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11 SUVs Similar to the BMW X2

BMW X2 car parked at dirt road in mountains.

As part of BMW’s efforts to deliver a model for every number, the car giant manufactured the x2. The name makes it pretty obvious that this model is between the X1 and the X3. The X2, according to BMW, is a Sports Activity Coupé. It is, however, quite similar in concept to a lot of larger SUVs.

It actually has a lot of similarities to the X6 and X4 models. Based on the X1, this car has a better and sportier look. The interesting thing about the X2 is that it has a lot of direct rivals. You will find a lot of similar vehicles in the compact premium SUV market.

There are several competitors from Audi, Mercedes, and MINI that you can compare with the BMW X2. So what can you expect from the X2? This car comes in at a price of $36,600, which is quite affordable.

To get the all-wheel drive, you can just have to add another $2,000. All of the X2 Models on the market come with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

This beast delivers either 228-or 302 horsepower. The latter engine can push the SUV to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Wondering which cars are closely related to the X2? Well, my personal favorites are the Range Rover Evoque, Audi Q3, and the Ford Escape. Let’s take a deeper dive into cars that are similar to the X2.

1. Cupra Formentor

Front view of a gray Cupra Formentor parked in front of the building.

This car comes from a brand that has been around in Europe for a while. In fact, it has been the best-selling vehicle in Australia for a while. Why? Well, the vehicle is like the best of both worlds, and it straddles the line between the X2, VW Golf, Tiguan, and the T-Roc.

You can think of it as a sporty hatchback that has the styling and space of a midsize SUV. So you get the performance of a super hatch and the space of an SUV? That kinda sounds like a win-win, and it is. You can expect to get the standard model at $50,690.

If you are thinking jack of all trades, then you are right. This sporty, stylish, and spacious vehicle is a worthy rival to the X2. There are several engine options to pick from. You can get the petrol, which features 1.5 L, 2.0 L, and 2.5 L variants, or you can get a petrol plug-in hybrid that comes with a 13 kWh battery.

You can also get a diesel 2.0 L TDI I4. The engine is coupled with a 6-speed manual, 6-speed DSG or 7-speed DSG. This range of petrol and hybrid powertrains is capable of delivering up to 245hp.

2. Holden Equinox

A shining holden equinox car photographed with the plants at the back.

The 2018 Holden Equinox is a new mid-sized SUV that easily matches some of the most established SUVs in its range, including the BMW X1. Being a newcomer, a lot of people may not know much about this small giant. It’s also quite cheaper than most of the cars in its range, starting at $19,600.

Much like the X1, the Equinox is a crossover that seats five. However, you will find that it’s roomier. There are five different versions of this car to choose from.

You can either get the base model LS, LS+, LT, or the well-equipped LTZ. If you have the budget for it, you can also go for the flagship LTZ-V. 

So, how does it stack up? The car’s Diesel engine delivers 100 hp, while the petrol delivers a whopping 252 hp. You will also get 188kW and 353Nm, together with a nine-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The towing capacity of the Holden Equinox is up to 2000kg.

3. Ford Escape

Front and side view of black ford escape car parked at the side of the street.

Are you a Ford fan? You may be pleased to learn that your favorite manufacturer also has an impressive midsized SUV. The Escape will definitely tempt you away from purchasing the X2.

This midsize SUV starts at $25,555, and it comes in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. You can also get a plug-in hybrid. The Escape’s 2.0 turbo four-cylinder delivers 250 horsepower and 250 lbs.-ft.torque.

This makes it more powerful than the X2. When it comes to fuel economy, the different variants range from 23 to 28 city MPG and 32 for the highway.

Ford invested a lot into safety with this vehicle. It features what is known as a “limp home system” that enables you to keep going even if most or all of your coolant has been lost. In this mode, the engine will keep running on half of its cylinders at a time.

It reduces power but allows you to get home. This feature is absent from the X2. You will also get an impressive towing capacity with this vehicle. The 2.0L EcoBoost delivers a 3,500-pound towing capacity, while the 1.5L EcoBoost boasts a 2,000-pound towing capacity.

4. Kia Sportage

Side view look of white kia sportage parked at the city street.

Kia’s Stonic light SUV has been selling like hotcakes. With a starting price of $24,090, this car definitely has a lot to offer compared to its competitors. The new-generation Sportage comes with show-stopping looks and impressive performances.

Kia has made a lot of improvements when it comes to comfort, materials, and interior design, which makes it a perfect match for the X2. 

So how fast is the Sportage? After all, it does have a sport in its name, assuming that has something to do with speed? The engine can do 0-60 in 7.7 seconds.

You will get this speed and acceleration from the 226bhp full hybrid. This makes it the quickest Sportage you can buy. If you are looking to do a lot of towing, this car will give you a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds when coupled with the Kia Sportage towing package.

5. Mini Countryman

A photo of brown mini countryman car in parking lot with a classic backround.

The Mini Countryman is the largest MINI model ever made, coming in at $29,100. The five-seater is quite roomy, and it features a richly tailored interior and generous cargo space. It now stretches over four meters, and it has also been made a lot taller and wider.

Fortunately, this car is not all about size. There’s definitely a method to this super-sizing madness. For the first time in the Mini’s brief history, the Mini has delivered a car that’s a big deal, so much so that it can match the BMW X2.

The Mini is powered by a 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo, three-cylinder direct-injection powerful engine with double VANOS. This small beast delivers 134 hp @ 4500 rpm. This engine is powerful enough to get from 0-60 MPH in 9.3 sec.

With all these impressive performances, you will still be able to get gas mileage of up to 26 mpg city and 33 mpg highway. This is quite impressive for a car in its class.

6. Range Rover Evoque

A red Range Rover Evoque car driving on the snow road during winter season.

Coming in at a base price of $46,400, this luxury subcompact SUV class is another car to consider if you are looking for something similar to the X2. It features a 2.0-liter 4cyl, 178bhp that can push the car from 0-60mph in 8.5 seconds.

With record sales, it’s safe to say that the Evoque has been a smash hit. It is definitely one of the strongest contenders in the midsize SUV range. 

The car comes with an emissions-friendly nine-speed automatic gearbox. However, you might want to note that the gearbox is aimed more toward comfort than it is at performance. While the shift is quite smooth, the acceleration is not that impressive.

This is to be expected as this car is more about comfort rather than scintillating performance. Even so, you can still go from 0-60mph in 8.5 seconds.

Interestingly, this is 1.3 seconds more than the X2 needs for this sprint. With 296 horsepower, when fully equipped, this car delivers 295 lb-ft of torque and a towing capacity of 3,968 pounds.

7. Infiniti QX30

Cose up photo of white infiniti qx30 car test driving on mountain raod.

The QX30 is the second smaller SUV from this manufacturer, starting at $30,150. This vehicle follows the template set out by the brand’s hatchback(Q30). It uses the exact running gear as Mercedes’ A class.

However, the manufacturer classifies it as a crossover model, which makes it a competitor for cars like the X2, Mercedes GLA, and Audi Q3. The car has several notable differences from the standard Q30, including a better ride height and extra body cladding on the front, bumpers, and wheel arches. It also comes with chrome roof rails for better aesthetics.

Despite having the same chassis as the smaller A-class and the Q30 hatch, this car only comes with a single drivetrain. You will get a 168bhp 2.2-liter diesel that comes with a four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox. The Infinity has a towing capacity of up to 1800kg, which is a little bit slower than the X2’s 2000kg.

8. Jeep Cherokee

Side view angle of the 2022 model of Jeep Grand Cherokee in white colorway parked outdoors at the Stellantis Dealership.

The trail-ready version of the Cherokee can go places other midsized SUVs can only dream about. Starting at $33,995, it can also pull significantly more weight than most of its rivals, delivering a towing capacity of 4500-pound. Compared to smaller SUVs, this vehicle has better handling and a smoother ride.

You will also get a range of standard driver assists. The car comes with a 270-hp 3.2-liter V-6 engine. You can also get a torquier turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Both of these engines come paired with an all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission. 

Being a Jeep, this midsized Cherokee drives with a heftiness that makes it feel bigger than the majority of its rivals. It absorbs impact without much excess reverberation, which makes it so that it never feels floaty on the highway. When compared to the X2, the car is nicely weighted and accurate. 

9. Audi Q3

Motion shot of a running black Audi Q3 car on the road.

Starting at $34,900 for the entry-level, the Q3 has been around for a while. It really hasn’t changed a lot in terms of styling over the years. The only notable changes that have been made to this vehicle are the notable tech upgrades.

For instance, it now has a Virtual Cockpit which you won’t find in a lot of similarly priced midsized SUVs. Fortunately, there’s not a lot that’s wrong with the car’s original looks. 

The Q3 comes with a decent range of engines. All of them are quite powerful and efficient. Also, now there is the option to get a 45 TFSI e hybrid that’s quite luxurious.

This vehicle’s sense of luxury is elevated by the big Audi grille. This is one of the features that give the car a strong presence on the road. For some reason, despite this car’s high-riding SUV stance, it doesn’t really offer a lot when it comes to off-road ability.

Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely that most of this car’s owners will plan to take it off-road anyways. Compared to the Q8, the X2 offers a bit more driving involvement. 

10. The New Mercedes GLA

Orange New Mercedes GLA parking near the river overlooking the bridge.

This car is one of the few cars on the market that aims to tempt customers away from the BMW X2 and others in its class. Starting at $36,400, this is one of the X2’s closest rivals. While the previous version of this car looked more like a pumped-up hatchback, the 2022 version looks more like a proper midsized SUV.

Like its predecessors, the vehicle is based on the Mercedes A-Class, and it features a stunning twin-screen interior that’s packed with lots of impressive technology. There are several variants of this car to choose from. Apart from the standard one, you can also get the GLA plug-in hybrid and a scorching fast AMG version. 

While the X2 is sportier, the GLA finds itself somewhere in the middle between chunky styling coupe-ish options. This midsized SUV is instantly recognizable as a Mercedes, and it’s somewhat in the middle of the Mercedes GLC and the A-Class. Compared to the X2 and XC40, it’s a little conservative. The 2022 GLA-class comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that pulls either the front or all four wheels, delivering 221 horsepower.

11. 2019 Acura RDX

Side view of a red Acura RDX at a car show display.

If you are thinking of getting the X2, then you are probably looking for something a bit sporty. If that’s true, then you will definitely be impressed by the $38,295 Acura RDX. This is a reasonable alternative to the midsize Bimmer X2.

The Acura has impressive performance credentials, and it starts with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. You can expect to get 272 hp from this powerhouse. With this kind of power, this vehicle is one of the quickest vehicles in the midsize SUV class.

The car also comes with a 10-speed transmission and an all-wheel drive that does an impressive job of boosting overall maneuverability.


Is the BMW X2 cheap to maintain?

This car does not fall under the class of cars that are cheap to maintain. It costs more to maintain than the X1. This is because the cost of repair and maintenance is high, and it’s rumored to have more faults than the other cars in its class. What’s more, BMW’s service is generally not cheap, and their spare parts are expensive as well.

What would be a high mileage for the X2?

If you are planning to buy the X2, it’s crucial to know when you can start expecting serious problems. You can start thinking of an X2 as having high mileage when it hits the 150,000 miles mark. After this, you can expect it to start coming down with some costly problems unless you maintain it properly.

Is the X2 more reliable than an X1?

This car is not more reliable than the X2. In fact, the X1 is the more reliable one. Regardless, these two are not very reliable, and they all fall below the average rating when it comes to reliability. 

Does the BMW X2 still hold its value after five years?

As mentioned before, this car is not very reliable. This means it will likely not hold its value after five years. With a starting price of $36,600, this car will probably cost about $21,000 after five years.