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13 Cars Similar to Ferrari 812 GTS

A red Ferrari 812 GTS hypercar parked in a showroom.

The legendary Ferrari has made high-performance sports cars since 1947. Ferrari has remained one of the most respected names in competitive sports racing. But an era will be coming to an end with the Ferrari 812 GTS.

Why is the 812 GTS an end to an era for Ferrari?

The 812 GTS will be Ferrari’s last naturally-aspirated production model. The manufacturing focus will now move to producing only hybrid vehicles. The Ferrari 812 GTS is another winning model among many other Ferrari sports cars for the past 75 years.

The Ferrari 812 GTS has stunning styling with an exotic Italian flair. The sculpted body screams performance. A focus is on the grand touring nature of the 812 GTS.

Many necessary driver controls are placed on steering wheel spokes. Power is courtesy of a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 engine. The V-12 produces 789 horsepower, but the 812 GTS can have more horsepower.

If one desires more power, you can always opt for the Competizione model with an 819 horsepower V-12. With a top end of 211 MPH, the Ferrari 812 GTS is a serious sports car. If you can afford the 812 GTS price of $408,235, going from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds will not bother you while getting 15 MPG.

As magnificent as the Ferrari 812 GTS is, some competitive alternatives exist. My alternatives are the Aston-Martin DBS Superleggera, McLaren 765 LT, and Lamborghini Huracan.

Competitive Alternatives to the Ferrari 812 GTS

These are my favorite top three Ferrari 812 GTS alternatives. What are yours?

1. Aston-Martin DBS

Sliver Aston Martin Parked in London Street.

I first became a fan of the Ason-Martin DBS because of the James Bond flick Goldfinger, released in 1965. The super cool car, driven by Sean Connery, will always be etched in my mind as THE car. The Aston-Martin DB5 in Goldfinger was the most exotic sports car ever.

The Aston-Martin DBS Superleggera is an excellent alternative to the Ferrari 812 GTS. The luxurious and elegant DBS was named after David Brown, who bought the company in 1947 and sold it in 1972. The Aston-Martin DBS today is quick with sculpted lines and a sports car body that always turns heads.

That is if you can see it as it thunders along with a twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V-12 engine. The V-12 cranks out 712 horsepower with a blazing top speed of 211 MPH.

  • 0-60 Time: 3.2 seconds
  • Pricing: $319,125 – $337,525
  • Mileage (Highway): 22 MPG
  • Passengers: 2+2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

2. McClaren 765LT Spider

Blue McLaren 765LT super sports car 3d model isolated on white background.

Blistering speed and precise handling makes the McClaren 765LT Spider a great supercar. The 765LT is a player as a Ferrari 812 GTS alternative. When the convertible top is down, the airy Spider has excellent visibility.

This is important when screaming along the highway or slinging up mountain curves. The exotically sculpted body has a ferocious appearance exuding performance. The Spider’s interior is austere but lightweight with a premium placed on performance.

A 755 horsepower mid-engine V-12 powers the lightweight 765LT. This combination launches the Mclaren 765LT to a top speed of 205 MPH. Also, the “LT” designation means the “longtail” version of the McClaren 720S super car.

  • 0-60 Time: 2.7 seconds
  • Pricing: $382,500
  • Mileage (Highway): 18 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

3. Lamborghini Huracan

Impressive image of a Lamborghini Huracan Performante Blue Aegira.

Quick acceleration and a deep-throated exhaust are synonymous with the Lamborghini Huracan. This combination makes it a formidable alternative to the Ferrari 812 GTS. The Huracan is sold as either a coupe or a convertible Spyder.

Also, there are options for all-wheel drive or standard rear-wheel drive. Typically, high-performance supercars focus on quick acceleration but not the interior. But, the Huracan has an appealing interior featuring unique color combinations.

The cabin also has a semi-floating center console with unusual, cool toggle switches. A 5.2-liter V-10 engine provides power and, depending on the model, produces up to 602 horsepower. The all-wheel drive model generates 631 horsepower and, at 8500 RPM, sounds like a beast with a 193 MPH top speed.

  • 0-60 Time: 2.6 seconds
  • Pricing: $213,104 – $331,533
  • Mileage (Highway): 18 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

4. 997.2 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Green Porsche 911 GT3 RS sports car parked in the underground garage.

The highly anticipated Porsche 911 GT3 RS looks menacing sitting in the parking lot. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is an attractive alternative to the Ferrerai 812 GTS. The GT3 RS has new electrifying colors, like purple or electric blue.

The Porsche focuses on technology and aggressive aerodynamics for excellent performance. The innovative GT3 RS has a centralized radiator and carbon fiber to reduce the car’s weight. Also, active front and rear wing elements can place up to 1,877 lbs. of downforce at 177 MPH for superior traction.

Power is provided by a 4.0-liter flat six-cylinder engine producing 518 horsepower. With the unique Porsche DRS (Drag Reduction System) engaged, the GT3 RS has a top speed of 193 MPH.

  • 0-60 Time: 3.0 seconds
  • Pricing: $187,500
  • Mileage (Highway): 18 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

5. Bentley Flying Spur

2016 Bentley Flying Spur presented the 85th International Geneva Motor Show.

Another luxury vehicle with superb ride and massive power is the Bentley Flying Spur. The Flying Spur is a solid alternative for the Ferrari 812 GTS. Not quite a super sports car, the athletic and exotic Flying Spur is a high-performance sedan.

The Spur has exquisite cabin detailing, an uber-quiet interior, and smooth highway manners. Not quite a supercar, but a player in the supercar market. The large sedan has plenty of power to entertain those of us wanting speed while riding in luxury.

The massive twin-turbo 6.0-liter V-12 creates 626 horsepower and propels the Bentley to a top speed of 198 MPH. Also, there are a couple of other engine options for the Flying Spur. The entry-level 4.0-liter V-8 creates 502 horsepower.

But for more power, consider the optional 2.9-liter turbocharged V-6. The V-6 also uses an electric motor to generate 536 horsepower.

  • 0-60 Time: 3.7 seconds (V-12)
  • Pricing: $196,000 – $221,000
  • Mileage (Highway): 20 MPG
  • Passengers: 5
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas/Hybrid Option

6. Acura NSX Type S

Image of a red Honda Acura NSX Type S sports car shown during the 133rd Rose Parade.

The flagship Acura NSX Type S is a sports car that has a twin-turbocharged V-6. Also, three electric motors work together with the V-6, creating blistering acceleration. Unfortunately, the interior and infotainment system is somewhat dated.

But, the NSX Type S is still an attractive alternative to the Ferrari 812 GTS. A sculpted body belies the ease of driving daily, which is uncommon for most supercars. Comfortable and intuitive to operate, the Type S competes well with Italian supercars.

The quick acceleration is due to a hybrid drive train that uses three electric motors. The electric motors assist the turbocharged V-6 in producing 600 horsepower. The Type S can be driven in Quiet mode only with electric motors.

Driven in Sports mode with the V-6 engaged, the NSX Type S can be an all-wheel-drive two-door supercar coupe. And one that is quite fast with a top-end speed of 191 MPH.

  • 0-60 Time: 2.9 seconds
  • Pricing: $171,495 – $192,495
  • Mileage (Highway): 22 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Hybrid

7. Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20 sport super car on display at The 42th Bangkok International Motor Show.

Maserati continues its legacy of exotic supercars with the gorgeous Maserati MC20. The MC20 is an attractive alternative to the Ferrari 812 GTS. With thrilling acceleration and precise steering, it is comfortable enough to drive daily.

The two-seater coupe is ultra-lightweight thanks to using carbon fiber. Also, it has aluminum substructures for the powertrain and suspension. The powertrain is a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine producing 621 horsepower.

The new engine uses twin-combustion technology in Formula 1 racing cars for a top speed of 202 MPH.

  • 0-60 Time: 3.2 seconds
  • Pricing: $216,995
  • Mileage (Highway): 25 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

8. Audi R-8

Audi R8 Spyder sports car showcased at the 97th Brussels Motor Show 2019 Autosalon.

The beautiful Audi R-8 luxury sports car convertible catches attention wherever driven. The R-8 V10 is the Audi flagship car, either as a 2-door coupe or the Sypder convertible. The minimalist interior feels luxurious and comfortable enough to be a daily driver.

The supercar’s beautifully designed cockpit features easy-to-read digital gauges. It has sculpted sports seats and an ignition button mounted on the steering wheel. The standard V-10 produces a potent 562 horsepower.

The V-10 has exhilarating acceleration, deep exhaust tones, and a top speed of 202 MPH. Upgrade to the Performance trim and increase output to 602 horsepower.

  • 0-60 Time: 3.4 seconds
  • Pricing: $151,895 – $216,695
  • Mileage (Highway): 23 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

9. Mercedes-AMG GT43 / GT53 / GT63

Mercedes AMG GT63S Blue in KL CIty.

The Mercedes-AMG GT series has blistering acceleration and exotic looks. The GT compares to the Ferrari 812 GTS with a series of high-performance sedans and the GT nameplate. The GT43 and GT53 trims have powerful inline-six powertrains.

But, the GT63 trim has a more powerful twin-turbo V-8 that brings sporty handling to the large vehicle. Also, the luxurious cabin has high-end appointments along with Mercedes’s cutting-edge infotainment technology. The Mercedes-AMG GT43 and GT53 inline six-cylinder engines have many powerful features.

These components include an intercooler, turbocharger, electric supercharger, and an electric motor. The electric motor and supercharger work together to provide extra power. This prevents lag time when the turbocharger spins up, generating 462 horsepower.

The Mercedes-AMG GT63 delivers exceptional power performance with its 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8. The GT63S produces 630 horsepower and a top speed of 196 MPH.

  • 0-60 Time: 2.9 seconds (GT63)
  • Pricing: $95,000 – $190,000
  • Mileage (Highway): 25 MPG (GT43/GT53)
  • Passengers: 4
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas/Hybrid

10. Nissan GT-R

Detailed front view of new Nissan GTR on display at The 39th Bangkok International Motor show in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

The GT-R has acceleration to take your breath away with standard all-wheel drive. The Nissan GT-R is another supercar alternative to the Ferrari 812 GTS. The GT-R has a lithe driving manner with a confident cornering grip.

It has a nicely appointed interior with comfortable and spacious front seats. The GT-R was first introduced in 2009 and has only had minor facelifts since. Even so, it still maintains thrilling driving characteristics.

Known as “Godzilla,” the Nissan GT-R packs 600 horsepower under the hood with a twin-turbo 3.6-liter V-6. The standard engine produces a thundering 565 horsepower. But with tuned performance, the NISMO trim creates 600 horsepower with a top speed of 205 MPH.

  • 0-60 Time: 2.9 seconds (NISMO)
  • Pricing: $115,000 – $220,000
  • Mileage (Highway): 22 MPG
  • Passengers: 4
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

11. Lamborghini Aventador

Gold Lamborghini Aventador lowkey capture during sunset.

A raucous V-12 powers the exotic-looking hypercar. The exotic look is heightened with a set of scissor doors swinging open for entry into the cockpit. The low-slung interior features digital displays that reconfigure depending on the driving modes.

These modes include Strada, Sport, Corsa, and the personalized Ego mode. The Ego mode allows customization for personal preferences of steering, powertrain, and suspension. A naturally aspirated, mid-engine 6.5-liter V-12 powers the Aventador.

The V-12 develops 769 horsepower and attains a top speed of 220 MPH. The intoxicating V-12 exhaust soundtrack lets the roadway know when you are arriving.

  • 0-60 Time: 2.7 seconds
  • Pricing: $501,953 – $550,542
  • Mileage (Highway): 16 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

12. McLaren GT

 Maroon beautiful McLaren 570GT in KL City.

The exotic supercar has eye-flattening acceleration and performance. The GT has unique dihedral doors, especially rare for a GT, and generous cargo space for a super sportscar. The McLaren GT is a capable alternative to the Ferrari 812 GTS.

The GT has a luxurious cabin with a unique panoramic, electrochromic glass roof. The unique design can change the levels of transparency or opaqueness when desired. Although designated as a GT (Gran Touring) model, the McLaren GT only seats two passengers.

The mid-engine 4.0-liter V-8 creates 612 horsepower and launches the GT to a top speed of 202 MPH. The McLaren GT has blistering acceleration with a comfortable ride for everyday driving.

  • 0-60 Time: 3.1 seconds
  • Pricing: $215,000
  • Mileage (Highway): 21 MPG
  • Passengers: 2
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

13. Roll-Royce Dawn

Rolls Royce Dawn luxury convertible car showcased at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn may not be a hyper sports car, but is a supercar with the top down. The beautiful Dawn competes well as an alternative to the Ferrari 812 GTS. The driving force for making the Dawn is to drive a beautiful, handmade vehicle.

An exquisite touring vehicle that surrounds passengers in the most luxurious materials. The custom interior features handcrafted metal trim, rich genuine wood, and high-end leather. The unique, rear-hinged doors provide easy entrance into the cabin.

The Dawn is an immediate head turner with its stately body and quiet, gracious styling. A robust 6.6-liter V-12 pumps out 563 horsepower to make the Rolls-Royce Dawn as fleet as it is sexy. With a top speed of 155 MPH, Dawn’s amazing, luscious ride is enhanced with GPS technology.

The GPS aids in shifting gears, whether going up and down hills or negotiating curves.

  • 0-60 Time: 4.3 seconds
  • Pricing: $371,000 – $421,000
  • Mileage (Highway): 19 MPG
  • Passengers: 4
  • Gas/Hybrid/Electric: Gas

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Ferrari 812 GTS cost?

The convertible Ferrari 812 GTS price tag is $408,235.

Is the Ferrari 812 GTS the fastest Ferrari?

The 812 GTS is fast, but the fastest Ferrari is the Ferrari FS90 Stradale with a 986 horsepower engine. The S90 attains 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, while the 812 GTS takes only 2.8 seconds.

How expensive is the 812 GTS to maintain?

Like other high-performance supercars, Ferraris are expensive to maintain. The maintenance should always be considered in the Ferrari’s cost. Some of the expenses related to keeping the Ferrari in top condition are:

  • A service check that runs between $1,200 and $2,000
  • Changing sparkplugs can cost around $3,000
  • A clutch replacement for most sportscars can cost $2,500, but for Ferrari, it can run $6,500
  • Ferrari has annual maintenance over six years and should cost approximately $60,000
  • The $5 part for most vehicles can cost $45 and more for a Ferrari due to more exacting specifications and rarity.

Is insurance more expensive for a Ferrari 812 GTS convertible?

Yes, it is. On average, the 812 GTS insurance rate is $1,188 per month, which is $14,256 per year. The national average for insurance is $1,426, so the Ferrari is more expensive than most vehicles.

Does the 812 GTS have a foldable roof?

Yes, the GTS foldable roof has an ingenious design. The design permits 180° rotation to fold and store beneath the tonneau cover in only 14 seconds.

Will the Ferrari 812 GTS maintain a good resale value?

The good news is the 812 GTS is the last V-12 convertible made by Ferrari. This should hold resale value better than most other Ferraris. The bad news is that most Ferraris have a higher depreciation than all other supercars.

You can figure a high 15% yearly depreciation but less than Lamborghini or Porsche. This is due to fewer production of Ferrari sports cars.