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21 Ford F150 Truck Accessories List (Epic)

Close up view of a black ford truck with mountain view.

After what seemed like endless communication with our local Ford dealers, a lot of paperwork, bank transfers, and signings, Wifey and I finally received the call we had both been waiting for 

“Hi there folks, it’s Fortune, from your friendly Ford dealership. Your brand new Ford F-150 is finally ready for collection”

Wifey and I could hardly believe it! We danced an old-fashioned jig in celebration and then hired an Uber to take us to the dealership.

However, on arrival, we were a little disappointed.

With seven trims, three body styles, two-bed lengths, and a deluxe interior on its high-end models, the base Ford F150 XL Wifey and I had chosen, was not as endowed as the Limited and Platinum we had seen on the cover of our dealership’s Ford F150 brochure.

As I am always one to look on the bright side, I cheered Wifey up.

“No worries Wifey, this only leaves us with plenty of room to personally tailor and accessorize our new truck to our needs.”

Coming in a wide range of trims and body styles, the 2022 Ford F-150 is a workhorse that can still be outfitted to suit any number of tasks. As such, without another moment’s hesitation, we set about drawing up an accessories list for our new F150 XL.  

The world of truck accessories has gone gaga over the past decade, so much so that there is a lot to sift through. Luckily for you and Wifey, I am here to show you some of the exterior, interior, and safety tech, gadgetry, and overall must-have accessories you can consider and have fitted on your F-150.

Below is the epic list of truck accessories Wifey and I finally drew up and pimped our F-150 with….

A. Exterior: Truck Bed Storage Units

One of the main reasons that people invest in pickup trucks is so that they can haul oversized items and carry more equipment with them wherever they go. Getting quality truck bed storage enables you to do just that.  Fortunately, when it comes to the Ford F-150, there are various ways you can increase the storage space of your truck.

To enhance your truck bed’s utility, mount an exterior storage unit. Customizing your F-150 by adding truck bed storage unit accessories like storage boxes, tool boxes, racks, carriers, and cargo bags, gives you the convenient and secure storage solutions that you need for all the tools and equipment you want to carry with you.

One of the most convenient solutions is installing a durable truck exterior storage system or unit. This can, for example, comprise …..

1. Truck Bed Storage Boxes

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC203D | Fits 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 Drivers Side

When it comes to truck bed storage, you can never have enough. So, while your F-150 boasts a monstrous size, its stock storage capacity might still not be enough to comfortably haul and hold all you require it to. This is especially true when you consider all your work tools, off-roading, and recreational equipment.

If you intend to carry small items and oversized items in your truck at the same time, a bed box is the best option for you. For the easy location for different tools, groceries, and other loose items you want to carry with your F-150, seriously consider truck bed storage boxes.

Carefully sized to the dimensions of your specific truck bed, they are simple to install with clamps and other non-invasive attachment systems. And once it’s in place, you’ll enjoy years of

  • confidently carrying precious cargo in your truck bed.
  • regularly driving with your loose well-secured.
  • securely locking away tools and other expensive items.
  • creating additional storage space.
  • decoratively accessorizing the rear of your truck.
  • Maintaining a higher level of organization as you drive around.

Storage boxes come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Most are designed to occupy a small section of the truck bed and leave most of your F-150’s bed open for hauling use. With this exterior accessory, you’ll have more space to store your cargo and enhance your truck’s overall utility at the same time.

2. Truck Bed Tool Boxes

39"X13"X10" Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick Up Truck Truck Bed Tool Box Trailer Storage Tool Box w/Lock & Keys

For all your work or business tools and equipment, accessorize your truck by having installed truck bed tool boxes against the back of your pickup’s cab, or mounted to the sides of your truck’s bed.

3. Roof Racks, Carriers, and Cargo Bags

TMS 800 LB Low Profile Extendable Non-Drilling Steel Pickup Truck Bed Rack Sport Bar Rooftop Tent 2 Bar Set (Sportbar, 18'')

To increase your truck bed’s storage capacity and utility, even more, mount additional truck bed accessories that work well with your chosen storage system. For example, storage systems that are mounted on roof racks, carriers, and cargo bags provide you with more storage and security for your cargo.

Seriously consider Ford F-150 bed racks such as an F150 headache rack for additional storage space for your large items such as ladders, lumber, and tools while protecting the back window of your truck at the same time.

With the right rack for your ride, you’ll enhance it in some of the following ways:

  • Carry more with your truck
  • Carry long or difficult items effectively
  • Protect your pickup from damage when hauling
  • Protect your roof from damage while carrying lumber, ladders, and other long items.
  • Free up space in your truck bed for additional items

So, add Ford F150 racks and carriers to your pickup to make your truck work smarter and more efficiently than ever. The racks and carriers are sized and specifically built for specific F-150 models. However, getting a matching rack isn’t all that’s required to get the performance you want.

It’s important to consider racks that will help you carry the items you want to carry. Racks and carriers give your truck the ability to carry more, but adding on a tonneau cover or a bed storage system allows you to carry even more. As does adding bed extenders, bed bags, and cages.

4. Bed Extenders, Bed Bags, and Bed Cages

Jeremywell Adjustable Steel Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack with Flag for Boat Lumber Long Loads Canoe Ladder Fits 2" Hitches 750 Lbs Weight Capacity

To increase your truck bed’s cargo capacity further, a variety of bed extenders, bed bags,  as well as bed cages. These bed accessories also let you store your cargo in an organized manner so that you can easily find and access your belongings whenever you need to.

5. Truck Bed Organisers

Roll N Lock Cargo Manager Truck Bed Organizer | CM261 | Fits 2015 - 2023 Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon 5' 2" Bed (61.7")

Truck bed organizers are used to turn the large open space of a truck bed into smaller sections for many different items.

If you’re a contractor or you just want a way to carry a large number of small items with you, then you should invest in truck bed organizers to help you do so. Get this truck bed accessory and you’ll:

  • Organize your truck bed
  • safely store more items
  • protect your truck bed from mishaps while you drive
  • safeguard your items from weathering
  • secure valuables that could otherwise be stolen

6. Under-deck organizers  

A back view of a truck with a bed that has drawers.

Under-deck organizers create a raised bed surface and drawers underneath. This enables you to add many different types of boxes and cases to the bed of your pickup truck.

However, under-deck organizers are not to be confused with a truck bed storage system.

7. Truck Bed Storage System

TrunkCratePro Premium Multi Compartments Collapsible Portable Trunk Organizer for auto, SUV, Truck, Minivan (black) (Regular, Black)

Should storage boxes for your truck bed still be inadequate, specialized truck bed systems are also available. These raise the deck of the truck bed to create more storage space underneath. Such specialized truck bed systems create a secret storage compartment for tools and other items to give you the same amount of room for most hauling tasks as well.

Other storage systems split the truck bed into convenient drawers of multiple compartments for your different items. For additional storage and hauling, a truck bed storage system is often the best. Just ensure you get a kit that’s able to hold up to your hauling tasks, especially if you plan on carrying heavy loads on your F-150’s bed.

B. Exterior: Truck Bed Accessories

Trucks like the F-150 are primarily for towing and hauling. For this reason, it is important to get the right truck bed accessories so your pickup can do what it was meant to do- loading up many oversized items and hauling heavy items.

However, a stock truck bed like that of the F-150 XL does not always come with the best attachments and accessories for moving the range of items that you’ll want to carry with your pickup. That’s why it is important to enhance your truck bed by accessorizing it.

Your truck can perform a whole lot more with just the simple addition of convenient truck bed accessories that fits your truck’s needs and gives it greater functional flexibility. These include…

8. Truck Bed Rails

Back shot of a truck with truck bed rails.

Your truck bed’s stock configuration might already allow you to transport a lot of cargo, but might not suit your heavy hauling needs. Depending on the items you plan on carrying, they can scratch or dent your F-150’s bed while you’re loading or unloading it.

However, no worries, fortunately, accessories like truck bed rails can protect your F-150 from your cargo, as well as help improve the truck bed’s functionality. There are truck rails built to fit F-150 truck beds of different specs, from the long box to the short box, and standard configurations.

Truck bed rails come in durable stainless steel, so you can tie down heavier cargo and keep them secure. Additionally, truck bed rails come in a variety of designs and finishes to complement your vehicle’s appearance. Storage units, for instance, can work well with rails, making more use of your truck bed’s space as a result.

9. Truck Bed Side Rails

Close up shot of Truck Bed Side Rails isolated on white.

Truck bed side rails are installed on top of the sides of the truck bed itself. Some of these rails are installed with clamps, while others go on with bolts or other fasteners. They create new attachment points and protect against bumps and scrapes.

With a rail in position, you can confidently load items into your pickup truck and secure cargo fast. Invest in a good quality set of rails, and your truck bed will be enhanced almost immediately. With truck bed rails added to your truck, you’ll:

  • effectively protect your truck bed from damage.
  • add attachment points to the bed of your truck for hauling purposes
  • Give your F-150 a custom look
  • capably haul and move heavy loads

Each truck bed is different, so when selecting bed rails, ensure they are matched to the make and model of the truck you own. The right rails will come with attachment mechanisms that work well with your truck model. It’s also important to think about how the rails are installed and whether you’re willing to go through that installation process or not.

Getting the right rails for your pickup will make it easy for you to upgrade your truck. It will also give you a different style, as well as help you appreciate the hauling capabilities of your F-150.

Interested in improving your truck bed’s looks and functionality even further? Why not try truck bed liners?

10. Truck Bed Liners

Close-up of a truck bed liner coated with polyurea.

The truck’s bed is designed to provide you with an area where you can store more items and deliver them with ease. However, because of your driving style, bad weather, different terrain and abrasive cargo your F-150 will operate, it is likely to get damaged. To help preserve your truck bed’s utility and appearance, it’s smart to install truck bed liners or truck bed mats.

With the right truck bed liner, your vehicle’s bed will receive the protection it needs and deserves to ensure safe and easy cargo transport. Adding truck bed liners to your pickup will:

  • Protect the integrity of your truck bed
  • change the color and texture of your truck’s bed
  • create a more textured bed for less sliding
  • haul with renewed confidence

When choosing one of the truck bed liners for your pickup truck, it’s important to get an option that fits your model year and bed length. By choosing the exact product you need for your ride, you will enjoy a superior fit and an improved look as well. Your truck will be best protected with a product that fits properly, which is a pretty big deal when investing in your bed.

Made from polypropylene, rubber, as well as 100% recyclable elastomer, these truck liners come crafted with non-slip or non-stain surfaces, for easier maintenance.

In addition to liners, you can also protect your truck bed with truck bed mats.

11. Truck Bed Mats

BedRug Tailgate Mat BMQ15TG fits 15+ F-150

A high-quality bed mat safeguards your truck bed from rocks, lumber, and other items you plan to carry around. Like truck liners, truck bed mats are simple to install, and will give you peace of mind when you’re hauling cargo that’s rough on truck beds.

When considering different truck bed liners for your pickup, it’s important to decide whether you want a liner or a mat for your ride. Both options offer protection for your pickup, but there are some key differences to keep in mind. Most bed mats are softer and often have a carpet texture.

Bed liners are smooth and hard and more slippery than mats. Liners offer superior strength and protection in most instances. However, they also cause cargo to slide around more. So, for a soft finish, a bed mat is best. For the highest level of protection, you’ll want to opt for a bed liner.

When choosing either a truck bed liner or a mat, the rule of thumb is to choose a form-fitting product that’s durable and stylish at the same time. The same could be said of truck bed covers.

12. Truck Bed Covers

DNA Motoring TTC-RU-001 Soft Vinyl Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Compatible with 04-14 F150 5.5Ft Fleetside Bed

You could also consider accessorizing your pick-up with a Ford F-150 bed cover. Truck bed covers provide added protection for your cargo. Truck bed covers shield your truck’s cargo from debris, rain, snow, and intense sunlight.

 While you can even equip a tailgate liner to give your truck complete truck bed protection, but for 2022, Ford’s Bed Utility package comes as an option for XL, XLT, Lariat, and Tremor trims and is standard on the upscale King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. It includes a tailgate step and locking cleat-style tie downs. 

13. Truck Bed Protectors, Bed Rail Caps, and Pocket Covers

Wade 72-01601 Truck Bed Rail Caps Black Ribbed Finish with Stake Holes for 1980-1996 Ford F-150 F-250 & 1980-1998 Ford F-350 with 8ft bed (Set of 2)

Also geared towards the protection of your F-150’s bed, are bed protectors, bed rail caps, and pocket covers to protect your truck bed’s vital areas.

Protect your F-150 by preparing it against the harsh towing and hauling tasks ahead with aftermarket truck bed liners, mats, and covers. Aside from bed accessories, which help enhance your vehicle’s overall style, with designs that complement your truck’s rugged build.

C. Exterior: Truck  Safety and Security  Accessories

Apart from accessories that protect the truck bed, there are also truck safety accessories aimed at both your safety and security and that of the truck or its bed. These include,

14. Truck Bed Slides

A photo of Truck Bed Slides for Ford Truck isolated on white.

Ford F150 truck bed slides are made of heavy-duty aluminum and work with the factory truck bed rails. They can be used on pickup trucks with or without side rails. Ford F150 truck bed slides are easy to install and take only minutes to attach.

They are designed to fit into the factory bed rails and are designed to stay in place. They are perfect for a truck owner who wants to protect their cargo and wants a quick, easy way to access their truck bed. This is because durable bed slides help ease cargo loading and unloading.

15. Truck Tie-down Kits

4 Pack F150 Boxlink Tie Down Anchors F250 F350 2015 2016 2017 2018 Bed Tie Downs, Replaces for Ford FL3Z-99000A64-B Bed Cleats Box Link Kit

Ford F150 truck Tie-down Kits come with everything you need to secure your cargo. Aimed at more secure cargo mounting, truck tie-down kits have straps that are reinforced with nylon webbing, and are fully adjustable.

The buckle design is strong and will not fail. The ratchet is made of heavy-duty aluminum and is designed to resist corrosion. With a Ford F150 truck tie-down kit, you can have peace of mind that your cargo is safe and secure.

16. Truck Tire Carriers

Spare Tire Hoist Spare Tire Winch Carrier | Replacement for 1997-2003 Ford F150, 2004 F150 Heritage, 1997-1999 F250, 1997 F250 HD | Replaces# 924-526, 1L3Z1A131AA, 2L3Z1A131AA

Truck tire carriers help you to securely keep your tires and other emergency equipment readily available in case of an emergency. Investing in truck tire carriers is an excellent way to securely protect you and your tires while making your pickup into a more capable hauler.

17. Grille Guards and Bull Bars

Armordillo USA 7176546 AR Series Bull Bar With LED - Matte Black Fits 2004-2022 Ford F150 / 2003-2017 Expedition / 2003-2014 Lincoln Navigator / 2006-2008 Mark LT

For added protection for yourself and your F150, consider installing a grille guard and bull bar. Found on both the front and rear ends, bumpers are meant to reduce impacts from minor collisions.

They absorb much of the crash energy and protect a vehicle’s body and its essential parts like the hood, trunk, grille, and lights, from impacting on you too much in the cabin.

18. Hood Shield/Bug Deflector

Lightronic WV194975 in-Channel Side Window Visor Deflector Rain Guard, Dark Smoke Shatterproof, 4PCS Set for 2015-2022 Ford F-150 SuperCrew, 2017-2022 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew

Ideal for the Ford F-150 King Ranch / Lariat / Limited / Platinum / Police Responder / SSV / XL / XLT 2022, the Hood Shield protects the leading edge of your hood and fenders from stones and other airborne debris. In so doing, it also protects the hood and fenders from dings and stone chips.

The hood shield also deflects airflow, directing bugs and debris up and over the vehicle to protect the windscreen. For this reason, it is also known as a bug deflector.

D. Interior: Truck  Tech  Accessories

Given its utility function, when it comes to pick-up trucks as the F-150 the interior is not as important as the exterior. For this reason, I have emphasized the exterior more than interior accessories.

19. Perforated Pedals

Jaronx No Drill Pedal Covers for Ford F150 2019 2020 / Ford Raptor 2019-2020, Aluminum Alloy Anti-Slip Gas Pedal Cover Break Pedal Pad at Accelerator Pedal Covers for Ford F150 (2PC Set)

Although the F-150 comes with standard pedals, since “mugged trucks need rugged pedals,” perforated truck pedals are just right for the job.  Coming in aluminum, a perforated pedal pad set features two pieces, just might not be a necessary accessory.

20. Dash Covers

Cartist Suede Dashboard Cover for Ford F-150 2015-2020 F150 Dash Cover Nonslip Dashboard Mat Protector Sunshade No Glare (Without HUD)

Recommended for the Ford F-150 King Ranch / Lariat / Limited / Platinum / Raptor / Tremor / XL / XLT 2022, Ford Limited Edited, dash covers protect your dashboard’s vinyl covering from the ravages of UV light and extreme heat.

Made to fit the contours of your specific dash, the dash cover’s custom-fit design is perfect for your exact vehicle.

21. Pet Travel/Pet Divider

Meginc Truck Dog Seat Cover for F150 and Ram 1500 Back Seat with Mesh Window Waterproof Non Slip Pet Hammock for F250 F450 Ram2500 Pickup Truck Back Seat

In a world where pets are now counted as members of the family, it has become a must that pets also be taken into consideration when accessorizing.

Located behind the front seats, this pet/cargo divider is for keeping your pooch and/or cargo in the back seat where they belong. Made from super strong polypropylene webbing, fully stitched with box and cross stitch, this pet/cargo divider is a quality product that will serve you and your pooch well.