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10 Similar Cars to the Toyota Highlander

This is a silver Toyota Highlander on display at a car dealership showroom.

The Toyota Company has continued to manufacture different car models with updated and helpful modifications that every car buyer wants. People who purchased any Toyota vehicle can attest that they have sufficient cargo space as well as safety features that guarantee the driver and passenger’s maximum protection. The fourth model of the Toyota highlander was made in 2020 which was incorporated with a v6 engine.

Out of the many cars that Toyota has manufactured, the highlander stands to be the best selling so far. The Toyota Highlander has an eight-speed transmission performance that makes it the most outstanding SUV of the time. They are ten vehicles that tend to have the same similarities as the Toyota highlander that you need to check out.

2020 Ford expedition

This is a white 2020 Ford Expedition on display at a car show.

The 2020 Ford expedition is an SUV vehicle that has all the features that we would look for in a new car similar to the highlander.

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Exterior features

The SUV vehicle has underbody protection best for offloading. It also has a cargo space that consists of rails and a storage box. It has 20’ polished wheels that can fit well in harsh climatic conditions.

Interior features

The Ford expedition has a voice active screen touch system meant for navigation; this is one of the best features for it helps you concentrate on the driving as you are directed to your destination.


It has a 3.5-liter turbocharged v6 engine with a horsepower of 375. It has a ten-speed automatic transmission that helps the vehicle charge up to provide power that facilitates almost five tons of towing capacity.


This ford model has a reverse sensing system that allows you to reverse the car without the worry of bumping into something in the back. It has a forward collision warning with pedestrian detection that would be of great assistance when driving across streets. It has auto-high beam headlamps that enable good vision at night and at the daytime when driving on a dusty road.

2020 Honda passport

This is a blue 2020 Honda Passport on display at a car show.

Made by the Honda Company, the 2020 Honda passport is a mid-sized SUV. The Honda passport exists in three trim levels; sport, EX-Touring, and elite. The vehicle has different specs depending on the model year.

Exterior  features

It has all season’s tires that are protected to last for long. It has pone touch power windows that are incorporated with heated mirrors as well. It is a five–sweater vehicle that has a  three-year average warranty, which is however determined by your dealership.

Interior features

The Honda model has the best entertainment feature for use, especially on the highway; speed-sensitive volume control. It also has rear and front cup holders that help make the occupants feel comfortable. It also has a keyless ignition which is a common feature in the modern car models being manufactured today.

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The 2020 Honda sport has a v6 engine with a horsepower of 280hp @ 3000rpm. It also has a nine sport-speed shift-able automatic transmission which makes it similar to the Toyota highlander.


It has a blind spot and lane departure warning that helps to prevent accidents that can be prevented. It has dusk sense headlights almost similar to the Toyota safety system. It also has front and rear active airbags that protect the driver and passenger in case of an accident. It has an emergency braking system as well as rear door child safety locks to ensure maximum protection.

2020 Toyota 4runner

This is a silver 2020 Toyota 4Runner on a mountain road.

This is a midsize SUV of one of the Toyota models with a three years basic warranty. The Toyota 4runner exists in eight trim levels.

Exterior  features

It has a paint protection film that protects the exterior of the vehicle in case of an accident or harsh environmental conditions exposure. It is incorporated with door edge guards that provide maximum protection to the vehicle’s doors.

Interior features

It has different audio systems and has a seven-seating capacity; it is incorporated with a sufficient cargo well.


It has a five-speed automatic transmission that is enabled by the 4.o liter v6 engine with 270 horsepower. It has a fuel capacity of 23.0gal and a fuel efficiency of seventeen miles per gallon.


The Toyota 4runner is incorporated with a Toyota safety sense system with a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection. It also has a dynamic radar cruise control which makes it similar to the Toyota highlander. The Toyota model also has high-performance light beams that facilitate night and daytime vision on dusty roads.

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2018 Volkswagen atlas

This is a yellow 2018 Volkswagen Atlas on a forest road.

Exterior features

The Volkswagen model is a seven-seater that has a three-child seating capacity in the second row. It has the best wheel locks, especially when the vehicle is not on handbrake brake mode. This is for safety, especially when in parking mode. It has a paint protection feature and splash guards to keep the body of the car protected.

Interior features

It has a roadside and first aid assistance kit in case of a medical and alerting emergency. It has front and rear door pockets for personal essentials storage. It has a keyless ignition as well as a rearview camera to give the driver the best vision when reversing the car. It has a leather steering and turns signals on the mirrors when the driver is indicating.


It has a v6 engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission; it has a basic warranty of six years. The Volkswagen model has a fuel capacity of 18.6 gals and a horsepower of 276hp @ 3000rpm. It has a 3.65 l engine base size.


It has three front and rear headrests. It has daytime running headlights which facilitate clear vision on a dusty day or when the road appears foggy. It has a post-collision safety system that alerts the driver for the best protection.

2018 Dodge Durango

This is a gray 2018 Dodge Durango parked at a parking lot.

Exterior features

It has a sufficient cargo capacity with all seats present it has a maximum towing capacity of 6200lbs when the vehicle is braked. It has all season wheelbase of 119 inches which allows the driver to navigate through different conditions.

Interior features

The seats in the second row can be folded and have a full child seat tucked into them. It has a rear DVD entertainment system with a full display. It has a wide armrest with full storage to enable the occupants to put in their personal items.

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It has a v6 engine with an eight-shift-able speed with an automatic transmission. The Dodge Durango has a horsepower of 295 hp @6400 rpm and a gas base engine type. It has a fuel capacity of 24.6gal.


It has three rear headrests that help passengers to travel long distances without much exhaustion. It has front-side well-positioned airbags for the driver’s protection in case of a collision. It has dusk sensing headlamps which make it easier for the driver to acknowledge without switching the headlamps themselves.

It has an anti-theft alarm control system which is favorable especially when the vehicle doors are not well locked. It has an emergency braking system that alerts the driver when approaching a bump or when switching lanes.

2018 Ford explorer

A white 2018 Ford Explorer parked outside a building.

The 2018 Ford explorer has a three-year basic warranty

Exterior features

It has polished aluminum wheels and splash guards to keep the body of the car well protected. It also has a wheel lock kit which helps to maintain the condition of the wheels to ensure proper braking. It also has a dual-panel moon roof.

Interior features

    The vehicle has a smoker kit to ensure that the vehicle is kept neat in case you are in need of smoking. It also has audio and cruise control on the wheels which helps the driver to navigate properly with this automated help. It also has a keyless ignition, which is a common feature that buyers are looking out for in-vehicle dealerships today.


It has a v6 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle has a fuel capacity of 18.6 gal@ 6500rpm.

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Safety features

Daytime running lights to ensure that the driver experiences the best quality vision when going through foggy on dusty roads. It has a post-collision safety system to protect the occupant’s wellbeing. It has a tire pressure monitoring system to ensure that you are alerted in case of low pressure. As a new driver, such features should be what to check out for when purchasing a vehicle.

2018 Chevrolet traverse

This is a red 2018 Chevrolet Traverse on display at a car show.

Exterior features

It has rear and front splash guards; it has wheel locks to ensure that the vehicle’s motion is kept at its best. Just like many other SUVs, it has a cross rail rack attached to it. It has a towing capacity of 5000lbs when the car is braked and 4500 lbs. when the vehicle is unbaked.

Interior features

It has protective seat covers to ensure that your seat’s condition remains the same as when it was bought. It has a universal tablet holder to ensure that you promote safe phone and gadget handling when driving.


The vehicle has a nine-speed automatic transmission that is facilitated by the v6 engine. It has a three-year basic warranty which is determined by your car dealership company. The car has a horsepower of 305 hp@ 6800rpm.


The vehicle has an airbag deactivation detection system; this alerts you to have them fixed before a risk happens. It has turn signal side mirrors that may help to alert an overtaking driver from your side.

2019 Subaru Ascent

This is a gray 2019 Subaru Ascent on display at a car show.

Exterior features

It has a sport utility body type; the towing capacity is determined by the receiver.

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Interior features

It has a cruise control system which is favorable especially for people who do not like cars that need to keep operating the steering wheel. It has automatic headlights that can sense daytime and night. This is always helpful for daytime vision through foggy and dusty roads. It has a vehicle anti-theft system that helps to track a car in case it is stolen.


It has a horsepower of 260hp @5600rpm, it has a fuel tank capacity of 19.3gal. It can operate through automatic or manual transmission, which is determined by what you prefer most. It is also an all-wheel-drive and is most applicable on rough roads.


It has a four-wheel automatic braking system that helps limit speeding, especially on a highway. It has a lane-keeping assist system which can be best favorable for new drivers who find it difficult to keep and change lanes. It also has a lane departure warning system that makes you aware of your direction in case you may have opted for the wrong lane. It has front and rear airbags to keep the occupants protected in case of an emergency.

2018 Nissan pathfinder

This is a black 2018 Nissan Pathfinder on the road.

Exterior features

It is a seven-seater with a three-year basic warranty. It has a five-year rust warranty. It has a four-piece splash guard which keeps the body of your vehicle best protected. The car also has a paint rim protection feature that helps to avoid quick wearing off of your car’s paint.

Interior features

It is the best lighting that every car buyer would look out for when buying a car. It also has four-piece floor mats that help to keep the car warm and neat when cleaning it. It has turned signal mirrors to alert other users of you changing lanes. It has keyless ignition and front and rear seat storage for your personal things.

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The vehicle has a continuous variable speed transmission. It has a fuel capacity of 19.5 gals. It has a horsepower of 284 hp @ 6400 rpm.


It has a remote anti-theft alarm control system which has been upgraded so that it can be operated through another gadget. It has front and rear airbags to ensure that the occupant’s safety is promoted in case of a collision.

It has an emergency brake assist system which also helps to limit the speeding of the vehicle should it be noted. It has turn signal mirrors which help to alert other drivers when switching lanes or slowing down.

2018 Honda pilot

This is a white 2018 Honda Pilot on a seaside road.

Exterior features

It has a sport utility body type, with a three-year basic warranty. It has a wireless cellphone hook-up. Its towing capacity is determined by the receiver. It has all-season tire wheels that have the ability to sustain the preferred tire pressure.

Interior features

It has an adjustable steering wheel with which you can have any installed at your own liking. It also has a leather-wrapped steering wheel that you can find in different colors. It has a remote engine start compared to other vehicles that require a key ignition. It has both driver and passenger vanity mirrors; it also has a rear parking aid to assist the driver when in compromising situations.


It has a v6 cylinder engine with 280 horsepower. It runs along the highway at a standard transmission speed.


The Honda pilot has an emergency braking system that helps to alert the driver when they are speeding; this helps to slow the vehicle down as well. The car has a blind spot detection feature that helps to alert the driver to avoid a collision. It also has a lane-keeping system that helps keep the car in stability.

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This is what you should look out for when purchasing a car.

This is a silver 2020 Toyota Highlander on display at a car show.

Purchasing a car for the first time can be challenging. This is because you have to check out different models, go with your own preference, as well as ensure that you do not break the bank. Below are the key points to assist you when purchasing a vehicle.

New or pre-owned

The decision on whether to get a new or pre-owned vehicle is determined by your budget as well as the models you come across. Depending on the type of car dealership you come across, you may find only pre-owned vehicles available for sale. Always ensure that you do a driving test before making a purchase, regardless of whether the car is new or used.


A vehicle is not just about igniting and starting off the journey, you need to get value for your money by examining all the features. Ensure that the vehicle is braced with modern exterior, interior and safety features. You can also modify the entertainment features to enjoy more laxity from your car.

Purchase terms

It is always important to note that every car manufacturing company has its own dealership agents across the world. This is ensuring that their products and services are well distributed. Always enquire about the vehicle’s warranty to ensure that you are well covered before the period elapses.

Care and maintenance

Ever come across some car brands whose spare parts are not easily accessed? These are some of the brands that you should keep off. Should the company not have a dealership agent in your locality, always ensure that you can get access to those parts which are necessary during car service. Also, ensure that the car servicing agents are certified as the Toyota car dealership service providers are.

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Ensure that you check out and compare different prices of different models. If you do not have enough money to buy a new car, you can go for a pre-owned car. You can also check out some competitors for your suitable car, since they have almost the same features.