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List of All Crossovers on the Market (Make, Model, Towing Capacity, Fuel Type & Base Price)

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Here’s our table database listing out all crossovers on the market today. We include make, model, towing capacity, fuel type and base price.  Crossovers are a growing vehicle option. There are more and more models being sold out of all vehicles available.

Not long ago we had a crossover. Loved it. Would have kept it but with a growing family, we needed a 7-seater.  That crossover was a Toyota Venza. We moved into a Toyota Highlander. Yeah, we like Toyotas.

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Crossovers are great. Small enough to retain the car-like driving experience. Big enough to be comfortable with a large hatch area.  Some are tough as well with high towing capacity and 4WD.

List of All Crossovers on the Market (Make, Model, Towing Capacity, Fuel Type & Base Price)

Acura RDXAcuraRDX1,500 lbs.Gas
Audi Q5AudiQ5N/AGas $43,500+
Audi Q4 e-tronAudiQ4 e-tronN/AEV$53,300+
Audi Q3AudiQ3N/AGas$36,400+
BMW iXBMWiXN/AEV$84,100+
BMW X1BMWX1N/AGas$35,400+
BMW X2BMWX2N/AGas$36,600+
BMW X3BMWX34,400 lbs.Gas$45,400+
BMW X4BMWX4N/AGas$51,800+
BMW X6BMWX67,200 lbs.Gas$67,350+
Buick EncoreBuickEncore1,000 lbs.Gas$24,600+
Buick EnvisionBuickEnvision1,500 lbs.Gas$35,600+
Cadillac XT4CadillacXT43,500 lbs.Gas$35,795+
Cadillac XT5CadillacXT53,500 lbs.Gas$44,195+
Chevy TraxChevyTraxN/AGas$21,400+
Chevy EquinoxChevyEquinox1,500 lbs.Gas$25,800+
Dodge ChallengerDodgeChallenger1,000 lbs.Gas$30,825+
Dodge JourneyDodgeJourney2,500 lbs.Gas$23,495+
Ford EcosportFordEcosport2,000 lbs.Gas$22,040+
Ford EscapeFordEscape3,500 lbs.Gas$27,185+
Ford EdgeFordEdgeN/AGas$37,945+
Genesis GV60GenesisGV60N/AEV$58,890+
GMC TerrainGMCTerrain1,500 lbs.Gas$27,900+
GMC AcadiaGMCAcadia4,000 lbs.Gas$34,800+
Honda CR-VHondaCR-V1,500 lbs.Gas$26,800+
Honda CR-V HybridHondaCR-V Hybrid1,500 lbs.Hybrid$32,010+
Honda PilotHondaPilot3,500/5,000 lbs.Gas$38,080+
Honda PassportHondaPassport5,000 lbs.Gas$38,370+
Hyundai IONIQ 5HyundaiIONIQ 5N/AEV$39,950+
Hyundai KonaHyundaiKonaN/AGas$21,300+
Hyundai Kona ElectricHyundaiKona ElectricN/AEV$34,000+
Hyundai NEXOHyundaiNEXON/AEV$59,435+
Hyundai VenueHyundaiVenue1,760 lbs.Gas$19,000+
2023 INFINITI QX55INFINITIQX55 2023N/AGas$49,150+
INFINITI QX60INFINITIQX606,000 lbs.Gas$47,850+
Jaguar E-PACEJaguarE-PACE3,968 lbs.Gas$48,000+
Jeep RenegadeJeepRenegade2,000 lbs.Gas$24,695+
Kia SoulKiaSoulN/AGas$19,790+
Kia EV6KiaEV62,300 lbs.EV$41,400+
Kia NiroKiaNiroN/AHybrid$24,690+
Kia Niro Plug-in HybridKiaNiro Plug-in HybridN/AHybrid$29,590+
Kia SeltosKiaSeltosN/AGas$22,840+
Kia SorentoKiaSorento2,000 lbs.Gas$29,590+
Kia Sorento HybridKiaSorento Hybrid2,000 lbs.Hybrid$34,090+
Kia Sorento Plug-in HybridKiaSorento Plug-in HybridN/AHybrid$45,190+
Kia SportageKiaSportage2,500/1,653 lbs.Gas$25,990+
Kia Sportage HybridKiaSportage Hybrid2,000/1,653 lbs.Hybrid$27,290+
Kia Sportage Plug-in HybridKiaSportage Plug-in Hybrid2,000/1,653 lbs.Hybrid$38,490+
Land Rover Range Rover VelarLand RoverRange Rover Velar5,291 lbs.Gas$60,300+
Land Rover Range Rover EvoqueLand RoverRange Rover EvoqueN/AGas$46,400+
Land Rover Discovery SportLand RoverDiscovery Sport4,409 lbs.Gas$44,600+
Lexus UX HybridLexusUX HybridN/AHybrid$35,925+
Lexus NXLexusNX2,000 lbs.Gas$39,500+
Lexus NX HybridLexusNX Hybrid2,000 lbs.Hybrid$42,700+
Lexus RXLexusRX3,500 lbs.Gas$47,070+
Lexus RX HybridLexusRX Hybrid3,500 lbs.Hybrid$49,870+
Lincoln AviatorLincolnAviator5,600 lbs.Hybrid$53,340+
Lincoln CorsairLincolnCorsair2,000 lbs.Hybrid$36,580+
Maserati GrecaleMaseratiGrecaleN/AHybrid$63,500+
Maserati LevanteMaseratiLevanteN/AHybrid$84,700+
Mazda CX-3MazdaCX-3N/AGas$22,500+
Mazda CX-5MazdaCX-52,000 lbs.Gas$26,700+
Mazda MX-30MazdaMX-30N/AEV$33,470+
Mercedes-Benz GLA SUVMercedes-BenzGLA SUVN/AGas$36,400+
Mercedes-Benz GLB SUVMercedes-BenzGLB SUVN/AGas$38,600+
Mercedes-Benz GLC SUVMercedes-BenzGLC SUV3,500 lbs.Gas$43,850+
Mercedes-Benz GLE SUVMercedes-BenzGLE SUV7,700 lbs.Gas$56,150+
Mercedes-Benz GLS SUVMercedes-BenzGLS SUV7,700 lbs.Hybrid$77,850+
Mitsubishi OutlanderMitsubishiOutlander2,000 lbs.Gas$26,995+
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVMitsubishiOutlander PHEV1,500 lbs.Hybrid$36,995+
Mitsubishi RVRMitsubishiRVR1,500 lbs.Gas$25,795+
Mitsubishi EclipseMitsubishiEclipse Cross1,500 lbs.Gas$25,795+
Nissan KICKSNissanKICKSN/AGas$19,990+
Nissan QashqaiNissanQashqaiN/AHybrid$25,098+
Nissan RogueNissanRogue1,500 lbs.Gas$27,150+
Nissan MuranoNissanMurano1,500 lbs.Gas$33,310+
Nissan ARIYANissanARIYAN/AEV$45,950+
Porsche MacanPorscheMacan4,409 lbs.Gas$57,500+
Subaru ForesterSubaruForester3,000 lbs.Gas$25,895+
Subaru OutbackSubaruOutback3,500 lbs.Gas$28,395+
Tesla Model XTeslaModel Xn/aEV$112,590+
Toyota C-HRToyotaC-HRN/AGas$24,280+
Toyota Rav4ToyotaRav41,500 lbs.Gas$26,975+
Toyota Rav4 HybridToyotaRav4 Hybrid1,750 lbs.Hybrid$29,575+
Toyota Rav4 PrimeToyotaRav4 Prime2,500 lbs.Hybrid$40,300+
Volkswagen TaosVolkswagenTaos5,000 lbs.Gas$23,495+
Volkswagen TiguanVolkswagenTiguan1,500 lbs.Gas$26,490+
Volkswagen AtlasVolkswagenAtlas5,000 lbs.Gas$34,335+
Volkswagen ID.4VolkswagenID.42,700 lbs.EV$37,495⁠2+
Volvo C40VolvoC402,000 lbs.EV$55,300+
Volvo XC60VolvoXC603,500 lbs.Gas$43,450+
Volvo XC60 RechargeVolvoXC60 Recharge3,500 lbs.Hybrid$57,200+

*Prices change regularly. Please use our stated base prices as a guide only. It is not a price quote.