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Are Windshield Wipers Different Sizes? If So, What Are the Sizes? How Do I Tell What Size I Need?

Car windshield with rain drops and frameless wiper blade close-up.

Yes, windshield wipers, also called wiper blades, come in different sizes. They can range in size of wiper blades from 9 inches to 32 inches, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. There are not too many windshield wipers that come in sizes smaller than 9 inches, and those are typically for sports cars or international vehicles.

Larger wiper blades will be found on trucks, vans, and vehicles with large windshields. It can feel overwhelming to worry about what size of windshield wiper blade you need, but learning about the sizes and types and what you need is easier than it sounds. Discover your windshield wiper size and type right here.

When you have good wiper blades you have safer driving, it’s an important job

Having the right windshield wipers means having a safer car on the road. It’s that simple. The United States Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration agency estimates that there are almost six million car crashes annually and that 21 percent of them are caused by bad weather.

As many as five thousand people die annually in these weather-related collisions and almost half a million people are injured in them. Many of these accidents can be prevented with better windshield wipers that are very affordable, costing less than the price of a good dinner out. Don’t delay on this important job.

It’s important to note when you need good ones, and how to get them. Knowing the right size, type, and even connector will help. You also should have them replaced every one or two years.

Windshield wipers have rubber spoilers on them that prevent your windshield from getting damaged when the wipers are doing their magic during bad weather or through mud storms.

It’s easy to find out what size of windshield wipers that you need for your car

Activated windshield wipers on car.

As mentioned, windshield wipers can come in a wide range of sizes. They typically range in size from nine inches to 32 inches. But the most common range of windshield wiper sizes is between 10 inches and 28 inches.

In some stores, the wiper blades are sold by the millimeter, and it really depends on where you live. This is a conversion chart for windshield wiper sizes:

  • 9 inches = 23o millimeters
  • 10 inches = 25o millimeters
  • 11 inches = 28o millimeters
  • 12 inches = 30o millimeters
  • 13 inches = 33o millimeters
  • 14 inches = 35o millimeters
  • 15 inches = 38o millimeters
  • 16 inches = 40o millimeters
  • 17 inches = 43o millimeters
  • 18 inches = 45o millimeters
  • 19 inches = 48o millimeters
  • 20 inches = 50o millimeters
  • 21 inches = 53o millimeters
  • 22 inches = 55o millimeters
  • 23 inches = 58o millimeters
  • 24 inches = 60o millimeters
  • 25 inches = 635 millimeters
  • 26 inches = 66o millimeters
  • 27 inches = 685 millimeters
  • 28 inches = 70o millimeters
  • 29 inches = 736 millimeters
  • 30 inches = 750 millimeters
  • 31 inches = 787 millimeters
  • 32 inches = 813 millimeters

It is recommended that you change your wiper blades annually or every two years, but if you need to change them sooner, it can be hard to tell when that should happen.

Look for these signs that can tell you it is a good time to change your wiper blades

Mechanic replace windshield wipers on car. Replacing wiper blades Change cars wiper blades.

There are many ways that you can tell if your wiper blades need to be changed. You may want to change them regularly, or you may just want to keep an eye out for signs that your windshield wipers are experiencing wear and tear. The general rule of thumb is to replace them every year, or two years if they are really good ones.

But some experts will even say that replacing them twice a year, after heavy weather seasons, is a good idea as well. Look for some signs that your wiper blades need replacing if you think they may need a change. If they aren’t working anymore is the obvious first clue.

You may also notice that the blade is chattering or is skipping on the windshield. Have a look at the windshield wiper and see if there is a curve or bend in the rubber. Do this when the vehicle is parked.

If you see some rounding in the rubber, then it’s a good sign that your wiper needs to be replaced. Streaking on the windshield is another sign that you need new wiper blades. When you are driving and begin to see streaks along the windshield where the wipers would run, it may be time to change the blades.

You might see darker streaks, and this is a sign that the windshield wipers are not doing their jobs. The streaking here is happening as a result of the rubber on the wiper that has become overused or has lived its shelf life. You also want to look for any sign of wear and tear along the rubber of the wiper blade.

The rubber on the windshield wiper can appear worn or rounded, and this is a good sign the windshield wiper needs to be switched out. If the rubber is cracked or split in any way, you’ll need to change the blade. This could damage your windshield if you do not replace the wipers at the appropriate time.

Any kind of noise or vibration that is unusual from the wiper blades is going to be a sign that it’s time to change the windshield wipers. When the wiper blades are squeaking, you should check to see if there is any damage there. If the wipers are vibrating, and this is unusual, you should check to see if there is any damage at all to the windshield wipers.

You will know it is time to change your windshield wipers if you see any of these signs, or if it has been over a year or two since you last replaced the wiper blades. The next step will be determining what type of wiper blade to choose, and this will also help you to select the right size of windshield wiper.

This is how you choose from the many types of windshield wipers

Poor view through the windshield during snowfall.

Most windshield wipers are specific to the vehicle. The size may vary by the blade, and by the vehicle. In other words, it is possible to have two different wiper blades on either side of the windshield.

Your measurements need to be precise if you are measuring them before you buy, and not going by the owner’s manual. If the blades are too long, then they may bang against each other on the windshield and cause some damage to both the windshield and the wiper blades. Getting the right type of wiper is as important as getting the right size in order to avoid this.

The standard windshield wiper is coat hanger in shaped, and typically comes in sizes of 10 to 28 inches. This is a rounded wiper blade with a hook attachment that connects to the arm of the blade. It is the most common type of windshield wiper blade.

The spoiler windshield wipers are wipers that have a spoiler along the length of the windshield wiper. This keeps the wiper as close to the windshield as possible to ensure that the windshield can be cleaned even when the vehicle is going at a high speed. These wipers are typically connected with the hook attachment as well.

Windshield wipers can also be flat in shape, and this is one of the newer types of wiper blades. Many new models of cars are putting flat wipers on to ensure a more tensioned and aerodynamic fit to the wiper blade. There is an internal strip that is placed along the blade and comes with a spoiler on it.

This keeps the driver’s view without distractions. The hybrid type of wiper blade is one that is the most aerodynamic. The frame of this wiper is often made of plastic and this helps with airflow during the drive.

Underneath the frame is the steel construction that makes the wiper sturdier and more functional on the vehicle. With this type of construction, you are seeing a smoother windshield wiper and may not ever want to use a different kind. Lastly, the vehicle-specific wiper blades are another very common type of windshield wiper.

Here you just need to check your owner’s manual for the kind of wiper blade that you want, and then order them from the manufacturer or a third-party retailer. You can also check charts that let you check my wiper size online. Just look for your make and model and you will find the right measurements for the job.

This is how to get the right size of your windshield wiper

When you want to learn the size of your windshield wiper, you just need to use a measuring tape to measure the wiper blade. Measure the wiper blade from one end of the other, regardless of its construction. You can choose to select a different size than what the manufacturer recommends, but you don’t want to veer too much from that.

When changing wiper blades, don’t get a size that is more than one or two inches different than what the manufacturer recommends. Check with your mechanic if you are not sure.