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Can You Watch Netflix on Android Auto? If So, How?

Netflix on an imac.

The whole idea behind Android Auto is to make it safe to use your phone while you are driving. Cellphones can be a huge distraction on the road, and the use of cell phones while driving has caused a lot of accidents. As a result, car manufacturers and services like Netflix will generally not allow you to watch Netflix while you are driving.

This is why Netflix is not available on Android Auto. However, it’s not totally impossible to watch Netflix on Android Auto. We should also consider the possibility of wanting to watch Netflix while your car is parked.

You may be someone who regularly has to wait around in your car for long periods, or maybe you want to entertain your passengers by converting your infotainment screen into a mini cinema. 

What is Android Auto?

Android auto navigation system.

You can think of Android Auto as an app that enables you to mirror your phone’s screen on your car’s infotainment unit. To use this functionality, you need to have a compatible car stereo system and a supported Android phone. With those two things, you will be able to access some apps on the car’s display.

There are many supported apps, including music playback, navigation, SMS, web search, and telephone. Android Auto supports touchscreen, button controls, and voice commands. To reduce distractions while driving, voice commands with Google Assistant are generally recommended.

If you are a frequent user of Android Auto, you can participate in beta programs that test how newer apps and features work for Android Auto. On that note, it’s important to note that not all apps will work with Android Auto naturally. One such app is Netflix, and for obvious reasons.

It would be very dangerous to try to watch a movie and drive at the same time. In fact, that defeats the whole point of Android Auto. To access any other supported app, you need to plug your smartphone into the car using a USB cable.

To connect your apps to the vehicle’s system, you may need Wi-Fi or mobile data. To use Android Auto, you will need an Android phone running Android 8.0 and up. You will also need an active data plan.

Apart from that, you need a compatible car stereo and a high-quality USB cable. You can also use Android Auto wirelessly on some phones. This includes all Android phones running Android 11 or Samsung or Google phones with Android 10.

Is Netflix Available in Android Auto?

Android Auto on the screen.

Wondering about the possibility of watching movies on the road? Or on your car’s screen while you are parked. One of the most popular movie-watching apps is Netflix.

If you use Android Auto, you have probably wondered about the possibility of using Netflix with Android Auto. Unfortunately, vehicle infotainment systems don’t offer Netflix. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s totally impossible.

Like most tech problems, there is a solution to the problem of not having Netflix on Android Auto. The only way this can be made possible is if your device is rooted. If you have a rooted Android device, then you will be able to install Netflix and access it using Android Auto.

Even so, you won’t be able to do it via the Playstore. You will need to get your phone into developer mode and then download the app to your device using sideload. Once the app is downloaded, you can locate it in your phone’s file manager and install it.

However, this method requires you to have a developer’s certificate. If you want a more stable and hassle-free way of streaming Netflix on your car’s infotainment display, you can try out other apps, including InCar and WheelPal. These two allow you to install all the apps you want to your car’s CarPlay interface.

So unless you are willing to root your phone, these are some of the options to think about.

Rooting Your Phone so You Can Watch Netflix With Android Auto

 Google android Auto application on a cell phone.

Android rooting is a process that enables you to gain unrestricted access to the System files. This process allows you to bypass certain restrictions. For instance, in this case, it allows you to stream Netflix on Android Auto, which would otherwise be impossible.

The process involves changing, deleting, and modifying certain aspects of your phone’s software. Equivalent to JAIL Breaking in IOS, rooting gives you the power to install other apps and use them in a way that the manufacturer wouldn’t normally allow. The main reason why some of the functionalities are restricted is for security and safety purposes.

For example, watching movies on the road can be quite dangerous. Rooting gives an Android user tremendous gains over regular Android phones. However, gaining access to sensitive files can cause several problems for the phone and the user.

Most apps function according to a set of regulations. Apps installed on the phone will not have access to another app’s information. Granting root access to the app will give external permission to bypass all the restrictions.

There are lots of apps that require root access to run their operations. There are many apps that you can use to root your phone internally. If you go ahead with the rooting process, you will need to check the root status of your device to see if the process is successful.

Having apps like Superuser on your device is an obvious sign that it has been rooted. Such an app is installed during the rooting process to grant access to superuser permission.

Why You Shouldn’t Watch Netflix on Android Auto While Driving

2021 BMW M440i xDrive android auto.

When you get stuck in traffic, there are several things that will be going through your mind. One of the first is obviously wanting to get out of the jam and be on your way. If that seems like an impossible option, you will often find yourself wishing you had other things to do while you wait for the jam to clear.

In such instances, watching Netflix on Android Auto will probably seem like a good idea. But is it? What will happen if your focus shifts from what’s happening on the road to your favorite show?

Someone can honk at you, and because you won’t be focused on what’s happening, you can end up accelerating and colliding with other vehicles, thinking you need to move. Technology is moving quite fast, but it has its place. While the convenience Android Auto brings to cars is appreciated, you mustn’t use it in a way that makes the roads dangerous for other drivers.

Governments are already working hard to have norms in place that will ensure that action is taken against those who drive while watching videos online. 

Watching Netflix on a Rooted Device

On board computer in a modern car displaying available phone connection services like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

As mentioned before, it’s possible that you want to watch Netflix in your car because you spend long hours just waiting in there and doing nothing. Maybe you are an uber driver in an area that doesn’t have a lot of requests. Rooting makes it possible to enjoy Netflix on your Android Auto display screen.

There are some unofficial apps that you will need to install after rooting your device. These steps may be a bit complex for people who are not that into technology. The first thing you will want to do is install the Android Auto app.

Once installed, launch the app. When you first open it, it will likely ask you for a lot of permissions. Just accept everything and move on.

Apart from the Android Auto app, you may also need an app like AA Pheno that allows you to mirror your phone’s display to Android Auto. These two will enable you to watch Netflix on Android Auto. However, as mentioned before, you should never do this while you are driving.