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18 Toyota 4Runner Ultimate Accessory List

A black toyota 4runner photographed in a high place with a panoramic view at the back.

One of the best vehicles in its class, the Toyota 4Runner is a legend no matter what year model you have. They are the ultimate SUV and outdoor vehicle, being just as flexible as you need them to be. You can fit your family, groceries, and household items in the 4Runner during the week and take it off-road to play on the weekends.

You can make your 4Runner your own in many ways when choosing from the ultimate list of accessories. Your stock 4Runner will look and feel like the top-tier vehicle that it is when you start adding from the list below.  

1. Fog Lights

AUTOWIKI Fog Lights for 2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner OEM Replacement Fog Lamps 2PCS With Clear Lens

If your 4Runner model doesn’t already have them, make sure you are ordering a set of fog lights right away. They are essential for all weather conditions, especially if you plan to take your 4Runner off-road into the snow, rain, and dense conditions.

They give you additional protection when traveling up foggy mountain roads so that you can see all around you. When you choose to add fog lights, you can choose from various types of light bulbs to maximize your viewing. You can purchase a fog light assembly kit from AutoZone

2. Roof Rack

Genuine Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO Roof Rack PT278-89190

While the 4Runner does hold quite a bit of cargo and luggage, you can get added storage space when you add roof racks to your 4Runner. They are meant to carry items that cannot fit inside the 4Runner, like kayaks, fishing poles, and other items that are longer than the cargo space.

When these roof racks are installed on your 4Runner, they allow you to secure these items and transport them safely, not obstructing your view or leaving scratches on your 4Runner.  At Advanced Auto Parts, you can choose from different roof racks to fit your hauling needs. 

3. Light Bar

LED Light Bar Push Button Switch with Connector Wire Blue Backlit On/Off Kit Compatible with Toyota Tundra Tacoma 4Runner

When you take your 4Runner off-road, you could find yourself in some pretty dark and steep places. With the addition of a light bar, you can light up the area in front of you at full beams so that you can see and get yourself to safety when traveling.

The light bar is great for additional security if you are traveling on the highway after dark and need additional lighting. The light bar also gives your 4Runner a rugged look as an off-road vehicle.

These light bars come in various sizes and brightness and can be as customizable as you want. Just be mindful of light laws in your area. Choose from one of the many available online at Amazon

4. Cargo Mats

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series | Cargo Liner - Black | 25721 | Fits 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner w/ Standard Cargo Area & w/o 3rd Seat or Sliding Cargo Deck 1 Pcs

Depending on what your extracurricular activities look like, you could be transporting equipment and cargo that is wet and dirty. To keep your cargo area clean and manageable, you should add cargo mats to the area that are easy to remove and spray off before returning to the 4Runner.

They can be just as diverse as you, coming in an array of colors, designs, and even material options. Depending on what you are hauling will determine how heavy duty you need when it comes to cargo mats. At O’Reilly Auto Parts, you can choose from different cargo mats to add to your 4Runner.

5. Cargo Carrier

ANTS PART Roof Rack for 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner Cross Bars Luggage Cargo Carrier Cross Rails

Instead of using your roof to carry kayaks and surfboards, you could add a cargo carrier to the top and include additional luggage. This accessory is meant to haul additional luggage or other types of cargo that needs to be out of the elements when you have run out of space in the back of your 4Runner.

The cargo carrier is the right move if you are heading out on a trip and have additional valuable cargo that needs protection. Choose from one of the leading cargo carrier brands when you purchase one from CariD

6. Trunk Cargo Organizer

Envelope Style Automotive Elastic Trunk Mesh Cargo Net for Toyota 4Runner 3 Row Model Only 2010 - 2022 - Premium Trunk Organizer and Storage - Luggage Net for SUV - Best Car Organizer


When you use the cargo area in your 4Runner extensively, either for shopping, ball practice, trips or other reasons, you may have some items that stay with you all the time. With the help of a trunk cargo organizer, you can keep the items you need in your 4Runner with you all the time and in their designated place.

Otherwise, they may start sliding around and could be damaged or missing when the time comes to use them. You can find some of the best organizers for your trunk cargo at Walmart

7. Towing Hitches

CURT 13445 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2-Inch Receiver, Compatible with Select Lexus GX470, Toyota 4Runner , Black

Being able to haul small loads from one location to the other is another feature that the 4Runner offers in its class. This means that you should always have a towing hitch on your 4Runner so that you can hook up to small trailers or a bike ramp when you are traveling.

Some small campers can even be hauled by a 4Runner if they are under 5,000 pounds. Choosing a towing hitch is customizable, so you can get one with a specific color, design, or even characters on the hitch cover. The price could vary depending on the hitch you go with from Amazon

8. Aftermarket Headlights

Garage-Pro Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Compatible with 2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner Halogen, Set of 2, Driver and Passenger Side

While the 4Runner comes with decent headlights from the manufacturer, you do have the ability to upgrade the headlights with aftermarket lights.  You can make your aftermarket light bulbs brighter in the LED options so that you can see them when traveling.

You need to be wary of laws regarding aftermarket lights and how they can affect others around you on the highway. While you can choose a number of colors for your bulbs, you must make sure they are legal first. At AutoZone, you have many aftermarket headlights to choose from for your 4Runner. 

9. Spare Tire Kit

SCITOO Compatible for 2005-2021 for TOYOTA Tacoma Spare Tire Tool with 1 Lug Wrench Tool 1 Hook Segment 2 Extension Segments 091150C030 091500R010

Because you use your 4Runner for a daily commuter and sometimes even as an off-road vehicle, one of the best accessories you can have in the trunk of your 4Runner is a spare tire kit. Make sure you have a tire that matches your set and a kit to help you remove a bad tire and put the spare on.

The tool kit comes with a jack and hand tools; some even have a can of air in case your spare needs some after it is placed on the tire. Advanced Auto Parts has a spare tire kit you can purchase and store away easily.  

10. Brush Guard

Matte Black AVT Style Aluminum LED Light Bull Bar Brush Push Front Bumper Grill Grille Guard With Skid Plate For 10-21 Toyota 4Runner

Heading off-road means you could come into contact with lots of brush and small trees on trails with your 4Runner. By adding a brush guard to the front of your 4Runner, you are keeping that unwanted debris off your vehicle and protecting the lights and grill from any damage.

In addition to the security and protection it offers, the brush guard gives a tough appearance to your 4Runner, making it that true off-road vehicle look. You can find a variety of brush guards for your 4Runner online through Amazon

11. Mudflaps

LUJUNTEC Mudguards US44580_329126115 Compatible for Toyota 4Runner 86 Avalon Avanza Camry Celica C-HR for Toyota Corolla iM 2000-2019 Front and Rear Mud Flaps Universal

Keeping the unwanted mud and water from your undercarriage is essential because it reduces the amount of rust you can get beneath your 4Runner. With the addition of mud flaps to your 4Runner, you are minimizing damage to your vehicle.

When you go off-road or even hit the water on the highway, the mudflap eliminates the excess moisture and keeps it from getting under the vehicle for long periods. CariD has a variety of options to choose from for your 4Runner. 

12. Upgraded Exhaust System

Exhaust Muffler Carbon Fiber 1.5-2"Inlet with Removable DB Killer for Street/Sport Motorcycles and Scooters with 38,51mm Diameter Exhaust Pipes

The look of an upgraded exhaust system is one of the most attractive things about an off-road vehicle. These systems are meant to be protected through trails and tough terrain, not falling off or being damaged when they hit the ground, trees, and other obstacles.

If you are using your 4Runner for work, you will want to upgrade your exhaust system to one that is high performing at all times. Choose one of the toughest models from Magnaflow for your 4Runner. 

13. All-Terrain Tires

Falken Wildpeak AT3W all_ Terrain Radial Tire-265/70R17 121S

The stock tires on your 4Runner will not be sufficient when trying to take on various terrains and use them for all that it is. To maximize the look and performance of your 4Runner, you need to upgrade to all-terrain tires to use the 4Runner for off-road and daily commutes. 

These tires are good in any condition and live up to their name, performing in all terrains. If you need to get a new set of all-terrain tires, your local Walmart auto center carries all the leading tire brands and sizes your 4Runner needs. 

14. Pet Seat Covers

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector - Waterproof, Heavy-Duty and Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Universal Size Fits for Cars, Trucks & SUVs(Black)

If you have pets, and they spend a lot of time traveling with you, then you need to protect the seats with pet seat covers. Whether you have leather or cloth seats, pet hair tends to get everywhere, and your pet nails can cause cuts and damage to the seats. 

The difference between pet seat covers and regular seat covers is their ability to capture the pet hair and be more durable than other seat covers. These are heavy-duty and can stand up against the different ways a pet can cause damage in your 4Runner. Choose from pet seat covers online on Amazon that will match your interior and protect it. 

15. Window Visors

Auto Ventshade AVS 94242 Original Ventvisor Side Window Deflector Dark Smoke, 4-Piece Set for 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner

If you want to eliminate excess noise from the wind when traveling, a window visor may be just what your 4Runner needs. It also helps reduce the sun’s impact on your windows, so it isn’t as hot or bright during the day. Over time, they protect your interior by reducing fade damage from the sun and are worth the investment.

They also help keep out moisture in your 4Runner and protect it from environmental damage. You can order yours today at Napa Auto Parts for the front and rear sides. 

16. Nerf Bars

Tyger Auto TG-SS2T35248 Tyger Rider Running Boards Compatible with 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition; 2014-2022 SR5 / TRD Pro | Not for TRDSport | 3.5" W | Textured Black | Side Step | Nerf Bars

If your 4Runner has a lift, or you just want an easier way for passengers to step into the vehicle, add nerf bars along the bottom of the 4Runner. These bars are heavy-duty, so when you are off-road with them, you do not have to worry about them falling off on trails.

They are a safety feature for shorter passengers who may have time climbing in or getting out of your 4Runner and prevent them from getting hurt. AutoZone keeps nerf bars available for 4Runners so that you can protect and achieve the off-road look your 4Runner is going for. 

17. Bike Racks

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Mount Bike Rack Platform Style 2-Bike Rack for Cars Trucks SUVs Minivans with Hitch Tightener

If you like to hit the trails with your mountain bike, then you need a safe way to travel with them while taking your 4Runner. You can add a bike rack to your 4Runner, allowing you to tow your bikes with you to your favorite trail or on vacation. The rack keeps them secure while driving, so they do not fall off or impact your views.

No matter how dirty your bike gets, it will be outside the 4Runner, keeping the interior clean. Easily purchase a bike rack at your local Walmart for your 4Runner that is compatible and lets you get out there doing what you love. 

18. Floor Mats

ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles (Black, 24 Square Feet)

The best way that you can protect the interior of your 4Runner is with floor mats. They can capture any dirt, sand, mud, or anything else that comes into your 4Runner. They are easy to clean; you simply pull them out and wash them down before putting them back in your 4Runner.

Depending on the brand of floor mats, you can choose a heavy-duty one that can manage all types of dirt. You also have color options that will match your interior. When you purchase these floor mats from Advanced Auto Parts, you can choose from the industry leader, Weather Tech, or other brands.