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What Does the Toyota App Connected Services Worth Getting and Setting Up?

A man drives a car equipped with a connected services app on a busy highway at night.

I’ve long been a Toyota fan, and my latest vehicle is a 2020 Toyota Highlander. I was really excited to try out some new features, including the Connected Services app from the company. 

Toyota only launched this app in the Summer of 2019, and the model I have was among the first to be able to use this one.

I have enjoyed testing out all the services on it, and even though some of them I don’t use often or have no use at all for a few of them, I can appreciate the broad range of these offerings. 

Your vehicle shouldn’t be automatically equipped with the Toyota Connected Services app when you purchase it new. You can select this after you buy your automobile, and then you’ll have to set it up yourself.

I think it’s worthwhile for most people to install this app in their car or truck because the value of it is multiplied many times over. Read on to learn about the benefits of having this app. 

Why Is the Toyota Connected Services App a Great Idea to Have in Your Vehicle? 

A man's hand grips the steering wheel of a car.

One of the major benefits of using the Connected Services app is that you can keep track of your vehicle’s health information, see when it’s due to get maintenance services, and you can set up a preferred dealer location.

You’ll also be able to manage the alerts that are sent to your phone. You can use this app along with Remote Connect services.

Remote Connect is great since this allows you to control several functions for your vehicle no matter where you are at the time. You can see details about where you last parked, and you can lock your car from your phone.

Startup your vehicle and set the temperature right from your phone, as well. I’ve really liked this particular feature when it’s been a super hot and humid day. 

With the Entune 3.0 app suite, you can access entertainment and media all in a centralized hub that’s located on the infotainment system of your touchscreen.

This lets you program AM/FM channels that you like and gives you access to SiriusXM Radio.

With SiriusXM, you have more than 120 channels featuring sports, talk shows, music, and much more so that you and your passengers can have plenty of entertainment on those long drives. 

It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone or an Android phone, you can use Entune 3.0 for Bluetooth purposes. This includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

When you have Bluetooth, the mobile interface will come up on your infotainment system. Gain fast access to your messages, audiobooks, and other media with this amazing service.

It’s also a great way in which to use your GPS and maps with ease through your mobile device. You can use Google Assistant or Siri to give voice prompts, which makes for a safer driving experience. 

The Safety Connect feature makes it simple to talk to an agent at a 24/7 live response center.

It even sends an automatic collision notification from your vehicle that prompts a call to a live center agent, who then contacts the local emergency services you need. Safety Connect is something you’d use for reporting vehicle theft and calling to get emergency roadside assistance. 

How Easy Is it to Set Up the Connected Services App?

Front seat area of a car with a car services app connected.

It’s incredibly easy to install the Toyota Connected Services app for your Toyota vehicle. It only takes a few steps, and then you’re in! I wish I’d known how easy this was to have all of these features right at my fingertips.

It took me a few months for me to decide that I wanted this for my Highlander. I am not a fan of getting all the latest tech, but I have to say that it has pleasantly surprised me how easy to use and beneficial this has been for me. 

You will need to make sure that your automobile meets the requirements for this app before you attempt to connect the system to it.

Once you’ve determined you have met the requirements, you need to set up a profile with the details of your vehicle. This is a crucial step that you can’t skip.

Be sure to look over the terms of use and privacy notice so that there aren’t any big surprises later on as to how this app works. 

All in all, I am incredibly glad that I chose to use the Toyota Connected Services app. I may not always want the latest and greatest apps, but I’ve come to appreciate what it has to offer.

I’ll continue to play around with the settings and different features that are available, along with whatever else rolls out in the near future. There’s never been a more exciting time to own a Toyota car or truck.