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8 Toyota Tundra Wheel Sizes

Gray pick up car on rough bumpy road with heavy loads.

Truck tires can be very expensive and highly useful for a variety of driving conditions. How you use your truck makes a big difference in which tires are best for your pickup.

A dedicated off-roading enthusiast will benefit the most from running tires that are devoted to getting great traction while off-roading.

But what if you mostly drive your pickup on the highway or use it to haul trailers loaded with work gear to your worksite? Or maybe you live in an especially snowy locale where the weather greatly affects where you can drive?

Just like having the right tools for the job, your tundra needs the right tires for the task at hand. The following could help to make that happen.

1. All-Terrain Tires

White Toyota Tundra car on muddy area.

The best tires for going virtually anywhere do not have to break the bank. They can give you reasonably good traction in soft soil or mud.

They can help you to get over mountain passes and cross shallow streams. When you want an affordable tire that will take you nearly anywhere, the following are well worth your consideration.

a. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

GOODYEAR Wrangler DuraTrac - LT275/70R18 125R E OWL

One of the most heralded names in truck tires produces one of the best all-terrain tires on the market with the Wrangler DuraTrac.

Wrangler is a familiar tire that has been in production for many years. The all-terrain Wrangler DuraTrac benefits from decades of improvement with a tire that works very well in virtually all driving conditions.

The long-lasting fire uses Godyear’s TractiveGroove Technology to improve traction in the snow or mud.

It is quiet on the highway and has self-cleaning shoulder blocks that throw out the dirt, snow, and debris that typically collect in the truck tire tread.

A rim protector feature helps to keep your wheels in good shape and avoid damage.

b. General Tire Grabber A/TX

General Grabber X3 All-Terrain Radial Tire - LT265/70R17/10 118Q

The Grabber A/TX by General Tire is an outstanding option. The black wall tires have an aggressive tread that works well while off-roading. It also works well in severe snow conditions.

And they just plain look great. You can get good tread life by paying close attention to the air pressure and keeping them inflated to the levels recommended by Toyota for the best traction.

The Grabber A/TX tires have a special absorption layer that helps to smooth out the ride. And a specially designed acoustic tread pattern helps to keep the tires quiet while driving on paved roads. You get the

2. All-Season Tires

Black Toyota Tundra on mountain hill  with heavy loads.

All-season tires are intended to deliver excellent performance throughout the year. They are especially useful for daily travels and towing loads to your intended destinations.

You could count on them for light off-roading duties and expect them to last longer than traditional all-terrain truck tires. Here is a couple of the best available.

a. Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT All-Season LT265/70R17 121/118S Tire

The Discoverer AT3 4S offers excellent tread wear while proving to be highly versatile. It works equally well on two-tracks as it does four-lane freeways while hauling heavy loads.

The tread is designed to keep the shoulders clear of debris while the middle section creates a wide and highly useful contact patch with the roadway.

The tire works equally well on wet or snowy roads and can handle trails and rough roads with ease. They work best on dry road surfaces where the tread is rated for up to 65,000 miles of travel.

Its heat-resisting design helps to lessen wear and tear and lengthen service life. And the tires help you to get the best handling from your pickup.

b. Continental Extremecontact DWS-06

CONTINENTAL 225/40ZR18 92Y XL FR ExtremeContact DWS06 PLUS

Continental’s Extremecontact DWS-06 Plus tires are ideal for your Tundra if you mostly spend time on the road and only do light off-roading.

If you are a fisherman who drives to the local fishing hole with a canoe or kayak in the bed, Extremecontact is a great tire for ensuring you get good handling, traction, and performance.

The Extremecontact is designed for ultra-high performance throughout four seasons of travel. It does a great job of channeling water away from the tread while maintaining a good contact patch with the road.

If you need to travel down a two-track trail, the Continental tires will hold up well while driving over sharp rocks and other trail debris.

3. Highway Terrain Tires

Green Toyota Tundra parkin on the bricks floor open area.

Highway travel with your pickup requires tires that can handle heavy loads driven over long distances at relatively high rates of speed.

The heavier the load, the longer the driver, and the faster the speed adds up to heat buildup in the tire tread. The best tire will help you to haul heavier loads over longer distances.

a. BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport

BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport All-Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95V, Black Sidewall (02941)

BFGoodrich uses an advanced all-weather compound to create the Advantage T/A Sport tire for your pickup truck. The tire provides you with excellent service life while also serving well on snow or rainy road surfaces.

The Advantage T/A Sport handles snowy conditions better than most of its competitors with a locking 3-D active-sipe technology.

The sipe technology helps the tire to bite through snow and slush and toss it aside while maintaining good traction.

When the rainfall makes driving potentially hazardous, the sipe technology helps to push the water out of the way and keep the contact patch firmly planted on the roadway.

The tire uses a silica-infused compound that improves grip for better traction and handling throughout the year. It also has superior resistance to hydroplaning on wet roads.

b. Michelin Defender LTX

MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All Season Radial Car Tire for Light Trucks, SUVs and Crossovers, 275/55R20 113T

The Defender LTX handles all four seasons of highway travel with equal aplomb. Michelin’s special EverTread compound is made from an advanced design that improves traction and enhances fuel economy.

They also hold up well on gravel roads. While they are not intended for off-roading, they still hold up well enough under light off-roading conditions.

The tires are a bit costlier than those offered by most competing brands. But with increased fuel efficiency combined with a long tire life, they truly could pay for themselves over time.

4. Snow Tires

White Toyota Tundra car is driving down on the patchy ice roadway.

If you live in an especially cold and snowy region of the United States, you know how important it is to have tires that can handle the snow.

Getting stuck or suffering a flat tire could be a truly dangerous situation if the outdoor temperatures are well below freezing. And in many areas of the country, that is exactly what you get during the winter months.

a. Firestone Winterforce 2

Firestone Winterforce 2 Studdable Winter/Snow Tire 225/65R16 100 S

The Winterforce 2 by Firestone is specially designed to provide exceptional traction and control on wintry roads.

The shoulders have deep and wide siping that throws snow and slush out of the treads to enable your truck to get great traction.

A special compound helps to make the Winterforce 2 a terrific snow tire that helps light trucks and bigger pickups to get through deep snow while plowing driveways and parking lots.

The Firestone uses a special tread design on the Winterforce 2 that gives you full-depth features that dig into the snow and maintain a great contact patch.

The tread allows for size 11 studs that make the traction even better on all four wheels. And the tire earns a 3-peak mountain snow designation, so you know it can go in deep and come out on the other side of whatever you are traversing.

b. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Winter/Snow SUV Tire 225/65R17 102 S

Instead of taking chances on tires that do not perform well in the snow, you could mount the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tires on your pickup.

Bridgestone designed the Blizzak to provide your truck with exceptional traction in the worst of driving conditions.

The tiremaker includes its proprietary NanoPro technology that works at the molecular level to create the ideal truck tire for your Tundra.  

The Blizzak digs into the snow and flings it to the side while maintaining the best possible contact patch with the pavement.

The special tread design pushes snow to the side and digs through what remains to give you the best traction during less-than-ideal driving conditions.

Unless you are on slick ice, a Tundra 4×4 with Blizzak tires should give you good traction. That will help you with snow removal or just plain getting out of the snow.

Budget and Driving Conditions Determine Your Ideal Truck Tire

With so many great options for virtually all driving conditions, you can choose the perfect tire for your pickup truck. Your usual driving conditions and budget will help you to hone in on the best tire for your travels.

With so many great options, it should be easy to narrow them to fit your budget and driving needs.