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13 Toyota Tundra & Tacoma Accessories – Ultimate List

Side view photo of red toyota tundra on the grass parked.

Most people have strong opinions about what kind of vehicle they would like to own and drive for themselves. There are some who go for the utilitarian value that they can find with a Toyota vehicle. Indeed, the Toyota Tundra is one type of vehicle that you should look at for all of the extra benefits that it can provide to you.

It has a long lifespan in most cases, and it also has some great accessories that you can use to make this vehicle fully your own. Today, we will take a look at some of the accessories that can help you make a Toyota Tundra the kind of vehicle that you want to drive for the rest of your life.

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1. Tundra Pro Reflective Bed Lettering

The back of a while Toyota Tundra carrying two tires, with a visible TRD PRO lettering.

There is something special about getting the bed lettering on your vehicle to reflect the name and style of the vehicle that you are driving.

People often like to show off the specific type of vehicle that they are driving to the world, and it is a common experience for them to want to order reflective bed lettering to help emphasize that fact even more. The color that these letters most often come in is matte black, but owners can special order their letters in a variety of colors if they wish to do so. 

2. Bed Mat

Close up picture of a black car bed mat, driver's seat.

Among the most important parts of any Toyota Tundra is the bed of the truck. You want to keep it safe and protected from damage, and that means getting the equipment that you need to help keep it safe and make sure that you aren’t running the risk of getting into a situation where something gets damaged beyond your ability to take care of it.

Sadly, this happens to many people, and they may end up losing a significant chunk of the value in their Toyota Tundra if they don’t get the equipment that they need to keep it safe. 

The bed mat is something that can help keep the bed of your truck protected from the wear and tear that it may otherwise go through. People have run into this time and time again when they attempt to put too many items in the bed of their truck or when they are too casual about how they load up the bed of their truck.

Either one of those situations can potentially lead to damage being sustained, and it may cause them to need to look more carefully at the way that they are treating their materials going forward. 

3. Bed Extender

Front view angle of a truck bed of a pick up truck.

While we are on the subject of the truck bed, it is worth mentioning that there are some people who simply don’t quite get enough from the size of the truck bed that they have going for them at this time. They may need to add a little extra length to the bed of the Toyota Tundra if they have items that may need a little extra room in order to fit in. 

To use this accessory, one will need to make sure they have the tailgate down on their truck. That will allow them to install the bed extender so that they can get a little extra room added to their vehicle. The bed extender accessory that is offered on the Toyota Tundra can add a full two feet of extra room to the bed of the truck.

Those extra two feet can make all of the difference when loading a lengthy item that needs to be moved from Point A to Point B. 

Alternatively, there are some who decide to leave the tailgate up and secure the items that are already in the bed of the truck at this time. 

A few things that you should know about the bed extender tool include the following: 

  • Your taillights remain visible in accordance with DOT standards
  • The extender cannot be removed when the tailgate is up and locked (protects against the risk of theft)
  • Powder coat finish makes the extender tool look great

This is the kind of accessory that you may not think you need until you really do. Thus, it is a good idea to go ahead and get one ahead of time so you aren’t constantly playing catch up when it comes to taking care of the tools that you need to have to make your vehicle look its best. 

4. BedStep

Side view of a car's bedstep.

Getting into or out of the bed of the truck is an important part of owning a Toyota Tundra in the first place. You need to do this to make sure you can access the things that you put into your truck at any given time. Many people are known to get a Toyota Tundra for exactly this reason. 

The BedStep can be installed onto a Toyota Tundra without any drilling or other special mechanical tasks being necessary. You can simply get the BedStep added without all of the extra steps that have been necessary in the past. This step will fit neatly under the bumper of your truck so that it isn’t in the way, but it is also available exactly when you need it.

That is something that is significantly important to your ability to enjoy the value of a tool like this without giving up any of the looks that your truck has. You don’t want to lose the style and design of your truck by any stretch of the imagination, but you also want to work with items that provide a lot of value to what you are doing as well. 

This tool can be used hands-free and is easy to put exactly into the right place when you need it. Despite its small size and ease of use, it can hold up to 300 lbs. so most people can step up on it and get into the back of the truck without concerns that the step won’t work for them. It is strong and yet easy to use all at the same time. 

5. Deck Rail Camera Mount

High Precision Aluminum Alloy Universal 2in1 Action Camera Rifle Gun Crossbow Parallel Mlock Picatinny Rail Mount Clamp Weaver Adapter for Airsoft Hunting Paintball Vlogging GoPro Hero Akaso DJI Sony

You can’t say that you are getting the full value out of your truck unless you are using all of the features that can make it great. A deck rail camera mount is one piece of equipment that you can install onto your Toyota Tundra to make it even more valuable to you in due time. 

It is possible for you to attach a GoPro camera onto the truck bed of your Toyota Tundra in order to ensure that you are capturing all of the adventures that you ultimately take in your truck. It is something that many truck owners have found to be useful because they are interested in sharing with the world an insight into the adventures that they are going to take.

If that is the kind of thing that appeals to you, then you will surely understand why some people are so interested in getting their GoPro cameras installed onto the bed of their Toyota Tundra trucks just the way that they need them to be. 

All of the attachment hardware is included when you purchase this accessory, so you aren’t going to need to break out any tools in order to get this camera mount installed onto your truck. It will be all ready to go for you right from the start. You just need to open it up out of the box and get it installed. 

6. Mini Tie-Downs with Hooks

TOYOTA Mini Tie-Downs with Hook 05-12 Tacoma and 07-12 Tundra

Do you plan on carting around precious equipment that could potentially get lost or damaged? If that is something that you anticipate in your future, then you may want to invest in a set of great mini tie-downs with hooks that you can use to keep your precious cargo secure.

After all, it may fly around the bed of your truck as you are driving around if you aren’t careful. Not only could you potentially lose valuable equipment that you had planned on carting around with you, but it is also possible that your cargo could fly out of the vehicle and cause some serious damage to others around you. 

You do NOT want to face the repercussions of a piece of equipment or cargo flying out of the back of your Toyota Tundra and damaging someone else’s property or person. One way to give yourself a bit more peace of mind about this is to buy mini tie-downs with hooks that can be used to secure your cargo in place so that you aren’t in danger of losing it out on the road. 

Each of the mini tie-downs that you buy comes in at a size of just 2 by 1 inch, and it carries only a maximum of 110 lbs. in capacity. However, that may be all that you need to protect the cargo that you are planning on carting around town with you. 

7. Predator Steps

N-Fab Predator Pro Steps | Textured Black, Cab Length | PRT1458R-TX | Fits 2014-2022 Toyota 4 Runner (Does not fit 2010-2019 Limited and 2010-2013 SR5 Models) SUV , SRW Gas

Would you like to have steps up into your Toyota Tundra that doesn’t take away from the look of it at all? If that sounds like the kind of thing that you would be happy to spend money on, then you need to know about predator steps. 

Not only are the predator steps a nice touch in terms of providing their users with the chance to step up into their truck as they need to, but they are also useful from a look’s point of view. People tend to think that predator steps are ideal looking as far as putting something on their truck that is clearly cool looking and useful at the same time. You just don’t get any better than putting predator steps on your Toyota Tundra when you are trying to decide on a great set of steps to use. 

These steps have a black powder-coated finish to them that you simply cannot get elsewhere. You will see that there are many advantages to using predator steps because they are so nice to look at compared to the entirely utilitarian steps that are often used by others. Make sure you consider this when thinking about what kind of steps you would like to add to your vehicle to make it truly something that matches your personality. 

8. Spray-On Bedliner

U-Pol Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit w/Free Spray Gun, 4 Liters

Bedliner that is strong and durable is something that will ultimately make your Tundra that much more powerful. You can get a spray-on bedliner that can help you get the kind of durability that you have come to expect from the Tundra vehicles that you have used in the past. 

The great thing about spray-on bedliner is the fact that it creates a smoother service that can help keep items from sliding around too much in the bed of the truck. This is ideal because you don’t want things to scratch up the bed of your truck or otherwise cause damage to this critical elements of the vehicle. 

People appreciate the fact that spray-on bedliner adds a minimal amount of weight to their truck, but it adds so much value in terms of keeping items in place and not damaging the rest of the truck. That is a good enough reason in and of itself to get spray-on bedliner that you know is going to come through in the clutch for you. 

9. Adventure Tire/Wheel Combo

(2-Pack) 10‘’ Replacement Tire for Gorilla Cart - Solid Polyurethane Flat-Free Tire and Wheel Assembly - 3” Wide Tires with 5/8 Inch Axle Borehole and 2.1” Hub

You need to get serious about the types of tires and wheels that you put on your vehicle at any time. If you put on an amazing tire/wheel combo, then you are going to be in great shape to get your vehicle to look exactly the way that you want it to, and to make sure that you have the kind of tires and wheels that you need to take your Tundra off-road and on adventures if you would like to do so. 

These tires and wheels are made with top-notch quality from the makers of all Toyota products. You will get a great look that is something truly outstanding and will make you want to take your Toyota out more and more. They are designed to create the perfect balance, offset, and brake clearance for your Toyota Tundra. 

10. Spare Tire Lock

Trimax A-33060-SPK TNL740 Spare Tire Nut Lock for Side Mount Spare Tires

If you have a spare tire on your vehicle (and almost all of them do), then you may have realized that you need an extra layer of protection on that tire to keep it safe from thieves. You may want to add on a spare tire lock to help keep things safe from those who might want to steal your possessions. 

The spare tire lock that you can buy as an add-on accessory for your Toyota Tundra is made from zinc-nickel plated hardened steel that will help keep the spare tire in place no matter what. 

11. Hard Tonneau Cover

extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 83706 | Fits 2007 - 2022 Nissan Titan 5' 7" Bed (67")

Keep things out of the bed of your truck when you are worried about the weather or when you happen to be parked under trees or anything else that may drop into the bed of the truck. A hard tonneau cover can help keep all of those things out and keep you safe at the same time. 

This cover is also known to make thieves think twice before they try to steal items from your vehicle. After all, do they really want to try to put up with the process of getting through a hard tonneau cover just to get at whatever could possibly be in your truck? That seems like too much risk and too little reward. 

The cover has a tri-fold design that is meant to be used to cover the entire bed of your truck in the easiest way possible. You can take the cover off when you need to, but it is going to stand the test of time and make it easier for you to remain safe when you are concerned about things falling into the bed of your truck, or when it is possible that someone may attempt to steal items from your truck. In either case, you need the cover to keep you safe. 

Other features that you need to know about with this are: 

  • You will always have full access to bed rails 
  • It is completely weather-resistant 
  • The self-latching system makes it easy for you to remove the cover as necessary

There are many people who don’t think about the need for a cover until they have already purchased the truck. Just make sure you get one for yours before you take it out for the very first time. You don’t want to risk putting yourself in a position where the items in your truck are vulnerable.

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12. Exhaust Tip – Chrome
AUTOSAVER88 2.5 Inch Inlet Exhaust Tip, 2.5" Inlet 3" Outlet 6" Overall Length Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips Chrome-Plated Finish Tailpipe

You can add a little extra style and flash to proceedings when you get an exhaust tip with the chrome. It is the kind of thing that is essential to your Toyota Tundra or any vehicle that you may drive, so it makes sense that you would want to add a bit of style and sophistication to proceedings by getting a chrome exhaust tip added to your vehicle. This is merely a small addition that can add quite a bit of style to your vehicle. 

Those who are interested can also get an exhaust tip in a chrome black color as well if they feel that this fits their style profile more completely. It is all about creating a look for your Toyota Tundra that will stand the test of time no matter what. 

13. Door Edge Guards

XPEL (XPF0375U100) 3/8" x 100' Door Edge Guard

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep your Toyota Tundra from sustaining damage from other drivers and from the nature of driving itself. You need to retain value in something as expensive as this, and the best way to make it happen is to put the kind of equipment that you need on your truck to safeguard it from any potential for damage going forward. One thing that many people use is door edge guards. 

Door edge guards are a great accessory for those who want to apply them to their Toyota Tundra. They will help by making sure the doors are subjected to damage from dings and chipped paint that can be sustained if someone happens to open their door near your Tundra. They may inadvertently hit the door of your truck, and this could cause the paint to chip or for other issues to arise.

You definitely don’t want to take any chances on that, and this is why it is so important that you use door edge guards to get yourself into a spot where you don’t have to worry about someone else damaging your truck in such a massive way. 

Keep Your Toyota Tundra Looking its Best

Front view angle in 3D image of the all new Toyota Tundra Hybrid Limited in a desert canyon in the background.

You have plenty of options when it comes to the types of accessories you may or may not use on your Toyota Tundra. You should certainly try to invest in the parts and pieces that will keep your truck looking and operating at its best levels. This means that you will want to take into account many of the features listed above.

On top of that, you may want to keep an eye out for the latest additions and developments in the industry as they come out. 

Toyota is constantly innovating, and they will surely come out with new products that can keep your vehicle even safer when you want to keep it soundly protected. Make sure you think about this and do what you can to invest in the parts and pieces that will make it happen.

This is likely the second most expensive purchase that you will ever make, so you need to do everything in your power to keep it safe from the damages that could be sustained by your vehicle otherwise. 

It is up to you to take the steps you need to take to keep your vehicle safe, secure, and working exactly the way that you want it to. Anything short of that and you are in a situation where you can’t guarantee the safety of your Toyota Tundra, and that is simply unacceptable.