelift 2020

Both the Jetta and the Passat have rich, comfortable interiors that make riding in them easy, enjoyable, and safe. The Passat has an affordable price range of $21,725-$25,198. It can seat up to four and can run safely with a good horsepower of 174. Plus, it has an excellent gas mileage of 29 mpg. This sounds fairly efficient for something that has a dark, gray professional touch on the exterior. It comes as a regular car that uses fuel.

The exterior seems to look a little utilitarian, yet the car does happen to run smoothly for the most part. The make and model don’t have too many engine upgrades, and the V6 engine has been discontinued for the 2019 model. Otherwise, it is a vehicle that you can enjoy. At least the trunk is big enough for groceries and all seats are spacious, including the back.

The Kia Optima

White Kia Optima

The latest version of the Kia Optima has three different types of transmissions. There is a 6 speed and an 8 speed automatic, and another 8-speed automatic that comes with a dual-clutch system. Either way, there does not appear to be any type of a manual version, but there are better options with other features.

For one, there is a similarity in the general design of the exterior in that it is sturdy with a hint of shine to the paint. The fact that this one has a solid automatic transmission is what can make it similar to the Volkswagen Jetta. They are also similar in that both have an extremely high turbo engine, but the Kia Optima’s is 0.2 points higher.

Yet both run efficiently with the Optima having a slightly higher horsepower of 180. And all at a price range of $23,390 to $26,390, you know you’re still getting an excellent deal.

The dark, leathery interior has a shine to it that spells comfort. You can enjoy a beautiful dashboard that’s similar to the Jetta in that it has a wireless connection and good GPS tracking. So if you happen to be traveling, there’s no way you can ever get lost.

The Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is another 4-door sedan with sufficient room for every passenger, front or back. And yes, it does share a similar exterior design to the Jetta in that all windows are a bit narrow yet they provide good outside vision. You can enjoy good horsepower at a range of 202 to 301. Plus, the estimated mpg runs anywhere from 26 mpg to around 39 mpg.

You have access to an 8″ touchscreen computer system that allows you to navigate safely while driving. Your stereo system has an excellent quality that allows you to hear vibrant music at your fingertips. And with the 2021 model comes a push-button ignition startup that allows you to use it free of keys.

Both the petrol and the hybrid start out at around $25,045, which is a considerable price similarity to the Volkswagen Jetta. And that’s what makes it an excellent deal. And the design has a fancy front-end mystique with the bottom portion of the headlights each sporting a tiny black grille underneath that matches the center grille.

The Audi A4

Silver Audi A4

The Audi A4 has a conservative look both inside and out. The exterior has a slightly rounded front end design that bears the iconic European license plate right on the front bumper, which is a unique feature that happens to separate it from the Jetta and other similar models. Plus, it has a 12-volt hybrid system that provides a smooth, quality ride while helping you save money on gas.

In fact, the average gas mileage just happens to be at around 25 mpg for normal city driving and up to 34 mpg for the highway, which is the same as the Jetta’s.

The Audi A4 has a horsepower that ranges from 201-261, and that is very speedy for a smooth, luxury sedan. And luxury it is. It has four cushy seats, and even rear seating feels as plush and comfortable as riding upfront. In fact, you can just put your head on the headrest and take a snooze because it’s that comfortable.

An amazing wifi and infotainment system consists of a center screen that’s 10.1 and operates with a manual knob. You can get a crystal clear vision of an interactive map that has a voice activation system and shows you exactly where you are with the utmost precision. It is very similar to the Jetta but is slightly easier to use due to its ability to sit on the center of your dashboard for immediate access.

And for an average cost of $39,100, the Audi A4 is definitely not a bad deal.

The 2021 Honda Accord

White Honda Accord

There’s nothing that spells timeless classics like the Honda Accord in any style. Yet the latest model bears a striking resemblance to the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta in that it has the appearance of the quintessential 4-door sedan. The 4 seats make it possible for the entire family to fit in just like the Volkswagen Jetta. And like the Jetta, the Honda Accord has a 4-cylinder engine that can hold up to 1.5L. That is slightly higher than the Jetta by 0.1L but still just as effective.

The horsepower of the Honda Accord is a bit higher than the Volkswagen Jetta by just a few points. In fact, the Accord has 192 hp at 5,500 rpm, which contrasts with Jetta’s meager ratings at 147 hp at 5,000 rpm. Yet both share the same fuel efficiency for inner-city driving at 30 mpg, while the Jetta goes up to 41 mpg on the highway compared to the Accord’s average of 38 mpg.

There is also a significant price difference between the two makes and models. At $24,970, the Honda Accord is more expensive than the Volkswagen Jetta, which stands at only $18,895. And given these statistics, you should decide for yourself which is the better deal. If highway fuel efficiency is your number one choice, then it definitely pays to consider buying a Volkswagen Jetta.

The Volkswagen Taos

Because we’ve spent a lot of time focusing so hard on sedans, it’s time to shake things up a bit with a compact SUV like the Volkswagen Taos. This tiny yet sturdy little ride offers a good dose of luxury with soft, roomy seats and an excellent infotainment system.

In fact, your dashboard is set to be equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen with voice activation features that make it safe to use during active driving. You can also enjoy the latest perks of the BeatsAudio sound system and new safety features such as blind-spot alerts and Forward Collision Warning with auto brake features that activate before impact.

This SUV is similar due to the artistic appeal of the dark leather interior and the conservative build of its exterior. Yet because this is an SUV, it might come equipped with some sort of towing capacity. And like the Jetta, the Volkswagen Taos does boast a healthy 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine and has a projected highway fuel economy of up to 36 mpg, which is not too shabby for an estimated price of $23,000.

With a horsepower of 158, this does make it very similar to its Jetta cousin.


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