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Tesla Model 3 vs BMW 3 Series

A collage of Tesla Model 3 and BMW 3.

While the Tesla line of vehicles is a relative newcomer on the market, it is up against some of the most proven luxury brands, such as BMW.

BMW also released a hybrid version of its iconic E series, but how does it compare to one of the world’s first all-electric vehicles? Read on to see how they match up.

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Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 first hit the market in 2017. It is an all-electric sedan and it was the first mass-market vehicle produced by Tesla.

Customers can choose from different trim models. The base model can drive up to 220 miles on one charge. The premium model can get up to 310.

It features an innovative two independent motor all-wheel drive. These motors digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels. The driver has better traction control and handling. Also, it has improved performance and weather conditions.

The Tesla Model 3 has top-rated safety features. Drivers have a 360° view with the rear, side, and forward-facing cameras. Also, the visual processing range reaches up to 250 m. 12 ultrasonic sensors built into the car to detect nearby vehicles, assist with parking, and help prevent collisions.

One of Tesla’s most notable features is the advanced auto pilot and safety features. Updates are downloaded automatically over built in wifi networks.

Its construction is built to be safe. The front has impact protection and an overall rigid structure. Its low profile means that it has minimal rollover risk and is also rated a top safety pick by the IIHS.

Tesla Model 3 has unique features not seen anywhere else. For example, your smartphone can work as a key. The interior touchscreen has access to all of the driver controls on a 15-inch panel.

Inside, the all-glass roof creates a sense of spaciousness as well as providing UV protection.

The Tesla Model 3 also carries a great warranty. The basic vehicle war in T covers for years or 50,000 miles.

The Tesla Model 3 is supported by national charging networks. Currently, there are 30,000 superchargers around the world. New locations are open every week.

Drivers can choose from six base paint colors. These include pearl white, midnight silver metallic, deep blue metallic, solid black, and red. There are also two-wheel choices: either 18-inch arrow wheels or 19-inch sport wheels.

The interior has two color choices white or black. The all-vegan interior is custom engineered for the Model 3. It is also durable and stain-resistant.

Advanced climate controls elevate the driver experience. Internal controls help monitor temperature and airflow without any physical events. It also adjusts the temperature in cold weather, warming the vehicle before driving for optimal battery performance.

All premium audio and media features include 13 speakers, an immersive sound with one subwoofer and 2 amps. Music and media can also play over Bluetooth. Included is a USB port with a 120 GB portable storage device.

Seats are power-adjustable and heated. The steering wheel is also heated. Interior formats are included.

The Tesla Model 3 also allows for custom driver profiles. It starts at around $55,000.

It reaches 0=60 in around 5.6 seconds. The Tesla Model 3 seats up to five adults.


  • State of the art all-electric vehicle
  • Premium tech features
  • Comfortable interior

BMW 3 Series

A photo of gray BMW 3.

The BMW 3 series was first released in 1983. For the next four decades, it exemplified classic and sporty style.

The BMW three series is the sedan featuring BMWs iconic build. There are four base models to choose from, including the 330 E electric model. It is a plug-in hybrid and its all-electric range reaches 22 miles and with gas it has 33 mpg.

Many drivers prefer to have hybrid engines because chargers are not equally dispersed in all parts of the world. There is an optional wall mount accessory so your garage can turn into a charging station.

Drivers can choose from optional sports packages and trims including aerodynamic kits. The interior features updated perforated sensor tech upholstery with vibrant color options. All leather interior also comes standard.

Its tech package features intelligent voice-assisted navigation options and GPS. BMW also provides state-of-the-art remote services like remote door unlock, stolen vehicle recovery, and concierge services.

The interior also features unique aspects like a telescopic tilt steering column and saving driver’s preferences. Rear seats can also have a 40/20/40 split fold-down option to accommodate more space.

In the cockpit, the driver-centric layout allows for personalized interactions. The interior media options include wireless Apple CarPlay and Android auto.

Its powerful engine means it can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.

The BMW 3 series can seat up to five adults.

The exterior features the iconic four-door design with a kidney grill and Hofmeister kink. It costs $41,450 – $56,700.


  • Accessibility to the BMW network of mechanics and garages for optimal reliability 
  • Advanced on the road safety features and concierge
  • Hybrid engine