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24 Most Beautiful Cars You Can Buy Today

Beautiful car at commercial night.

So, which are the 25 most beautiful cars you can buy today? Are they American, Italian, German, or Japanese? I definitely think Italian, then German.

The saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the bold”. But is that so, really? What has the beholder got to do with anything?

It’s either a car that is beautiful to look at or its ugly-period! Regardless of supercar status, price tag, and/or horsepower. After all, isn’t beauty just that, beauty based on what you, the beholder, can see with your, hopefully, 20-20 vision?

Well, it’s not as simple as all that-especially when it comes to picking 25 of the most beautiful cars you can buy today-simply on external or outward And so, I philosophized and came to the above conclusion one sultry afternoon, as I swung in my hammock, leisurely daydreaming about the 25 most beautiful cars I would buy if I had the combined net worths of BMG-Bizos+Musk+Gates. Difficult as it was, I grouped MY choice picks-in no particular order, primarily by “nationality” and indisputable external “beauty” as follows….

A LISTAZ….My primo immaculate Italian bevy of branded bashful beauties.

1. 2022 Lamborghini Aventador

Gold Lamborghini Aventador Sunset Lowkey Captures.

9 out of 10 (my stats), given the opportunity, a man will pick an exotic woman over that of his nationality. Produced by the Italian automotive manufacturer, Lamborghini, the Aventador is an indisputably curvy and flawless Italian, mid-engine space-age sports car -ready to be ridden. Featuring a bullishly chiseled, sleek, modern design that’s aggressive in appearance and demeanor, this Spanish fighting bull’s namesake is not only aesthetically appealing but also promises a high-performance, unforgettable driving experience.

Swing those scissor doors wide open and let yourself in!

2. 2022 Maserati MC20

New super sports Maserati MC20 - a 3d illustration.

Yet another exotic beauty that has me drooling is the Maserati MC 20. Luxury on a higher plane, this sports car sweetly whispers, “I was designed to pleasure you.” Just as sexually angular and sinewy as the Avendator, the MC 20 is comparatively as beautiful. 

Sleek and sophisticated, and tastefully designed, this Italian coupe will have you speaking Italian in no time.

3. 2021 Ferrari 812 Superfast/GTS

Goodwood, England - July 2018: Red Ferrari 812 Superfast supercar, parked next to a blue Ferrari 488 GTS, attending annual Goodwood Festival of Speed event in South England.

There is beauty and brains and then there is speed and brawn-this mid-engine lovely grand tourer will take you on a grand tour and back in a jiffy. Coming with an impressive Italian heritage, the GTS’ wild but sleek savagery, combined with its chiseled, athletic, powerful body will take you on and more. If you are looking for a flamboyant hypercar that is superfast and carries attested pedigree, then look no further than this fast beauty.

4. 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista

Rare yellow ferrari 488 pista car garage.

If perhaps a threesome is what you seek, and your pockets are deep enough, then you are in good company with the Pista. Curvaceous, her sleek broad-shoulders, bulging fenders, and an arching roof is the stuff of dreams. If you let her, Pista will take you on the ride of your life at rocket-speed acceleration.

Hold on and enjoy the ride. Don’t worry, she is gentle and comes with almost the same if not better handling. Other standard exterior amenities include heated, power-folding side-view mirrors; LED taillights; rear fog lamps; and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Later, big boy!

5. Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio

In case I have given you the wrong impression about Italian cars, here is one that is less wild. If the first four take you to the moon and back, then this one will let you catch your breath. As you can tell from the name, although as Italian as they come, and just as sport-orientated that , the Guilia Quaddrifoglio is thankfully a domesticated sedan.

Built by FiatFerrari, and Alfa engineers, a lot went into the Guilia QF. Consequently, she is, externally, femininely beautiful, whereas her stable mates are a cross of refined beauty and raw, handsome, good looks. Let me speed off to Germany…………. All hail, my giddy-up gorgeous German galloping gladiators FYI, I would have you know that in some climes, it is believed that BMW stands for: Be My Wife and that this German make is simply to die for, as it is. Like the ….

6. 2022-23 BMW X6

Illustration of a BMW X6 isolated on white background.

At one time, my dream car, the large X6, is still one of my favs. Not only is it solidly handsome, but it is also historically iconic. Credited with being the world’s first “crossover coupe”, in 2022 and into 2023, the BMW X6 continues to build on the strong base it created close to a decade ago.

Based on the more traditional and at one time much-admired X5 , the 2022 and 2023 X6 continue the trend of mixing and matching SUV and coupe body styles. Coming with single-piece dual kidney grilles, standard 19-inch alloys, adaptive LED headlights that extend well out over the front fenders, and black mesh for the lower vents, this over-styled new arrival’s design is extremely busy, but still in a beautiful way. This generation of X6 is not only among the segment’s apex predators, its looks and style continue to hold the torch for an entirely new niche segment that other car manufacturers aspire to.

7. 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLE53

St Petersburg, Russia - October 17, 2021: Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 400 I C292 front view, three quarters view, headlight on.

While the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLE 53 SUV has officially not yet been released in some countries, I have thought it best to give you the heads up on this pending beauty. Since time immemorial, the name Mercedes-Benz has been synonymous with beauty, luxury, comfort, and prestige.

Years later, the same is true of the GLE53. Coming with dark headlining and heavily tinted rear windows, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe continues the heritage of beauty that is its inheritance.

8. 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS

Hong Kong, China Nov 16, 2021 : Mercedes-Benz EQS 2022 Test Drive Day Nov 16 2021 in Hong Kong.

Whilst the GLE53 might not yet be available in your neck of the woods, maybe, just maybe the EQS has already arrived. Believed to be the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz brand’s electrified future, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan is one of the fanciest EVs yet. Its curvaceous body and luxurious interior will immediately remind you of a crouching Mona Lisa-at least it does me!

9. 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GT63S Blue parked in front of warehouse.

With the release of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Benz has added a car that’s more than just a sports car. It is yet another testament to the amazing engineering that they have been perfecting for years. Described as “a rare beast; in the sense that it’s both unattainable and that it makes you feel like a superhero behind the wheel,” the 2021/2 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is beautiful in its way and on its terms.

Styled to be super-sexy and enticing, the posy Mercedes-Benz GT 2021/2 comes in a Coupe and Convertible that’s perfect for go-getter adventurers at heart that have a taste for the good life and the finer things in life.

10. 2023 BMW X2

Belgrade, Serbia - March 23, 2018: New BMW X2 presented at Belgrade Car Show.

In the spirit of giving you a heads up on beautiful cars, I would have you know that for 2023, BMW will be releasing three new potentials Be My Wives for your eyes to feast on, The first worth mentioning is the 2023 X2. Exuding a style and demeanor that is inherently beautifully impressive, minx’s head-turning beauty is added to by its front-end design and gold exterior trim accents, both of which accentuate its beauty.

A beauty that consists of a desirable sexy shape, that is playful, yet practical, and affordable for a traditionally inaccessible expensive brand. The second beautiful offering is the…..

11. 2023 BMW M3

Blue sports car BMW M3 on a winding mountain road.

A bit more elongated than the X2, the M3 is never less, a relatively beautiful continuation of the story of a traditionally beautiful car. This top-tier driver’s dream looks like a thrill to drive. Roomy-looking and biting at the bit to enter the track, the added combination of a handsome exterior and powerful horses seemed like overkill.

Coming with a unique “M” badging and distinct trim details, this handsome racecar-like bad boy is ready to thrill you both on and off the track. As is BMW’s next 2023 offering, the……

12. 2023 BMW i7

New BMW I7 flagship limousine with electric drive.

When it comes to the 2023 BMW i7 Series, once you set your eyes on it, you will be tempted to voluntarily drift into the until recently unchartered waters of the electric vehicle-the all-new i7 takes the 7series into the EV era. Like most of BMW’s magnificent vehicles, this car is equally stunning and promises BMW’s now expected luxury on a higher plane. Styling comes with lavish large grille intakes and split-element headlamps.

13. 2022 Audi e-Tron GT

A 3d illustration of an electric Audi E-Tron GT RS.

Like the i7, this bold-looking electric car is the latest all-electric model in Audi’s EV lineup. The Audi e-Tron GT has an equally chiseled body and a decorative grille on the front end, that’s become synonymous with Audi.

14. 2022 Porsche Taycan

New Porsche Taycan Turbo S sports car revealed at the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show 2019.

If the Audi e-Tron GT is in any way similar to the i7, then so too is the 2022 Porche Taycan-the two were developed alongside each other. Like the i7 series, the Porsche Taycan is both externally and internally impressive. With a striking angular exterior, and a customizable high-tech interior.

Moreover, the interior can be further customized with various textures and fittings to further enhance its beauty.

15. 2022 Porsche 718 Boxster

Porsche's 718 GTS 4.0 inside the showroom

Similar to the Mercedes-Benz brand, since 1963, the Porsche 718 has been one of the most iconic sports cars on the market. Famous for its elegant and distinctive shape, long hood, and prominent headlights, Porsches are and remain known for their pedigreed beauty, power, and speed. With the classic design and power, the Porsche 718, like most cars on this list, is a great choice for someone looking for an affordable, yet still stylish sports car.

Coming with a power-operated fabric roof that can be put down or up to 50km/h in a reasonable amount of time, the Boxster typifies the beautiful person in the beautiful car with “wind in your hair” sports car.

16. 2022 Porsche 911 Turbo S

Black premium car in motion on the street.

Before I take leave of Italy’s bevy of beauties, let me introduce you to yet another-the Porsche 911 Turbo S. Subjectively attractive, the Panamera-inspired headlights aren’t dramatically different from earlier generation Porsches. Despite this, it remains eye-catching. As such, the Turbo S is one of those arguably beautiful high-performance Italian sports cars-though for some, its looks remain an acquired taste.

Similar to those beauties with beautiful eyes that seem to pop out of their eyes, the S’s prominent headlights might be unappreciated by some and considered a sporty froggy/grasshopper frontal appearance. What is your opinion? I think they are mesmerizing and just the design I am looking for in a car that is both luxurious and powerful, but exotically sleek and elegant.

C. My almost-there awesome, aesthetic aspiring American avenging angels

17. 2022 Tesla Models S, 3, and X

Tesla Model X P90D on a highway.

Trailblazing in exterior and interior luxury features, the Tesla Model S, Model 3, and X are space-age beauty personified. Compact and sleek, the exteriors and interiors of Tesla three are inseparably impressive, to say the least. Exterior features to highlight include an all-glass roof that extends from the front to the back that protects occupants from harmful Ultra-Violet light. Rear side and forward-facing cameras provide maximum visibility and powerful processing up to a range of 250m.

In keeping with Tesla’s safety consciousness, 12 Ultra sensors detect nearby cars, and prevent potential collisions, while others autopilots advanced safety and convenience features assist with parking. With such features, Tesla’s Model 3 is considered the future of driving. And it’s not only about aesthetics with Tesla Inc’s three, all cars hold 5-Star Ratings and IIHS Top Safety achievements.

18. 2022 Ford GT

Ford GT - a high-end supercar produced under the American Ford brand.

From bodywork to bullish, sinewy looks, to price range and arguably power, when it comes to design specs, the new 2022 Ford GT is the ultimate supercar. In that vein, this American sports/race car is friends with the Italian Aventador. Similar to the Aventador, the Ford GT is also a mid-engine two-seater sports car.

 19. 2022 SR5 Toyota Tundra

FAIRFIELD, UNITED STATES - May 03, 2022: The 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 Double cab car during sunset in Fairfield, United States.

Epitomizing American toughness and raw masculine beauty, the 2022 SR5 Toyota Tundra edition is the latest in Toyota’s TNGA platform of full-sized pick-ups. It comes in crew-cab and double-cab models. The 2022 SR5 Toyota Tundra edition boasts three main trims (the Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax 4 x 45.5ft short bed, Toyota Tundra SR5 4 x 4 6.5ft Standard and the Toyota Tundra SR5 4 x 2 Double Cab 8.1ft Long bed.)

All ruggedly handsome and so in-your-face.

20. GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon AT4 car parked outside the showroom.

Although a mid-size pickup truck segment, the 2022 GMC Canyon, is another answer to those of you wishing for a beautiful pick-up. True to its name, the Canyon is just that, a compact pick-up with a bit more smoothed-over edges than most American trucks. Old-school meeting modern technology, the Canyon cleans up well.

For 2022, the Canyon has excellent unique proportions. Not only do strong, square wheel arches add flair to its profile, but its chiseled, masculine face, overall design of a prominent grille, and imposing headlights also give it distinguishable gallantry. D. Last, but not least, my unique list of ultimate universal un-uglies

21. 2022 McLaren GT

Very Orange Mclaren GT wing door open.

Similar to a cross between a Maserati and a Lamborghini, who would have thought the McLaren was British! An additional shape to it is added to by LED headlamps that come with rain and light sensors as well as sequential LED indicators. As with the Maserati MC20, the McLaren GT can also be accessed via dihedral or “butterfly” doors, an unusual, but stylishly beautiful feature among grand cars.

22. 2023 Range Rover Sport

Low angle shot of Range Rover SV Autobiography.

Also considered the “ultimate combo of luxury, performance, and off-road ability” the Range Rover Sport compares favorably with other beautiful cars. As such, it is considered among the most popular premium luxurious SUVs available. For 2023, the Range Rover Sport has been fully redesigned.

It comes with fresh styling, a revamped cabin, and cutting-edge tech. 

23. Jaguar F-type

Low angle shot of Jaguar F-type.

Coming with just the right amount of Jag heritage, like the AMG GT, the Jaguar F-type is also a gorgeous V-8 sports car with undeniably beautiful bodywork. Both cars have distinguishable noses that are the flagship of each. With a classically beautiful body and V-8-only engine options, like the AMG GT, the 2022 Jaguar F-type is a throwback sports car of sorts.

Over time, the F-Type has become even more complex, as it too, like the AMG GT, has seen the arrival of a coupe version, powerhouse R. As with the AMG GTs, both the F-Type’s coupe and convertible are exciting and entertaining to drive.

24. Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier pickup truck display outside the showroom.

It has been said that the “Nissan Frontier is the best-looking truck in its class. Period.” A mid-size truck rather than a pick-up, its chiseled fascia features, headlights, as well as grilles, are remarkably memorable and markedly rugged 21st Century subjectively beautiful appearance and gravitas.