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Toyota 4Runner vs Sequoia

Collage photo of toyota 4runner and toyota sequoia.

For a variety of reasons, full-size SUVs are enticing. In terms of strength and space, the Toyota 4Runner, as well as the Toyota Sequoia, are two models to consider. They both have many top-notch features on offer.

Both the 2022 Toyota Sequoia and 2022 Toyota 4Runner are well-known SUVs with a track record of dependable performance and dependability. However, what distinguishes the Toyota Sequoia from the 4Runner? How big a family do you have? Let’s take a ride in both and note the differences between the Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia.

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner 

A silver shiny toyota 4runner on forest at morning.

In 2022, the Toyota Tacoma‘s TRD Sport model will be offered on the 4Runner, which previously had only been available on the Tacoma. No, it doesn’t look sporty because of the TRD Sport Sport emblem, 20-inch wheels, and hood scoop. 

The adjustable dampers on this model are a standout feature that enhances handling over the rest of the 4Runner family (excluding its luxurious Limited trim. Rather than cotton, faux-leather upholstery makes up the TRD Sport’s interior.

The 2022 4Runners include LED lights as standard equipment. All 4Runners come standard with a five-speed automatic transmission, and the V-6 engine produces 270 horsepower when paired with the gearbox. The only way to achieve good acceleration from the antiquated engine is with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

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The 2022 Toyota Sequoia 

A white sequoia car on the grass.

A large third row and various standard active safety measures keep the venerable Toyota Sequoia relevant for 2022, but only just. Despite this, it’s difficult to look past the interior’s heavy reliance on shoddy materials and an antiquated infotainment system.

Although the Sequoia has an independent rear suspension, it nevertheless is a bit skittish and squeaky within the cabin when driving over rough terrain. When the 381 horsepower V-8 is coupled with a 6-speed automatic and RWD or 4WD, the car’s nimbleness and 7000-pound towing capability are countered by mediocre fuel economy.

Fans of Toyota’s famed TRD models will like the 2022 Sequoia’s off-road ability, but that’s about it for the model, which is due for a refresh shortly.

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2022 Toyota Sequoia vs. 2022 Toyota 4Runner

With a starting price of $50,500, the most recent model of the Toyota Sequoia is the most senior in terms of price. However, the base price of a Toyota 4Runner comes in at just $37,305.


SIde view of 4runner toyota in the middle of desert.

The Platinum trim level of the Sequoia costs $66,550, making it the most expensive model in the lineup. The starting MSRP for the similarly expensive TRD Pro variant is $64,625. The 4Runner features a TRD Pro model that costs $52,120, which is just a bit more than Sequoia’s base price.


Both SUVs come standard with state-of-the-art audio and video systems. The big touchscreen stereo display provides stunning images. You may also connect your smartphone to your stereo and play music from it.

Fuel Efficiency

A woman driving a black toyota sequoia on the street.

Despite the 4Runner’s advantage in terms of fuel usage, both of these SUVs would still be considered “gas-guzzlers” by many, and neither offers a hybrid model. 16 mpg city, 19 mpg highway for the 4Runner. Between 13 and 17 mpg, the Sequoia can be had. For those concerned about rising gas prices, neither option is ideal. 

Off-Road Capabilities 

With its high ground clearance and superior suspension in off-road conditions, the 4Runner is a more comfortable vehicle to drive over rocks and other obstacles. In general, the Sequoia’s better handling and more responsive steering make it a better highway and city SUV, while the 4Runner is better equipped for roughing it in the great outdoors.

Towing Capacity

A silver toyota 4runner parked directed to the sunlight.

Additionally, the ability to tow is critical to the success of these SUVs. Towing capacity for the Sequoia is significantly higher at 7,400 lbs. At 5,000 pounds, the 4Runner is still good, but it falls short in the end.

Dimensions and Design of the Exterior & Interior

Next, we’ll take a look at how to style our content. The Sequoia has a greater starting size than the 4Runner, which isn’t to say that the 4Runner is a small SUV. The Sequoia has a 122-inch wheelbase, but the 4Runner’s is only 109.8 inches.

Both the front-end design and overall height of the Sequoia have been increased by 5 centimeters.

The 4Runner’s robustness makes up for its lack of size. The 4Runner seems more like a natural off-road vehicle, even though both vehicles are touted as capable of doing so. You can go even further and call the 4Runner “Captain of the Off-Road” by Toyota.

Even if the Sequoia is also called the “Major of the off-road,” it’s obvious which one is more suited to rough terrain.

There is a noticeable lack of innovation in the interiors of both models, which indicates Toyota’s inability to keep up with the times. The interiors of the Sequoia and 4Runner are out of date and disappointing, not because of what they do have, but because of what they don’t.


A photo of black car on a winter climate road filled with snow.

The Sequoia’s V8 engine has a displacement of 5.7 liters and a peak power output of 381 horsepower. RWD or 4WD are available, as is a 6-speed automatic transmission. In the 4Runner, a 4.0-liter V6 engine with up to 270 horsepower is available with either a front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive transmission (part- and full-time).

The Sequoia’s 6.4-second 0-60 mph time is a result of the Sequoia’s larger engine, which creates a difference in acceleration and on-road performance. The 4Runner, on the other hand, is a lot less exciting, completing the same speed gap in 7.6 seconds and being a lot more sluggish in its reflexes on the highway.

Comfort, Seating & Storage

In terms of functionality and practicality, it’s clear that both of these vehicles are excellent choices. With the seats up, the Toyota 4Runner has 47.3 cubic feet of cargo space, and with the flat-folding seats down, it has 89.7 cubic feet. 

Sequoia’s third row means it doesn’t have as much cargo space when the seats are all occupied, but we’ll get to that in a minute. The Sequoia has only 18.9 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats up, but 120.1 cubic feet of cargo space when all the seats are folded down.

The Sequoia’s third row of seats is a distinct advantage over the 4Runner’s optional third row of seats. Adults can sit comfortably in the third row of the Sequoia for extended journeys. Even if it’s installed, the third row of the 4Runner isn’t much use for anything but little children or infants on short journeys.

Features and Technology

A view of interiors' car steering wheel, touch screen and other technologies.

Both the Sequoia and the 4Runner are lacking in cutting-edge features. The 4Runner’s 8-inch touchscreen is the largest of the two standard touchscreens. Even though these SUVs have a large cockpit, both still rely largely on tactile buttons and rotary knobs, which the lovers of these vehicles like.

These vehicles are equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as JBL sound systems.

Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) and multi-terrain select drive modes help with the 4Runner’s tougher off-road features. Adaptive suspension and an automatic limited-slip differential are standard equipment on the Sequoia.


This features pre-collision systems with pedestrian recognition and dynamic radar cruise control as well as lane-departure warning and automatic high-beam systems for all models.

The Bottom Line

A full-size SUV like the Sequoia is Toyota’s most popular model, while the 4Runner is the company’s smallest. The Sequoia has a larger engine and third-row seating, whereas the 4Runner offers a smaller third row. While both SUVs tout their off-road prowess, the 4Runner’s proportions make it a better fit for a 44.

A more compact and lighter SUV that has greater off-road driving capabilities is the 4Runner. The more rugged, the better, as is customary with me. As a result, I’m sold on the 2022 4Runner.