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10 Different Types of Motorcycle Accessories

Black maroon Riga Latvia motorcycle parking in an asphalt road.

For motorcycle riders, there’s nothing like the thrill of the wind on the face and the open road with the bike.

But there is more to it than that. Riding a motorcycle is a lifestyle experience that gets more exciting with every ride. Part of that lifestyle is the accessorizing.

Accessorizing for a motorcycle is not just about putting a fancy government-approved helmet on. There are so many things that you will want to take on the road with you, that you won’t realize you need until you don’t have them.

From tech to safety gear, the list of motorcycle accessories can be limitless and you’ll feel like you need to get everything.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by what you need. Take a look at these motorcycle accessories and start your shopping list for the next biking season.

1. Get Your Gloves On

INBIKE Breathable Motorcycle Gloves Men Motorbike Riding Touchscreen Hard Knuckle TPR Palm Pad Black Small

It’s a good idea to get a good pair of motorcycle gloves every season. You want a pair that is breathable and can absorb the sweat from your hands while you are riding.

Gloves are essential for both protection and slip control, so that your hands do not move off of the handlebars while you are riding. Look for a pair made of mesh with hard knuckle protection.

Gloves for your bike should also have vents on both palms so that fresh air can move when you are riding. Find a pair that has a stretch in the cuff and you will find a glove for life.

That with additional foam padding will provide both comfort and security. You should also have no problem at all finding a pair that matches your bike.

2. You’ll Kneed Guards

GES Knee Pads Motorcycle - 4Pcs Adults Alloy Steel Motorcycle ATV Motocross Elbow Knee Shin Guards Protector Motocross Racing/Adult Knee (Long)

You have to have knee guards. This is not something you need to break the bank on, but you can have fun finding the right pair. The most important quality here is a high-impact shell, as these are for your protection alone.

You want a tough product with a dual pivot hinge that can follow your knees movements while keeping you safe on the roads.

Foam padding is also a must but you won’t need to look for that in a knee guard. What you will find is a wide assortment of knee guards that are both functional and stylish.

Stainless steel accents or stylish colors are ways to play with this accessory so that you have one more element of cool when you are on the roads.

3. Boots for Biking

Alpinestars Men's Sektor Vented Street Motorcycle Shoe, Black/Gray/Red, 10.5

The pair of boots that you get for your motorcycle rides is probably going to be the first accessory that you get.

After you have been on the bike for a while, you are going to spend your motorcycle career adding to your motorcycle boots collection.

There are many different kinds of motorcycle boots. Some look like shoes, that are built for protection and a sturdier ride. Others are full boots that keep you secure on the roads.

For men and women, there are many different kinds of styles of motorcycle boots. From sneaker-style motorcycle shoes to full-length motorcycle boots there are many motorcycle boot styles to choose from.

This is a motorcycle accessory that you will keep changing as your style and riding preferences change, or you may even have one pair for every season.

4. A New Kind of Ear Protection

Decibullz - NRR 31 Custom Molded Earplugs, Perfect Fit Ear Protection for Safety, Travel, Work and Shooting (Blue)

Motorcycle riders are now enjoying a new kind of hearing protection that reduces noise-induced hearing loss from being on the open roads for too long.

When you’ve been riding on the highways around noises higher than 85 decibels, you are putting yourself at risk of hearing loss. Every motorcycle rider has their own kind of earplugs.

The latest invention to streamline ear protection on the bike are custom-molded earplugs. These are earbuds that fit right into your ear and mold into your exact shape.

You’ll never fidget or fuss with an earbud like this. However, there are a number of different foam varieties that work well as well.

5. Motorcycle Phone Mount

Sanosan One-Push Motorcycle Phone Mount,15s Quickly Install,1 Second Automatically Lock & Release,High-Speed Secure Switch,Bike Accessories for Motorcycle,Widely Compatible for Cellphone(4.7"-7")

A phone mount for the motorcycle is as important as one for the road. You won’t realize how important it is until your first ride on the bike without one.

You’ll need it for your GPS if nothing else. For your motorcycle phone mount, you want one that clamps on with sturdy metal, such as aluminum or steel.

There are motorcycle phone mounts that can be placed in either direction, for portrait or landscape orientation. You can use them for any gadget you take on the bike, including trackers, GPS systems, and more.

These allow for one-hand use of the phone when you need to navigate traffic and weather. You’ll also have a device that is secure. You won’t ever want the fiasco of losing your phone on the open road and not ever being able to locate it again.

6. Face Masks

ILM Motorcycle Balaclava Face Mask for Ski Snowboard Cycling Working Men Women Cold Weather Snow Mask

Wind on the neck during a motorcycle ride can be cold, but getting a chill can also create a real problem. The answer is motorcycle masks and scarves that you can wear over your neck and face to combat the chill from the open road.

A good face mask for your neck on the road will have moisture-wicking because you will still perspire while you are riding. You also want something that can keep you comfortable.

Motorcycle masks can be as simple as you want them to be. But if you have an entire ensemble with a theme, you will want to go with a mask that has a motif or design that will bring some personality into your ride.

There are a number of ways to wear the stretch masks and scarves for riders, and they are affordable enough to create an entire collection of them.

7. Motorcycle Dash Cam

ZOMFOM Dash Cam Waterproof Recording Camera for Motorcycle, 3'' LCD Front and Rear FHD 1080P Waterproof Lens Wide Angle 150° with Wi-Fi, GPS, Wired Control, EIS and G-Sensor, Max up to 256GB

You don’t have a dash on the bike, but you can get a motorcycle cam that does the same thing. You could use this for security purposes, or even just as tech to capture some of your biggest adventures on the open road.

Now is the time to launch your own YouTube channel. Or, have tech that will help you and your insurance company in the event of an accident.

As with any tech, there are dash cams for motorcycles in all shapes and sizes and for all budgets. Wired or wireless are available, and you want one with sturdy construction.

Popular designs also come with waterproof protection and you can even find a good one with GPS capability. These features will allow you to ride in any weather.

8. The Bag for Useful Items

Motorcycle Tank Bag - Oxford Saddle Black Motorbike Bag - Universal Strong Magnetic Bag for Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Harley - Dracarys

Every motorcycle has a bag, and you’re going to worry about how big a size of bag you will need. You can get a bag that functions as saddlebag, but luggage for bikes comes in all shapes and sizes now.

An easy way to outfit your bike with luggage is with a motorcycle tank bag. Many of these are magnetic and will stick to the bike or your tank for the duration of your ride.

These are also small and lightweight enough so you can fit a lot in without overloading your bike down with extra weight. Knapsacks are another ideal way of toting your useful items on the road.

Keep your paperwork, tech, water, and anything else that you might want for your ride in your tank bag or knapsack and you’re geared up enough for every ride.

9. The Global Hotspot

GlocalMe Mini Turbo 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, No SIM Card Needed, Portable WiFi Hotspot Unlock Device for Home or Travel in 140+ Countries,Smart Local Network Auto-Selection,with US 8GB&Global 1GB Data

We all have those moments no matter where we are going, or how we are getting there when we need the global hotspot. A global hotspot is never a bad idea to have on your bike and in your bag, even if you never use it.

You will always know that it is there. There are a number of them that are very easy and very affordable, without contracts or even a SIM card if you need an emergency Internet connection.

A global hotspot will provide you with that connection when you are out on the road and your phone service is a little shaky due to weather or any other reason.  

Many models today can be used on a prepaid or pay-per-use basis, if you are only planning on using it for emergencies it is worth the investment.

There is a model for every budget. Leave it in your backpack and you’re never going to worry about being out of service on any of your devices.

10. Vest Armor for Bikes

TRGGBH Motorcycle Airbag Vest for Men and Women, Motocross Air-Bag Riding Jacket with Reflective Strip, Adult Moto Air Bag with Back Armor, for Motorcyclists and Equestrian Horse Riding,Black,L

Yes, you can have a motorcycle and airbag too, and your insurance company is going to love that you have one. Safety first. There are a number of different options for vest armor for motorcycles.

You can get vest armor which is something like a lead vest but is not as heavy. An alternative to vest armor is an airbag vest, which is very popular for bikers today.

These are very lightweight vests that are comfortable enough to wear while you are riding. They are cooler and easier to wear than vest armor as well. A good airbag vest for bikers will be mesh and waterproof, and also breathable to wear.

These will be ideal vests to wear to protect you in any crash or even a fall. A good airbag vest will also protect you from weather elements as well.

An airbag vest is something that you can expect to see in high price ranges, and you can easily drop four figures on them. However, you don’t have to.

Many models today are made of more affordable material and still do the job. At the same time, these are literal lifesavers and may be worth a hefty investment if you can swing it.