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17 Motorcycles Similar to Honda Shadow

Close-up shot of Honda Shadow on the road.

Top Three Motorcycles Similar to the Honda Shadow

  • Harley Davidson Sportster
  • 2022 Indian Chief
  • 2022 Ducati XDiavel

2022 Honda Shadow
Side view angle of a 2019 model Honda Shadow in all black colorway isolated in a gray and white background.

The base model Honda Shadow costs $7,799, and it may be upgraded to either the Phantom or Aero with anti-lock brakes. Phantom, the trim level in the middle, is my top pick because it succeeds in drawing attention to itself without drawing attention to itself. Its subtle, self-assured aesthetic fits perfectly with the bike’s focus on performance, drivability, practical power, and, most of all, pure riding fun in a world where everyone else is shouting to be heard.

There are two different hues to choose from, Matte Black Metallic and Adventure Green. The engine is a 745cc blacked-out V-twin with a rumbling twin exhaust, designed to provide the broad range of torque that every cruiser rider desire. The modern color scheme and ergonomic features (such as a low seat height plus a pullback handlebar) make this year’s model stand out.

Only Hondas can deliver such unadulterated efficiency and style. Starting at just $7,899, the Shadow Phantom is the perfect price for a modern cruiser. Adjustable spring preload on the dual shocks in the rear suspension allows for a range of motion of up to five positions, and the wheelbase measures 64 inches.

With a reserve of 0.9 gallons, the fuel capacity totals 3.7 gallons. By contrast, the Shadow achieves 56 MPG when subjected to the same exhaust emission measuring test methodologies used by the EPA. The Aero ABS can be had for as little as $8,099 and has a wide-ratio five-speed transmission and shaft final drive.

Motorcycles Similar to Honda Shadow

Here are 17 motorcycles that share several similarities to the Honda Shadow, from horsepower to price and engine type. 

1. 2021 Harley Davidson Sportster

2021 Harley Davidson Sportster parked on the deck.

The reincarnated Sportster is here, and it can be had for a starting price of $14,999 (with seven available trim levels). With a 121-horsepower liquid-cooled, Revolution Max V-Twin and a slew of cutting-edge technologies, the Harley-longest-running Davidson model has taken a decidedly sporty turn. The manufacturer claims 121 horsepower at 7,500 rpm from this modification of the Harley-Davidson engine.

The Pan America has 150 horsepower, so this is a significant drop in power, but it’s still enough to call the new edition the most robust Sportster ever and quite enough for any bare bike. Maximum torque is achieved at 6,000 rpm, where it runs at 127 Nm (94 lb-ft), an increase of up to 10% compared to the Pan American tuning range of 3,000-6,000 rpm. One hundred twenty miles per hour is the limit for the Roadster.

2. 2022 Indian Chief

Indian chief motorcycle engine black USA brand since 1901.

The Indian Chief Vintage, with a price tag starting at $14,499, could be the perfect cruiser for those looking for a throwback experience without sacrificing the comforts of modern riding. There was a 2013 commercial release of the Chief Vintage. The Chief Vintage was created to pay homage to the classic look of the original Indian Chief motorcycles, which were produced from the 1920s through the 1950s.

The Indian Chief Vintage is a classic cruiser in every sense of the word, from its streamlined design to its whitewall tires to its gleaming chrome. The max speed is 115 mph. In the American cruiser market, Harley’s archrival Indian Motorcycle Co. poses the greatest threat.

The base model 2022 Indian Chief costs $14,499 and features a frame made of steel tube, haul bars, plus a powerful 1,811cc Thunder Stroke 111 engine, demonstrating plenty of American muscle. The new model is a more muscular alternative to the traditional Indian Chief and a serious contender to Harley-Davidson’s dominance. You can get the 2022 Chief Dark Horse, which features a Thunder Stroke 116 with higher-compression as well as a blacked-out finish for a further $2,500.

Also in 2022, a redesigned Indian Scout was released. The $11,499 2022 Scout Rogue follows the fashion for rakish bodywork with valve covers, wheels, and blacked-out fenders, as well as raised bars and quarter-fairings. Most significantly, the 2022 Scout Rogue gets new wheels and tires, the Metzeler Cruisetecs, and larger 19-inch wheels, both of which should improve the vehicle’s handling.

3. 2022 Ducati XDiavel

2022 Ducati XDiavel motorbike detail.

The 1262 cc XDiavel, which is based on a cruiser design, is a radical departure for Ducati. It may be adjusted to fit the needs of almost every rider. The footpegs can be set in one of seven locations.

There are seven different seats and three different types of handlebars to choose from, allowing for even more customization. Excellent tactic for competing with a plethora of alternatives. The Ducati 1260 S allows riders to cruise in true Italian fashion by reaching 90 mph in second gear.

Then a motorcycle comes along and muddies the waters. When it was first released, Ducati marketed the Diavel as a cruiser. However, the only cruiser-like feature is its 240mm rear tire.

The 2022 Ducati Diavel 1260, with a base price of $21,195, features a powerful 1,262cc Testastretta DVT engine, Ducati Wheelie Control, cornering ABS, and a conventional swingarm. We’re talking about a top speed of 159 miles per hour here.

4. 2017 Victory Octane

Victory cruiser motorcycle in motorcycle rally Mototagliatella.

The 1200 cc Victory Octane, manufactured in the USA, debuted that year. With only 4,000 units made and Victory Motorcycles closing in 2017, the Octane is quickly becoming a highly sought-after collector’s item. The highest speed achievable is 130 miles per hour.

Reports indicate that after Octane manufacture ends, finding replacement components will be difficult for at least a decade. The fact that many cyclists are stocking up on Octane for both collection and recreation suggests that this isn’t a major concern for them.

5. 2021 Honda CTX700

Close-up shot of 2021 Honda CTX700.

The upcoming 2021 Honda CTX 700 is rumored to be small and pretty. In comparison to competing models in the same price range, this one has a more contemporary, streamlined design and more black finish elements. It’s not just pretty to look at; it’s also loaded with features and abilities.

It can reach speeds of up to 124 miles per hour. A dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) and anti-lock brakes (ABS) are standard equipment on the CTX 700. Electronic Fuel Injection, a standard feature on all Hondas, makes for a smooth ride at any altitude and a cinch to start on a chilly morning.

The new model features a more advanced and efficient engine than its forerunner. The parallel-twin 670cc liquid-cooled engine has increased torque and power, making touring with a passenger a breeze. The existing CTX 700 engine produces 38.1 kW/51.5 horsepower plus 46 lb-ft of torque; the new one should have much more power available.

Additionally, it has the same silky-smooth DCT 6-speed automatic transmission seen in the more potent variants.

6. 2022 BMW R 18

Rear view of BMW R 18 in Motor Show 2022.

New competitors like BMW want a piece of the Harley-Davidson market. The 2022 BMW R 18, which can be had for as little as $15,995, is a stylish and potent motorcycle. You may reach speeds of up to 111 miles per hour.

BMW’s new cruiser is powered by a 1,802cc boxer engine, which is housed in a double-cradle frame. According to testing conducted by Cycle World, the engine produces 95 lb-ft of torque at 1,750 rpm and a peak of 103.1 lb-ft of torque at a relatively low 2,880 rpm. BMW cleverly chose to give the R 18 a Softail and a low profile for traditional cruiser allure, although with the unique Bavarian boxer experience.

7. 2022 Honda Fury ABS

A new Honda Fury is at the VII International Specialized Exhibition.

The Honda Fury is set to return to the company’s cruiser lineup in 2022, which is great news. The stretched front end of the 2022 Honda Fury ABS, which starts at $11,449, is counterbalanced by the narrow 200mm rear end. The front hoop measures 21 inches in height and is kicked out at 32 degrees rake.

It can reach speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. Honda deserves credit for reintroducing it because it’s the only production motorcycle with even a hint of chopper style. Spoked wheels, fat tires, and beefy fenders give the Honda Shadow series, which has been around since 1983, a distinctive and appealing look.

8. 2022 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

2022 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic parked on the road during the night.

Kawasaki’s high-powered Mean Streak and Vulcan 2000 motorcycles have been discontinued, but the company still produces a few Vulcan 900s to honor the company’s cruiser heritage, even if the era of the displacement battles is long gone. The max speed is 115 mph. A tank-mounted console,  two-tone paint, spoked wheels, floorboards, and whitewall tires make the 2022 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic, which starts at $8,499, a sophisticated cruiser.

The 2022 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom, priced at $8,999, differs visually from the Classic by featuring a monochromatic paint scheme, a skinnier and taller front tire, slash-cut pipes, and drag bars.

9. 2022 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

2022 Suzuki Boulevard M109R parked on the sea side.

The Suzuki Boulevard family has been around nearly as long as its metric cruiser equivalents. The 2022 M109R B.O.S.S., the pinnacle of the Boulevard series, is a motorcycle with significantly greater power than a standard cruiser and can be had for as little as $15,299. If you want to pull a stump, just rip the throttle on an M109R plus hang on tight.

The 1,783cc engine packs a serious punch. It can reach speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. The Suzuki M109R is instantly recognizable thanks to its characteristic headlight nacelle and seat cowl.

The Blacked Out Special Suzuki, or B.O.S.S., is black overall except for its paint. The Boulevard C50 which starts at $8,609 is a more subdued take on the classic cruiser style, making it a good choice if your demands fall somewhere in the center. From a sturdy fork to balanced fenders, all contribute to the “vintage” vibe.

10. 2022 Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Photo of a 2022 Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350, was purchased for as little as $4,549. Joins other affordable cruisers like the reliable Honda Rebel. Its 349cc engine delivers very modest power, making it ideal for novice riders still getting used to the clutch and throttle.

The Meteor 350’s teardrop tank can contain up to 4 gallons of gas, making it a practical daily driver. This vehicle can reach speeds of up to 113.8 miles per hour. Since establishing its North American HQ in Milwaukee, the same city as Harley-Davidson, Royal Enfield’s popularity has been on the rise thanks to the company’s sleek designs and traditional styling cues.

Its entry into professional flat-track racing in the United States has also contributed to the brand’s success there.

11. 2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

2022 Triumph Bonneville Bobber above the line at the road morning.

The 2022 Triumph Bobber’s minimalist aesthetic belies its capable performance. The base price of this bike is just $13,400, and it offers a unique alternative to Harley’s standard V-twin engine. The powerful and smooth parallel twin of its engine.

The max speed is 112 mph. Triumph did an excellent job of ensuring the bobber’s rear end stayed clean and uncomplicated by using a floating seat. Big, beefy pieces of black rubber on 16-inch wheels with 32 spokes are also typical of bobbers.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber, for those in search of variety, is unlike anything you’ll find in the Harley-Davidson 2022 catalog.

12. 2022 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

2022 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec during dusk.

With an air-cooled V-twin engine at its core, the Bolt R-Spec keeps things simple by hanging minimal bodywork. Once upon a time, Yamaha was so proud of its cruiser business that it even established a separate brand for them, called Star Motorcycles. Even though its heyday as a cruiser manufacturer is over, Yamaha will still be producing two cruiser motorbikes in 2022: the V Star 250 and the Bolt R-Spec.

The max speed is 106 mph. A solo seat,  12-spoke cast alloy wheels, piggyback shocks, and a spirited V-twin 942cc air-cooled engine, all come standard on the 2022 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec which starts at $8,599. It also features steel fenders, which are unusual for Japanese cruisers.

13. 2022 Yamaha V-star 250

A classic Yamaha motorcycle parked in the town centre at Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK.

The V-Star 250 is an exceptionally unusual beginner sled, with a conventional cruiser look and a true V-Twin engine, that retails for less than $4.5k. This quarter-liter cruiser’s 27-inch seat height and sub-325-pound curb weight make it ideal for novice riders, while the V-Star 250’s 85-mph top speed and economical 78-mpg fuel consumption make it suitable for two-up riding or touring. The 2022 Yamaha V Star 250 is an outstanding, easy-to-handle entry-level cruiser motorbike with a top speed of 85 miles per hour and a lightweight, compact design.

The larger and more advanced Star Bolt is aimed at more experienced riders; its design shows that Yamaha was aiming squarely at the old Harley Sportster.

14. 2022 Honda Rebel 1100

The new Honda Rebel was exhibited at the 2022 Jakarta Fair event.

Since the release of the first generation 250cc model in 1985, Honda’s Rebel has been a popular choice among newcomers to the world of cruiser motorcycles. With the official launch of the latest crop of the Rebel 300 as well as 500, Big Red has now introduced a full-sized edition of the motorcycle. You may reach speeds of up to 140 miles per hour.

The Rebel 1100 is a modern cruiser that uses the same liquid-cooled 1,084cc Unicam two-banger as Honda’s Africa Twin adventure bike. It also features the same exposed frame, circular LED headlight, beefy single-can pipe, and bobber-inspired seat and rear fender.

15. 2022 Yamaha Vmax

Yamaha MT10 vmax with silver body, red wheels, and forest in background.

Yamaha’s VMAX, which debuted in 1985, was the pioneering hyper-cruiser motorbike. The VMAX is unlike any other motorcycle on the market thanks to its angular and modern take on traditional cruiser bodywork, which teases at naked racer mojo, and its visible intake scoops cockpit, plus gauges, which are partially located in the tank’s top. With a race-bred 200hp 1.6L V4 engine and ride-by-wire throttle, this bike will give you the chills.

However, the dual front huge petal rotors plus its big 52mm oxidized titanium-coated upside-down forks will keep things under control. There’s a ceiling of 170.3 mph.

16. 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

A white and black photo of 2022 Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

The CVO Road Glide from Harley-Davidson is a true show-stopper in the showroom, thanks to its abundance of chrome and three new color schemes. A premium Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine provides 100.1 horsepower and 110 lbs-ft of torque at 3000 rpm, and standard ride safety-control features help keep everything under control. The cost of a CVO vehicle is the same in every available color. 

Since its introduction in 1998 as the replacement for the Tour Glide, the Black and Orange’s Road Glide has been an emblem of a bagger and one of Harley-best-selling Davidson’s models. All three colors (Blue Steel, Envious Green Fade, and Wicked Orange Pearl) start at the same base price of $41,899. The Road Glide features a host of conveniences and technology and can be recognized by its distinctive frame-mounted shark-nose fairing.

The Road Glide comes included with a 2.3-cubic-foot hard case that houses a Box GTS stereo and information system with dual 5.25″ speakers. The maximum speed is 107 miles per hour.

17. 2022 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

Indian Scout Bobber Photoshoot in a garage.

The Bobber Sixty is the best beginner cruiser you can buy, with top-tier features and a low price tag of under $9,000. Indian’s SBS is based on its light cast aluminum structure and features a state-of-the-art 60cu fuel-injected, and liquid-cooled engine housed in blacked-out casings and paired with a 5-speed transmission. The bike’s side-mounted license plate holder, dual-shotgun pipes, and bobbed seat, are all nods to the custom motorcycle culture.

The standard, non-ABS-capable vehicle can also be had in a sinister black-on-black paint job. This American motorcycle weighs 549 pounds and is powered by a 78-horsepower, 60-degree, V-twin, liquid-cooling engine. Max speed is 128 mph.