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12 Ford Ranger Accessories – Ultimate List

On sand and dirt, a Ford Ranger Raptor T6 mid-size pickup vehicle is seen drifting.

There’s nothing like driving the open road in your Ford Ranger. It is everything you wanted it to be with its four cylinders of 270 horsepower (hp) that gets you from 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds on most models and very close specifications on other models. This is your four-door four-wheel drive kind of dream with a 7,500-pound towing capacity if you want it to be.

But you’re like every truck driver ever, there can always be more here. It doesn’t matter how comfortable the interior is today or how easy it is to tow cargo tomorrow. It can be better without it being a brand new truck. We think it can too. Here is a rundown of what we think is the ultimate list of Ford Ranger Accessories. You’ll want it all, in time. Have a look.

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Interior Ford Ranger accessories you won’t want to live without

A mid-size Ford Ranger Raptor T6 pickup truck is parked on a wooded road.

The interior of the Ford Ranger is a beautiful thing with enough room for at least four passengers comfortably. In the newer models, it offers a complete digital system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In some models, you can get Internet connectivity from as far away as 50 feet outside the vehicle.

You love what Ford has done for you here, but you want more. These are the most common interior accessories, but you can always add more. Pedal coverings, steering wheel coverings, and extra seating storage are just a few of the things you can add to your interior for help.

Here are some of the most common interior Ford Ranger accessories that will up the ante on some of the built-in systems already offering you space and comfort.

1. The interior Ford Ranger console organizer makes an already beautiful interior even more enjoyable

Vesul Center Console Organizer Compatible with Ford Ranger 2019 2020 2021 2022 Storage Tray Armrest Box ABS Tray Insert Organizer Glove Pallet

A console organizer is always helpful in a truck, no matter what you need it for. There are many console organizers that are Ford Ranger compatible and will fit in a wide range of Ford Ranger models. Most will give you an organizer with dividers where you can store the items that you need to access the fastest when you are driving.

These are also handy when you are camping or off-roading and want to keep special items secure. One like the Vesul Console Organizer Storage Armrest comes with anti-skid rubber pads that will ensure your items don’t go moving all over the car when the car takes its turns. This one will slide in and out of the armrest console very easily.

2. The interior seat décor that will have you wanting to keep driving all day and all night

Luxurious modern automobile interior with plush leather seats and yellow stitching.

Who doesn’t want racing seats for the truck? In the Ford Ranger, you can modify your seats to almost any preference. In a day and age where vehicle accessories are fun you can have almost any kind of truck seat that you want. In this location, there are many different kinds of racing seat brackets so that you can install the seats, or have them installed.

You’ll want to check with airbag compatibility with the seats that you select or have them installed to work around the airbags. Talk to a mechanic with your measurements before you spend the money.

Exterior Ford Ranger accessories that add elegance and performance to something already beautiful

You love your Ford Ranger because it looks awesome and performs even better. But you will never stop wanting it to look even more amazing. The market is flooded with many different kinds of Ford Ranger accessories that you can add to your truck that will make it more enjoyable, more beautiful, and even easier to use.

From canopies to twin drawer systems and more, here are some of the most amazing Ford Ranger accessories that you will ever see.

3. The hardtop canopy for your truck that makes driving a truck so worry-free

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 59409 | Fits 2016 - 2022 Toyota Tacoma, will not work with Trail Edition models 5' 1" Bed (60.5")

When you have a truck, even if you don’t have anything in the back, you are always worried about what is going on with it. This is what hardtop canopies are made for. There are some very nice ones that fit right over the back of your truck and even add some square footage of space over the truck.

A standard hardtop canopy as well without the whole cab works well too. The point of a hard top is durability and ease of driving. There are some very good ones out there.

This Ford Ranger hardtop canopy from Bison Tonneau Covers offers an aluminum construction designed cover that people can stand on if you let them, which you probably won’t. This is a great style for weatherproofing that comes completely assembled and with a two-year warranty. Those are the kinds of features you want to see on a Ford Ranger accessory.

4. Tonneau covers and roller shutters so that you can drive safely and securely

Close up shot of roller shutters for truck.

Managing the contents in the back of your Ford is most of the battle with driving one. It will vex you every day. This is why hardtop canopies, tonneau covers, and roller shutters are among the first kind of accessories that a Ford truck driver will buy.  These accessories are here to ensure that your belongings or work items do not fly out of the truck, interfering with traffic or your driving abilities.

The covers can be fitted right into the bed of the truck, and you’ll have a wide range of materials to choose from no matter where you get the truck covers. This Ford Ranger Wildtrak ProRoll offers that security for your belongings and more. There are many options to choose from when you are looking for covers and roller shutters in most Ford Ranger accessories stores. It won’t be hard to find both style and function.

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5. Protect the bed of your truck with a liner that will ensure you don’t scratch it, dent it, or make a mess

The new Ford truck bed cover as seen from above.

You’ve worked hard to get the Ford Ranger, you want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as you can. Cue the load bed liner, a liner that you can put in the back of your truck that will help to keep it looking as new for as long as possible. It also makes it easier to put your goods in and out of the truck by making it easier to just slide them in and out without having to worry about scuffing the bed of the truck.

This is also a good liner to have to protect your vehicle from inclement weather if you don’t have a cover for the truck or other liquid damage such as a spill from cleaners, gas, or oils. Most, like this Ford Ranger load bed liner from Parts Engine, are made of high-density polyethylene and will come with a limited lifetime warranty. This particular design comes equipped with Floorform to ensure it fits perfectly in any Ford Ranger bed, any time.

6. A truck bed with drawers is something you’ll just never stop wanting to have

A back view of a truck with a bed that has drawers.

Yes, drawers. A truck that has drawers in it. Just when you thought your truck was perfect and had just the right amount of room in it, enter the drawers for your truck. You can have these built into the bed of your truck to maximize storage space without compromising a single square inch of space in the bed of your truck.

These are drawers that you can put anything in and then put anything on top of. This accessory is perfect for the driver that is always wishing they had more room in the truck. It is ideal for campers, construction workers, landscapers, and anybody else that lives or works in their truck for long hours.

Depending on the store you purchase them from, you can get one or two drawers to add as much space as you need. This two-drawer Ford Ranger drawer set is easy on the budget if you are looking for a serious modification to your vehicle that will change how you use it.

7. Keep the bugs and wind out of your face with this Ford Ranger accessory you may not have ever heard of

Car window deflectors are supplemental equipment.

Who doesn’t wish they could keep the elements outside when they are riding around in their truck? Everybody wants that, but with windows down, it doesn’t seem like a fair ask. Window deflectors are guards that you can put on the windows of your Ford Ranger to keep it all out. You can put the window down and enjoy the breeze without getting rained or bugged on too much.

These are great to make driving more enjoyable, and they also allow you to keep the breeze flowing through the interior and outdoors again without too many problems. Window deflectors for your Ford Ranger can be very affordable and installed in just minutes. Not only are they practical, but they are also stunning.

8. Make your Ford Ranger look like the beast that it is on the road with a bull bar

Truck with four wheels and close-up of headlight and bullbar.

The bull bar look is not just for the macho type. If you want your truck to look like something that is a powerhouse to be reckoned with on the back roads, a bull bar is a beautiful way to do this. This is another beautiful thing to add to your truck that makes it look fierce but also has some practical points to it too.

If you ever rear-end someone, the bull bar will help to protect your vehicle from front-end damage, and likewise if someone reverses into you on the road or in a parking lot. Bull bars are gorgeous and can be fitted onto your Ford Ranger very easily. Once you get it put on, you will wonder why you ever waited to make your truck look like this.

At Armodillo USA, Ford Ranger bull bars and other Ford Ranger accessories like step bars and fender flares can help you to make your truck all that you want it to be on a much lower budget than you will had planned.

9. Give your truck the look that you always dreamed of with wheel arch extension kits

Close up shot of trucks tire and Ford Ranger wheel arch kit.

This is one of those Ford Ranger accessories that will also make you think, why didn’t I ever get these before? The wheel arch extension kit takes your Ford Ranger wheels to the next level with beautiful studded arches that will make it easy to find your truck in a lot on any given day. These will fit very easily but also give your truck a little more width.

You’ll need some time practicing on driving with these on your truck so that you can navigate drive-throughs and narrow lanes with ease. A good set will be bolted on so that you don’t have to drill them in. This Ford Ranger wheel arch kit from Paramount Performance comes with the factory holes already set, and fitments included and similar to the wheel arch kits you will see on many other beautiful Ford models that own the roads.

10. Look cool being seen better in bad weather with an LED light bar for your Ford Ranger

Cropped photo of Ford Ranger truck LED lights.

LED lights are cool, right? They’re even cooler on a cool truck. Your Ford Ranger is just aching for that extra touch on the roads that will set it apart from everyone else on the road even more than it already is. These can go on the front end of the truck so that cars can see you coming in the evening.

They will not only help other cars see you but will also light up the road so that you can drive your beast a little safer. Many will shed a spotlight as a beam onto the road so that you can see the road a different way than you can with just your traditional headlights. They will come with a weatherproof housing unit where installation and brackets are out of view.

This Ford Ranger LED Light Bar offers you a premium look for less than many accessories shops will charge you. This is going to up the ante on your night and winter driving.

11. Give your Ford Ranger a facelift with this grille kit that will change its look entirely

Detailed view of the Ford Ranger's front bumper and emblem.

Your Ford Ranger needs a facelift, said nobody, but you will love the instant pickup that your pickup will get with this grille kit. Some grille kits today are coming out with customized looks or words that really give your truck some character on the road. You will love how they protect the heat exchange system on your truck, and they will also help to protect the brakes and fans from debris.

This grill will give your truck both form and function in its extreme style and finish. For one like this grill with the Ford Logo, you’ll need a little bit more lettering and installation. But once it’s on, you will think it is so worth it.

12. Add a damper kit to your tailgate and you’ll never fret about that dreaded thump again

Looking out from a pickup truck's bed, white background, isolated.

This one is for those times when you go to drop the tailgate and worry about it thumping open without being able to soften the drop. It’s a Ford Ranger damper kit. These are easier than ever to install and are becoming one of the fastest growing sales for Ford Ranger accessories.

You can often get them for very little money as well. They make it easy to get into your truck bed, and out of it, without the slam, you will find normally. You typically only need one tailgate damper but you can get this set of two tailgate dampers for a Ford Ranger Tailgate Assist that will help you to prevent injury while also protecting your truck.