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12 SUVs Similar to Land Rover Discovery Sport

The all new Land Rover Discovery Sport 2023 model in dark gray colorway.

With a starting sticker price of $58,875, the Land Rover Discovery S is an affordable mid-size SUV that goes by the nickname of Disco. This is a beautiful SUV, one of my personal favorites, a five or seven-seater with a towing capacity of up to 8,000 pounds. Its top speed is 125 mph and it can reach 60 mph in 6.9 seconds.

Choose between a 296 hp model or 355 hp model and a wide range of options. You’ll love the Intelligent Seat Fold technology that enables heated third-row seating with advanced features such as intelligent entertainment and lighting. Its fuel efficiency offers 19 miles per gallon for city driving and 22 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Disco is a boxy SUV to some and compares well on performance with other vehicles. My personal three faves comparing to the Land Rover Discovery S are Audi’s Q7, Volvo’s XC90, and the BMW X3. Here’s why.

1. Audi’s Q7 has similar horsepower to the Land Rover Discovery S

Front side view angle of the all new Audi Q7 in metallic black colorway.

The Audi Q7 is a luxury vehicle without the price tag, most of the time, depending on the options you are putting on it. This is a hybrid medium-sized SUV with space for a third row to accommodate seven seats. It does have a higher price tag than the Discovery with a starting price of $69,750, and that’s what an import will do. 

You will love the 3.0-liter V6 engine with 335hp that lies in the same range as the Discovery Sport. The V8 model offers 4.0 liters. You can go full luxury with options that will make this car a six-figure sticker price, but you may forget that completely once you start driving it.

It doesn’t always drive like an SUV, with a top speed at 155 mph and 0-62 mph in just 5.9 seconds and a towing capacity up to 7,700 pounds. What I love about the Audi is that it has some serious power, but it doesn’t look like it. You can get on the road and own it in seconds.

2. The Volvo XC90 is faster and more powerful than the Land Rover Discovery S

A photo of volvo xc60 car displayed outside with trees background.

The Volvo XC90 has a higher sticker price than the Land Rover Discovery S with a starting tag at $77,600, but it brings power to the table. This comes from its hybrid capacity and a 2.0 liter supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

The horsepower helps of course as well, clocking in at 400 hp comparing well to the Land Rover’s hp and six cylinder engine. Its fuel economy on electric capacity is 18 miles per charge. Here is a vehicle that is also a little bit bigger than the Discovery, with its extra two seats providing more leg room, without compromising storage or cargo space.

You can’t argue the beauty of the car either, it feels like the luxury that it is. You’ll want this car for the same reason that anyone wants a Volvo, it is as safe as it is fast. The top speed on this model is 143 mph and it can reach from 0-62 mph in 5.8 seconds.

Its towing capacity is 4,000 pounds or up to 5,000 when it is fully equipped. Here is a car that is a beautiful model for you. This car looks like a Volvo station wagon made for the twenty-first century and drives like a turbocharged SUV.

3. The BMW X3 is smaller than the Land Rover Discovery S but a mighty machine

Front view of a brand new BMW X3 in metallic silver colorway displayed at an Auto Show in Germany.

The BMW X3 is an affordable mid-sized SUV and a little bit smaller than the Land Rover Discovery S, with a less expensive price tag. It’s a good starting price at $43 thousand for this brand, and you’ll love its power. This is a small crossover SUV that does not compromise on technology, or its chic but sporty BMW look.

The interior is sweet heaven and will make every trip, whether its to the grocery store or a day-long road trip, a fun ride. One difference between the two is that this BMW model is on the small side when compared to the Land Rover Discovery S. This is a five-seater, but on its own without the comparison, the size works as a lovely mid-size SUV.

Where you lack in the extra two seats you will make up for in cargo space. Performance is nice too with 8.1 seconds from 0-60 mph. The BMW’s towing capacity is 4,400 pounds, and its 284 – 382 hp will keep you happy.

Its size contributes to its fuel economy of 29 miles to the gallon in the city and up to 36 miles for highway driving.

4. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is almost the same car as the Land Rover Discovery S

The badass looking Jeep Wrangler in all black colorway spotted driving by in a snowy area in Canada.

The headline here says it all. The Jeep is a Jeep and the Land Rover is a Land Rover but otherwise, they are very similar, even with the price tag.  The Jeep Wrangler is slightly higher with a starting price of $55,153 for the Rubicon trim.

This vehicle has the Jeep look with a little bit extra and is a very comfortable ride. It is a 3.6-liter V6 engine and 470 hp. Its speed is also comparable getting you from 0-60 in 6.7 seconds.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon stays to the Jeep brand with its five-seat capacity. It can tow up to 5,000 pounds performing exactly as you would expect a Jeep to. All of that power is going to be reflected in the gas mileage.

You’re going to be looking at 13 miles per gallon with city driving and 17 miles to the gallon on the highway. This is pure Jeep, with a little bit extra, and you’ll be feeling its power no matter where you go.

5. The Mercedez Benz GLC rides like the Land Rover Discovery S and costs almost the same

Front side view angle of the Luxurious Mercedez Benz GLC in silver colorway parked outdoors.

The Mercedez Benz GLC is a nice ride that will cost you in the $43,815 range to start, with fully loaded models or specific trims like the AMG-Line getting you near the $100,000 range.

It comes with a 3.0 liter diesel engine and a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds, slightly lower than the Disco. This is a roomy 7-seater vehicle though, although it doesn’t really come off that way from the outside and its horsepower ranges from 255 hp to 385 hp.

Much like the Discovery, its top speed clocks in at 131 mph and it goes from 0-60 mph in just 6.3 seconds. The fuel economy is sweet at 22 miles to the gallon in the city and 29 miles to the gallon on the highway. I love the twenty-first century sleek look to this ride. It does not look like a crossover SUV/wagon situation, but a sleek and modern SUV that you can and will want to take anywhere.

6. The Nissan X-Trail is another car almost just like the Land Rover Discovery S

Front side view angle of a brand new Nissan X-trail in metallic orange colorway in display at the Auto Show in Brussel.

The Nissan X-Trail is almost just like the Land Rover Discovery S in every way. It starts off with a similar price tag at $45,178 and is a seven-seater vehicle. This is another car where the back two seats are best reserved for your smallest humans, but you will also like how those seats fold out to offer more cargo space when the passenger load is light.

Its power is a four cylinder and 2.5 liter engine with a horsepower of 169 hp. The fuel economy is amazing, and is said to be as good as 26.3 miles to the gallon in the city and 30.1 miles to the gallon on the highway. This mid-sized SUV also has similar towing capacity as the Discovery with a 4,400 pound towing capacity with trailer brakes and 2,000 pound towing capacity without them.

7. The Porsche Cayenne outperforms the Land Rover Discovery S in every way

Porsche Cayenne, portrait shot.

It’s a Porsche, you’re going to get what you pay for, and that includes the price tag that comes with it. This mid-sized SUV is going to come in at over $20 thousand dollars above the Land Rover Discovery S, and it’s not just in the name. The Porsche Cayenne is a sweet ride as an e-hybrid model that starts with 25 miles per charge.

It’s a seven seater vehicle with a massive towing capacity of 7,700 pounds. The speed maxes out at 186 mph and goes from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds, half the time of the Discovery.

The range in horsepower is impressive here, clocking in from 335 hp to 670 hp depending on the model. You’ll be surprised by the performance of this car. From the outside, it doesn’t look like it packs that punch, but the Porsche logo will have you begging to take a peek.

8. The Subaru Outback runs like the Discovery and falls in the middle range for affordability

A photo of brand new subaru outback in auto show.

The Subaru Outback is a popular mid-sized SUV that performs well, although its towing capacity is slightly below the Discovery’s. It is a 2.5 liter four cylinder fuel-injected engine with a horsepower range of 182 hp to 260 hp. Its speed can go from 0-60 in 8.7 seconds, which may not be ideal for some, but it will still sing like a charm. 

The starting price of the Subaru Outback is among the most affordable in a lineup of Porsche’s and Beamers, falling in the middle range at $27,125. It is a five-seater and is always going to be a five seater. If you need a seven seater you’ll want to look at a different car. Still, this is one of the most popular SUVs on the market for many reasons. It gives you a lot of power and it is beautiful on both the inside and out.

9. The Suzuki Jimny is more affordable than the Land Rover Discovery

The original Japan made Suzuki Jimny in yellow green colorway spotted parking at the park.

The Suzuki Jimny is a sporty and boxy little SUV that almost looks like a Jeep, and prices well under the Jeep and the Discovery as well. With a starting price of $25,165 the Jimny is an appealing option in many markets although it is hard to find new in some regions. This five-seater offers off road capability that you will just adore, but its performance is on the lower end.

The gas mileage here is 35.8 miles to the gallon in the city which is impressive, but the horsepower is much weaker than the Discovery at 80 hp. The speed matches that with a top speed at 90 mph and it takes 13 seconds to go from 0-62 mph. Its towing capacity without trailer brakes is 1,653 pounds and with trailer brakes is 3,000 pounds.

10. The Dacia Duster performs lower than the Discovery

Zoom out side view angle of a brand new Dacia Duster in brown orange colorway spotted parking near the bay.

The Dacia Duster is another on the list that is well below the sticker price of the Discovery, but it makes for a very affordable mid-size SUV. Its sticker price begins at $14,198 which leaves a lot of room for spending on options if you have a higher budget. You will love the space you get for the money too in this five seater SUV.

Towing capacity is very similar to the Jimny and ranges from 1,653 pounds to 3,000 pounds. It has a top speed close to 111 mph and it takes 9.1 seconds to go from 0-62 mph. The fuel efficiency is nice with an expected 44.1 mph in the city. This is a beautiful drive and it’s a sweet looking ride as well in a range of colors you will enjoy.

11. The Toyota Land Cruiser’s performance might beat the Land Rover Discovery

The bad and bold Toyota Lannd Cruiser standing in the middle of desert in Nambia.

If you are comparing cars with the Discovery, the Toyota Land Cruiser segment of the conversation may strike up a debate. This car may outperform the Discovery, but there are brand name loyalists out there as well. This is a 2.8 liter diesel engine with decent fuel economy at 13 mpg in the city and 17 on the highway. The towing capacity is going to make up for it here at 8100 pounds.

The sticker price here is going to start over $40,185 with even the base models being fully loaded with technology. You’ll enjoy 381 hoursepow3er and a speed that goes from 0-62 in 9.9 seconds. That’s a little slower than the Discovery, while still falling in the comparable range. If you want your SUV to look and perform like a beast, this car is worth considering. Its boxy style sets it apart from almost every other model on the list.

12. The Fiat Panda is easier on the wallet than the Land Rover Discovery S

Brand new Fiat Panda in white colorway in display at Belgrade international car and motor show.

The Fiat Panda is easier on the wallet than the Land Rover Discovery S, by a lot. This car offers a starting price of $16,423 with a fuel injected engine that has a better fuel economy than the Panda at 31 miles to the gallon in the city. The towing capacity in this five-seater is 2,000 pounds a little lighter than the Discovery.

It goes from 0-62 mph in 12.7 seconds. The horsepower on the Panda Fiat is on the lower end as well, ranging from 69 hp to 75 hp but you’ll love how cute it looks. If you like a boxy look to your SUVs, this is going to make up for some of its performance features. The Fiat looks like the import that it is and runs like one, but you will adore it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the Land Rover Discovery S

Q: What kind of cargo space does the Land Rover Discovery S have?

A: The cargo space in the Land Rover Discovery is generous with 80.3 cubic feet in the first row, 45.0 cubic feet in the second row, and 11.5 cubic feet in the third row. It also offers legroom that is very nice, with 40.9 inches in the first row, 37.0 inches in the second row, and 31.9 inches in the third row.

Q: Is there good technology inside the Land Rover Discovery?

A: You don’t want to buy a car that is going to disappoint you on the road, and the Land Rover Discovery S has what you need. This car offers a standard wireless charging station with Meridian sound.

You’ll enjoy Infotainment in the dash from an 11.4 inch touchscreen control. You can also select from a 12.3 inch digital display at no cost. A color and head-up display could add an additional $1,000 to the sticker price.

Q: Is there a difference between the 2023 model and the 2022 model of the Land Rover Discovery?

A: There are some differences between the two model years. The standard features now in the 2023 model include cruise control, heated seats, wireless charging, and climate control with the Meridian sound. You may find the price high for its class, but give both models a test drive if you can to see the differences for yourself.