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21 Different Types of Car Seat Accessories – Keep Your Child Entertained and Safe

Kids inside the car buckled with seatbelt.

I love my kids but traveling in the car with them when they were younger was not always the most pleasant experience. However, I found over the years that the better I was prepared for the trip, the more smoothly it went.

Fortunately, there are many accessories from which you can choose that will help keep your child either entertained or safe while you are on the road. Trust me, these car sear accessories will help keep your children happy and you sane. 

We have contained a complete guide on car seat accessories to keep your children occupied. Consider these items before you hit the road for your next trip. 

Car Seat Accessories

1. Baby Wipes

WaterWipes Biodegradable Original Baby Wipes, 99.9% Water Based Wipes, Unscented & Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin, 60 Count (Pack of 12) - Packaging May Vary

When you have a child, baby wipes are an essential item. It does not matter where you are going, how far, or what you are doing; you want to have baby wipes with you. When looking for baby wipes, you want to look for a water based option because they do not contain chemicals.

Chemicals can be irritating and harmful to your child’s skin. You can also use wipes to clean your car’s interior, including the doors, without ruining the material. You can clean your clothes and hands with baby wipes also. 

2. Back Seat Protector

Enovoe Back Seat Protector for Kids - 2 Pack - Premium Quality Car Kick Mats - Best Waterproof Protection for Upholstery from Dirt, Mud, Scratches - Extra Large Car Seat Protector Back of Driver Seat

Your kids may have a ton of energy, which can be hard to contain in the back seat of a car. It is especially hard to contain after you have been traveling for several hours. You probably notice your cold kicking the back of the seat in from of them.

They may be intentionally trying to kick the seat, or they may be flopping their legs. Either way, the back of your car seats become covered in dirt. A back seat protector can protect your seat from your little one’s shoes. In addition, these protectors are machine washable making them easy to clean. 

3. Car Trash Bin

HOTOR Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, 100% Leak-Proof Car Organizer, Waterproof Car Garbage Can, Multipurpose Trash Bin for Car - Black

When you have kids, it is difficult to keep your car clean. When you travel with your kids, your car can get really dirty and gross. I know when I travel, I can never find a trash can when I need one. I also remember all of the times I had to repurpose a food box or container into a trash can. 

One of the best ways to fix this problem is to have a trash bin in your car. A car trash bin in the car encourages your children to put their trash in the bin instead of on the floor. A trash bin also makes it easier to clean your car once you are home from the trip. 

4. Footmuffs

KZ Dotnz Universal Footmuff for Stroller with Adjustable Side Central and Botton zips, Stroller Baby Swaddle with Soft Hood, Waterproof Warm Outdoor Walking Baby Bunting Bag/Stroller Accessories

A footmuff is perfect for cold days. They provide the best coverage to keep your infant and baby warm. They often have linings to keep your child even warmer.

You can find footmuffs that grow with your child because it has an adjustable hood with an extension that zips out. Some have a bad that can be removed, which makes it safe to use in a car seat. They typically have a design that is similar to a cocoon. 

5. Infant Car Seat Protector

Munchkin Brica Elite Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector and Cover for Baby/Child, Dark Grey

An infant car seat protector can protect the inside of your car from the car seat. These seat protectors are waterproof and sturdy to protect the car seat no matter what is thrown at it. They can be used with boosters and car seats.

Many seat protectors have storage pockets to keep your child’s items safe. Some seat covers are for specific car brands. There are other seat protectors that are generic and can be used with all car seats. 

6. Middle Seat Organizer

Car Organizer, Car Storage Organizer with Detachable Divider, Car Seat Organizr for Kids With Multi-Pockets &Handles, Small Car Organizer for Car Front Seat, Backseat, Passenger Seats, Car Middle Seat

A middle seat organizer is perfect when you want kids to have access to all of their snacks, water, and toys. A middle seat organizer has a lot of compartments to hold all of the things your child needs. They are easy to clean and a great way to keep all items organized. 

7. Mirror 

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror, Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear Facing Infant with Wide Crystal Clear View, Shatterproof, Fully Assembled, Crash Tested and Certified

When your child is in a rear-facing car seat, it makes it challenging to see your child. When you cannot see your child, you have no idea what they are doing. A mirror helps you see your child.

This also allows you and your child to stay connected because you can see each other. These mirrors are easy to install. They are safe and will not fall on your child. 

8. Potty Seats

Portable Potty for Toddler Travel Seat Foldable Car Potty Training Toilet with Travel and Storage Bag Kids for 24M- 3 Years(Blue)

As an adult, it is hard to travel for a long time without having an opportunity to use the bathroom. It is even harder for a child, especially a child that is just learning potty training.

There are a number of potty seat options available that you can keep in your car. This helps relieve the stress that your child may feel when having to go to the bathroom when they have to go. 

One of these options is a disposable urinal. This type of item contains a gel that is spillproof. It absorbs the liquid so that there is nothing that can spill.

Another option is a portable potty seat. These seats come with disposable bags that fold over the seat securely to prevent it from spilling. This type of potty is easier to use than a disposable urinal. 

Another option is a paper potty. These potties are created from cardboard that is 100 percent compostable. It is great for a trip. There is no mess or problems. 

9. Seat Belt Covers

COOLBEBE Car Seat Straps Shoulder Pads for Baby Kids, Super Soft Seat Belt Covers for All Car Seats/Pushchair/Stroller

Seat belts are often rough against the skin of a baby. Seat belt covers are made from a plush fabric to protect the child from the seat belt. These covers feel comfortable against the skin. They are similar to a blanket. This keeps your baby safe and comfortable during the longest road trips. 

10. Seat Belt Lock

Eztotz BuckleShield - Seat Belt Lock Cover - Prevents Kids from Unbuckling Seat Belt Buckle & Booster Seat - Premium Heavy Duty ABS Plastic & Universal Fit - Childproof Seatbelt Lock Car Accessories

While the seat belt of a car seat is supposed to keep your child contained in the seat the entire time your child is in the seat. However, there are some children that manage to find a way to get out of the safety harness of a car seat.

Seat belt locks are an ideal way to keep your active child safe. There are a few options available for you. One of them is a plastic lock and clip that requires a key to unlock it and let the child out of the harness. 

Another option is a wireless safety system. This system alerts drivers when the seatbelt has been undone. When a child unbuckles, the device makes a sound and flashes red. A child may drop something and want to unbuckle themselves to get the item.

11. Seat Organizer

JUSTTOP Black Car Backseat Organizer with Touch Screen Tablet Holder, 9 Storage Pockets Kick Mats Car Seat Back Protectors for Kids Toddlers, Car Travel Accessories, 2 pack

A seat organizer is a great place to store comfort items and toys. The organizer fits over the backseat of the car to help keep the back of your car neat and organized. This is a great way to keep your car organized while giving your child access to the items they want.

12. Sick Bags

Vomit Bags Emesis Bags Disposable - 16 PCS Barf Bag for Car, Puke Bags with Motion Sickness Bands, 1000ml Throw Up Bag Nausea Bags for Pregnant Women, Kids, Taxis Drivers, Aircraft

You just never can tell when someone is going to get sick while traveling in the car. Some people always get motion sickness, while it can suddenly surprise others.

You never have to worry about your child getting sick in the car unexpectedly again. With sick bags, you are always ready. These are affordable and can save you a significant amount of time cleaning up vomit. 

13. Tablet 

Tablet for kids with purple casing.

Source: Bestbuy

There are a large number of benefits to giving your child a tablet while on the road. You can upload games and movies on the tablet to give your child hours of entertainment. You can control what your child is accessing by only putting what you want your child to see. 

14. Tablet Mount

Car Tablet Holder/Car Headrest Holder, Suitable for Back Seat Children, 360° Rotating Adjustable Universal Tablet Holder, Compatible with 7-10.5 inch Tablet PC/iPad/iPad Mini/Nintendo Switch

If you have more than one child, they may fight over the tablets. One of the best ways to stop this from happening is to use a tablet mount. These mounts often have two positions for viewing. It is best to find a universal tablet mount. This creates a more comfortable viewing experience for your child. 

In addition, a tablet mount can prevent your child from holding and dropping the tablet. If you have ever driven a car while your child screamed over something that was dropped, you know you do not want to do it again. 

15. Tissue Box Holder

Wooden Tissue Box Holder Cover,Rectangular Paper Holder Boxes,Removable Facial Tissue Box Holder for Bathroom Vanity,Countertop,Bedroom Dresser,Night Stand,Desk

It would help if you often had tissue on hand to clean up spills and wipe your child’s hands and face. Unfortunately, tissues tend to be lightweight and move around the car easily.

As a result, you can easily lose them anywhere in your vehicle. The best way to secure them is to anchor them to the visor. In addition, this makes it easy for you to grab tissues within your reach anytime you need them. 

16. Travel Blanket

Roamwild Kids Travel Pillow and Travel Blanket Set - 'Tux' Armrest Buddy Transforms Any Armrest Into a Comfy Childs Pillow

It is easy for your child to fall asleep in the car while you are driving. There is something about the movement of the car to lull your child to sleep. However, when your child falls asleep, their body temperature drops. This is when a travel blanket comes in handy. They are lightweight but warm blankets. 

Many travel blankets can be folded and placed in a carrying bag when you are not using them. Some of these bags can be attached to luggage if you are traveling by plane. Some travel blankets come with a pillow. These blankets are often water resistant and are machine washable.

17. Travel Bottle Warmer

Papablic Mini Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

A travel bottle warmer does not require electricity and makes it simple and easy to warm up a bottle of milk. This bottle warmer will warm your bottle up to the ideal temperature because it uses vacuum insulation.

It is compact and does not take up much room, and easily fits into many baby bags. Many of these travel bottle warmers come with an insulated carry bag. 

18. Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Kids Chin Supporting Travel Pillow for 3-7 Y/O -Stops The Head from Falling Forward– Comfortable Road Trip Essential. Soft, Washable, Small Size, Gray

A travel pillow is an item you have to have on any road trip. Do not be surprised when everyone in your car fights over these pillows. They are perfect for anyone that wants to take a nap in the vehicle during any road trip.

Travel pillows support your child’s head and neck, allowing your child to sleep comfortably without waking up with a sore neck. These pillows attach to the seat belt of a car seat with a hook and loop system. These pillows are machine washable. 

19. Travel Tray

Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray with Dry Erase Board, Road Trip Essentials Kids, No-Drop Tablet Holder, Lap Desk, Cup Holder, Toddler Toy Storage, Fits Airplane and Booster Seat (Black)

A travel tray is a great and colorful way to put an activity center in the back seat of your car. This can potentially entertain your child for hours while in the back seat. In addition, you can drive for miles without having to worry about your child being upset. 

20. Water Bottle

Insulated Water Bottle 20oz Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottles with Straw/Chug/Carabiner 3 Lids Fruit Strainer Vivid Printing Double Wall Vacuum Wide Mouth BPA Free Sweat/Leak-Proof for School Travel

It is important to stay hydrated, especially when traveling. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have a bottle of water available for your child to drink.

You can find colorful bottles that encourage your child to drink. While you can find extra wide bottles, you can also find options that will fit in your cup holder. 

21. Window Sunshade

Car window with sunshade.

Source: Walmart

A sunshade makes it possible for your child to ride comfortably in the car at any time of the day without having the sun beat down on them. It is frustrating and annoying when the sun shines directly on your face. A sunshade can help block the sun from your child’s face.