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Is it Easy to Install Auto Start in a Toyota Corolla? How is it Done?

Gray Toyota Corolla on Toyota car exhibit.

Installing auto-start on your Toyota branded vehicle can be an easy, affordable, and practical way to save some money in your pocket. Therefore, if you are technically inclined, it should be a breeze and, yes, a little sweat too.

Once you have the time and patience to get the task done, and, of course, the remote start kit, you should have completed the task in approximately three hours. 

It is, however, not recommended for people who lack technical skills or you may end up causing electrical and mechanical issues, costing you more over the short term. In that case, getting a professional to do it is the ideal option for you. 

Here is some in-depth information about remote start prices and installation for those who are technically capable or professional installers.

What Does a Remote Start System Entail?

A remote transmitter, as well as a control module, make up an auto-start system. Using the transmitter, you can start your automobile with the module placed in your car.

It is possible to customize these remotes with a wide range of options. Auto starters made by a few businesses can start your car from a distance of a few miles away.  

How to Install an Auto Start on Your Toyota?

Hand of man handling car smart key.

Installing a remote starter correctly necessitates the completion of numerous stages. The amount of time it takes to install a remote starter depends on the number of steps involved.

Today, I’m going to go through six of the most important responsibilities.

  • Preparing the bench
  • Pulling apart
  • Wiring
  • Flashing
  • Assessment
  • Reassembling 

To help those who aren’t familiar with the process, I’ll go over each of these phases in more detail. This is not a how-to manual for installing an auto starter on your own.

You should always hire a professional to install your autostart items. An overview of what the installer performs and how long it takes to complete the installation is provided in this article.

1. Prepare the workbench for the installation of the remote starter

Close-up view of Toyota Corolla car engine.

To reduce the amount of time spent working beneath the hood, this step is critical. 

Preparation on the bench includes deducing where the system is located, the wires you need, trimming them, and removing those not required. 

The trunk wire from a truck, for example, would be an excellent example of a wire an installation might remove.

2. Pulling Apart/disassembly

You can do any number of things here, from merely removing paneling to removing one of the seats from the car. It all depends on what the type of remote you bought requires. You will disconnect the battery during this stage.

3. Installation of electrical wiring

Remote start kit for Toyota Corolla.

Wiring is by far the most complex and difficult procedure for installation. Because of this, proper bench preparation is very crucial. Mistakes are more likely to occur if the installer isn’t properly prepared before diving beneath the hood. 

Every one of the system’s cables must be connected to the appropriate terminals in the car as part of this process. It also includes attaching all of the optional safety, anti-theft, as well as other accessories.

4. Flashing

Installers have to learn how to use the remote starter when the vehicle is flashing. You will require vehicle-specific firmware for your vehicle with a bypass module because the car has no idea how the hardware works. 

5. Assess

Mechanic assessing the firmware of the vehicle.

Access to this firmware is restricted to retailers affiliated with the remote creator, who have been approved by that company. The firmware is critical since it is used to identify and fix bugs in the system, as well as to add new features to the hardware.

6. Putting Everything Back Together

A reassembled product is exactly what this stage entails. If there are any missing screws, the installer will replace them and make sure the car looks exactly as it did before it was delivered to them.

The Benefits of Having Your System Installed by an Authorized Retailer

Having an experienced trained installer install your system is a no-brainer. There are several reasons for this, so I’ll go over them again.

To find the system that’s right for your car, ask your retailer for assistance. All the kits and parts you need to get your remote start system up and running are readily available to them.

To make certain your system runs at its best, choose a shop that has access to crucial firmware upgrades via a secure portal supplied by the auto-start developer.

Choosing the Toyota Digital Auto Start Option

Owners of Toyota vehicles who wish to use their key fobs to start their vehicles remotely will have to pay a fee to the company. Recently, the function is no longer built into the physical car key but is instead provided via digital services and a subscription-based model.

Toyota Auto Start Costs

Vehicles equipped with Smart Key and factory security system: Typically –  $ 774.00

Vehicles prepared with Smart Key and have no security system: Typically – $ 834.00

In comparison to other brands, Toyota’s Smart Key System allows auto-start to do more than other systems. From the Toyota Corolla to the Highlander, auto-start systems are accessible.

You can control a myriad of things with your autostart including air conditioning, heat, defogger, and more. The remote start key fob has a three-step sequence that you can use to start the engine.

For security reasons, it is compatible with Toyota’s remote start system. Standard Toyota warranty coverage is included with this genuine Toyota component.

What are the Vehicles Compatible With the Toyota Autostart System?

Our service experts will be able to tell you whether or not your car can be outfitted with a remote start. As long as they have the Smart Key System, the following newer models can get the feature:

  • Toyota Highlander
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Camry

Install a car remote starter yourself. It’s a fantastic update that’s both economical and easy to perform yourself with the help of the wiring diagram that comes with the kit.

Installation Of A Remote Starter For A Vehicle

Prestige APSRS3Z 3-Button 2 Remote Start Auto Car Starter and Keyless Entry 1000' Range

These days, remote starters are almost free. At, you can get a remote start with a lot of fun features for around $40.

It is possible to install an auto start yourself and save around $125 if you can read and understand the wiring schematic, utilize a test light before attaching wires, and take the time to create really good splices.

For anti-theft systems, make sure the remote start unit has all the necessary parts. You’ll require additional (and costly) anti-theft bypass modules for several “affordable” brands. 

Always visit the manufacturer’s website to get your hands on a free wiring diagram if you believe this is something you can undertake on your own. Install the remote automobile starter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

When you’re done, you can use your key fob remote to control the unit. Make certain you choose one with great reviews, warranty, and cutting-edge features. LCD transmitter/receiver with a half-mile range is included with your purchase of some auto-start kits.

When the engine is running, the starter sends a signal back to your receiver to let you know. 

Temperature readings from the in-car temperature sensor are also displayed on the screen. You can dispense with the factory remote control when using the deluxe model, which includes a keyless entry remote.